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Jan 2008Oct 2012


Nanyang Technological University

CGPA: 4.85/5.0

My main research area is GPU based advanced volumetric rendering. Initially some algorithms for visualization of laser scanning confocal endomicroscopic (LSCEM) imagery were developed for National Cancer Center Singapore (NCCS). Now we are looking into methods for simultaneous visualization and deformation of volume datasets on the GPU. I am also interested in developing new data structures for GPU.

Jun 2001May 2005


Iqra University

CGPA 3.91/4.0

Specialized in computer graphics and animation. In addition, core modules like digital image processing, data structures and computer languages were my main interest.

Work experience

Oct 2013Present

Assistant Professor

DHA Suffa University

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at DHA Suffa University Karachi.

Jun 2012Sep 2013

Scientist 1

Institute for Infocomm. Research (I2R) A-Star

As a research scientist at Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), I was involved in computer graphics and visualization research and development. My main responsibilities were in two projects. The first project was an augmented reality based system called MagicMirror for retail shopping that allowed users to try-on virtual clothes. More details about the project can be obtained from this website In the second project called HDRi (High Dynamic Range imaging), my main responsibilities were to provide GPU support for the whole imaging and image processing pipeline.

Jan 2012Jun 2012

Research Officer

Nanyang Technological University

As a research officer at Nanyang Technological University, I was involved in research in computer graphics and visualization. Specifically, my focus was on introducing new algorithms for pervasive image processing and visualization on the mobile phones and tablets using the new WebGL standard. In addition, I was also involved in carrying out the summer camp for students.

Jan 2005May 2007

Software Engineer

Data Communication And Control Pvt. Ltd.

Development of dynamic integrated training simulators and action speed tactical trainers. These systems are massive interconnected simulation platforms for tactical training. I was responsible for integration of the graphics layer with the rest of the simulators running on the RTI middleware. In addition, simulation scenario building tools were also developed. The tools and skills learnt included Visual C++ (STL, MFC, wxWidgets, Qt, DirectX API) and Visual C# (including the Managed DirectX layer for the scenario building application).

May 2004Jul 2004


ICI Pvt. Ltd

I took internship as part of our undergraduate degree requirement. I worked mostly with the reporting and documentation on the ABAP module of SAP implementation of ICI.


I am a core graphics programmer working on OpenGL and Visual C++.


Skills at a glance


Visual C/C++Visual C#Java

Graphics API:

OpenGL/OpenGL ES


Physics API:



Shader Languages:





OpenCLUI Libraries:Qt


MFCNumerical Methods:MatlabVisualization Libraries:VTK


MeVis Lab





To make a name in the field of computer programming and advance 3D computer graphics research and development.


References: Available upon request.Blog:

Activities, Awards and Achievements

  • Gold medalist for the highest CGPA during my undergraduate studies.
  • Winner of the city level inter university quiz competition (Quiz ITIS 2005).
  • Proud recipient of scholarships throughout the undergraduate studies.
  • Participated in several inter-university games, programming contests and quiz competitions during my undergraduate studies.
  • Member of the computer society of the university.
  • Proud recipient for the PhD scholarship from NTU.
  • Volunteered for the first SIGGRAPH Asia conference in 2008.



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Conference Papers

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Commulative Impact Factor

  • 0.428+0.7+2.88+3.78=7.788 


  1. MOVANIA Muhammad Mobeen, "Applications of Computer Science: Graphics, Games, Movie Special Effects and Beyond," An invited talk at the DHA Suffa University, Karachi, 12 November 2013.
  2. MOVANIA Muhammad Mobeen, "Introduction to GPU programming using OpenGL shaders,"  A two day course at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A-Star, Singapore, 14 and 16 August 2013.

Research Work

Cel-FI (Cellular Fluorescence Imaging) for NCCS.This is the real-time 3D volume rendering application that was developed for the visualization of LSCEM datasets for National Cancer Center Singapore (NCCS).  Previously, the scanning machine would just visualize the z depth scans and so the doctors would not be able to see the other dimensions (for e.g. the cross sectional view). To enable this, we developed a real-time 3D volume rendering application that would visualize the dataset across a network instantly. Thus, the operator would grab a scan on one end and the 3D volume will be visualized instantly on the other end. The whole visualization system was built in house without using any third party libraries.  OpenCloth.I am the author of the open source cloth simulation library (OpenCloth: that is specifically geared towards beginners and researchers. It implements all of the basic cloth simulation algorithms in as simple a manner as possible so that beginners know exactly what goes underneath a cloth simulation package or a physics engine. Rather than wrapping the code into a lot of classes, all of the codes are written in just a single file. The package is not just limited to cloth simulation, it also shows how to do basic soft bodies using co-rotated linear FEM. For details, visit the project website.GPU-VR (GPU based volume rendering).During my survey of the volume rendering field, I developed applications to implement the state of the art in volume rendering. The algorithms implemented include 2D and 3D texture slicing, shear warp, cell projection, marching cubes and marching tetrahedra, ray casting and splatting. All of these were implemented on the GPU. GPU-VDF (GPU based volume deformation).This is the current work I am working on. I am now trying to develop innovative deformation pipeline using the GPU for simultaneous visualization and deformation of volume datasets.  For this work, I am using GLSL and CUDA. This work is using the features exposed in the modern OpenGL namely the transform feedback mechanism to achieve fast deformations of volumetric datasets.GPU-RAPT (GPU based ray and path tracing).Since the start of my undergraduate studies, I had been amazed by both raytracing and path tracing. I had plenty of hands on experience to build my own raytracer and path tracer on the GPU.  In addition, I also had a deep look into OptiX engine as well as CUDA for ray tracing.  For details, visit my website.

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