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Miroslav Poul

IT manager with strong analytical and technical expertise. More than 10 year experience in managing SW development teams and now building core IT Infrastructure UNIX teams and Application support team for group bank IT.

Work experience


Head of Back End Systems Department / DevOps Department

Erste Group IT International

Establishing DevOps concept within leading company in banking segment from scratch. Establishing and later on managing Newly created teams of Unix, Oracle and Middleware Admins to support Development with Faster Automated Environment Delivery, Automated Software Deployment and Project support. In my responsibility is:

- Technical Architecture decisions around used Tools for Environment Provisioning, Infrastructure

- Hiring and building working teams to be abke to provide 24/7 support

- IBM Power 8 hardware and X86 virtualized environments
- Running and Installing enterprise datawarehouse applications like ABInitio (DQM), Oracle Data Integrator, EBX/Orchestra (MDM), Automic Workload Automation and Automic Release Automation.
- middleware components like Oracle WebLogic Server, LoadBalancer F5, IBM Connect:Direct

- Estabishment of Hadoop Infrastructure for EGIT as service provider


Head of Unix and DB Administrators

Tatra banka

Managing department with 20 employees. 7 Oracle specialists, 5 Aix administrator's, 8 Solaris administrators. Department organization, budgeting, MBO. Reporting to boss about key projects and risks.

  • Responsible for extranet and intranet application support. (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Web, ..).
  • Solving incidents and Service requests
  • Reporting
  • Infrastructure Projects Design and Implementation �
  • Participating in implementing IT Change process
  • Responsible for IT System monitoring

Head of Design and Implementation of Support Applications

Tatra banka

Responsible for managing teams of BPM and J2EE Developers, Analysts and Domain architects. Responsible for deliveries for internal support applications based on

  • Business Process Management(Adobe,Oracle Aqualogic BPM),
  • Document management (IBM FileNet),
  • MS Sharepoint,
  • and various local developed applications based on Java and J2EE.
  • Responsible for architecture and roadmap within this area.
  • Implementing SCRUM (Agile) methodology

Applications automates business processes in the area of application processing (loan processing and credit evaluation), card applications processing and intranet applications. 


Head of SW developmement for Distribution Channels

Tatra Bank

Managing 26 people team. 7 IT Analyst, 7 IT Developers on Oracle BPM, 7 IT J2EE Developers. Organizing department, budget preparation, MBO, department planning.

  • Responsible for delivery projects based on BPM, J2EE platform.
  • 3. level support for 20 systems
  • Regular project revision.
  • Department methodics revision
  • Architecture responsibility.

Head of IT Analysis and ALBPM Development team

Tatra banka
  • Leading 13 people.
  • Creating new BPM development team including hiring, training a work organizing.
  • Setting base methodics rules.
  • Responsible for delivering SW project "Loan process automatization" with 9 team members.
  • Creation of service oriented architecture, and first building blocks.

Tools: Microsoft Project 2007 Central Server, Select Component Architect, BEA ALBPM 5.7 (later Oracle BPM), IBM Websphere 6.0.1, Oracle 10g, Windward Reports


It Analyst

Tatra Banka

Responsible for requirements analysis in the Loan process. As part of BIS project team was responsible to fully analyse whole loan process is in the bank. Later worked as architect to design architecture for loan processes and to document it in the SW tool.


IT Consultant


Responsible for analysing, design, implementing business requirements in area of Document management and Workflow. Customizing IT system called Nuntio. Full responsible for complete solution including installation in the customer and solving problems.



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Automation Engineer Technology/Technician

Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave

Engineer’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering

Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave

Selected Projects

Implementing DevOps  in  Egit 2016 – 2017

 Established DevOps principles for banking group provider in the DWH area. Main focus was to standardize environment building process as there was hudge backlog of the requested environments based on Unix+Oracle DB and later Unix+WLS. Establishes roles, teams needed to support 24/7 of those envs. Guides specialists to build automated solution for environment provisioning and build dedicated team responsible for continuously developing provisioning solution/web app based on Apex technology that serves like portal for env requests. Also implementing new teams responsible for Automated deployment development ans operations based on leading enterpise  solution.

IT Change process implementation (ITIL) 2014 – 2015

Responsible for Design, Prepare, Communicate part of IT Change process - IT Changes Maitenance Window Management Process. His role was to bring this part of process in to table, prepare first process description and prepare platform for communication and find process owners. Common with that his department was first involved in pilot IT Change process and also we was first with implementation ITA.

HW load balancer and reverse proxy layer (Infrastructure) implementation  2014

Our goal was to help new project solve balancing issues and secondary to implement application firewall layer in bank. His goal was to participate in comparision of different balance technologies F5 vs. existing SW balancing layer from Oracle. He drives to made proper comparision and select final platform to fully cover our infrastructure needs. After selection he started to drive implementation. During Implementation he developed Automated Tests based on Python, Selenium to test in Browser how the migrated solution works.

Implementing Lean in TB IT 2008 – 2010
Leading department that was first that implemented Scrum for IT Development changes and also first that designed and implemented information radiator (ScrumBoard), with requirements and tasks visualised and daily reviewed. He created created TB internal scrum training for his department. This training was later used for training whole TB IT Development people. He also Implemented Support Tool for  this methodology, and implemented  custom  integration to support one tool for deveopers.

Database Replatforming MS SQL to ORACLE DB

As a key member of development team was responsible for migrating whole database layer from Microsoft SQL to Oracle DB. It consists from reprogramming large number of database triggers, stored procedures and db structure within short timeframe.

BPM and DMS solution implementation

Team under his supervision was responsible for select Business Processs Management solution for Tatrabanka and also to choose Document Management System. He made several interview with vendors and finally made documents needed for decion. After decision was made, he was asked to implement selected technology in Tatrabanka, from hiring new poeple to implement some sample project to show its benefits to business.