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Date of birth: 19/01/1992

Education: High school graduates in 2008

working: As electrician

Years of service: 5yrs 10mths since 10/23/2010



High School

Mohammed Bin Saud Alkabeer

I get total score 88% for the last two years together.

Work History

JUN 2012to now

Maintenance Electrician I

Gas operation at Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery

My PMP in the last two year:



Also, I get a promotion to Grade code 8.

Oct 2010Present

Apprenticeship program

Saudi Aramco

English 3A/B, 4A/B, 5A/B and 6A/B

Math 5E

Electrical Core Program 2009, 10/2011 to 06/2012. Graduate at 06/2012


Reading electric diagram

I can read, understood the electric diagram, and knows the schematic simpoles.


The good way to work is to be with a team worker that they all complete each other.


I have good skill doing a configuration to many equipment am familiar with


 Good communication skills, able to provide excellent 

Flexibility on working hours

Problem solving and seeing jobs through to completion which may involve working extra hours

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Participate in many electrical troubleshooting  and problem solving in addition to new electrical installations

Using computer Microsoft Office

I have good skills using Microsoft Office, word, powerpoint and, excel.

Where do i work and some jobs i had done

  • By our Electrician evaluator selection, we get an opportunity to build a TRAINING SIMULATOR, by using all the task book equipments, to make it easy and learnable for all the technicians who have a task to do with all good learning environment. We build a small plant inside building, included all electrical and instrument are main parts of actual plant, working together with digital DCS control. We have a cooling system working by the variable speed frequency from SIEMENS company. Was our task to do upgrading for the motor drive for a first time with vendor technician. Then, we changed approximately 20 VFD motor drives 480VAC.
  • I take a course to do replacing all Motor operated valve " BIFFI " italian Company, working smart than others MOV ( quick, and with fast responding. I learn how i can replace the all cards (display , power card, and terminal card) and doing a configuration for the display screen for the motor size, speed, torque, and limits for Open&Close.
  • I take a course to do replacing, troubleshooting and, configuring for all motor operated valve cards  "BIFFI" Italian company, working smarter than others MOV manufacturing, in smooth way and, with fast responding. I learn how i can replace the all cards (display, power and, terminal cards), and doing a configuration for the display card to setup the motor size, speed, torque and, limits for Open&Close position.
  • I have troubleshooting experience of one big compressor the we have in Hydrocracker plant. The compressor working with 13.8 KV. What happened, the operation had an issue when they switching the load to other compressor standby one, they try to turn off the motor by pushing stop pushbutton, the breaker not opened. The Electric switch operator force the breaker to open by pushing manually tripping latch. The main finding is the tripping coil found burned, the reason that let the coil burn is when the coil receiving the power and energized to hit the mechanical tripping latch dose not moved and open.
  • I had assigment at Yunbo Aramco refinery for total refinery shutdown (TRS). We did PM check for all the switch gears, and all the MCC panels. We get two hour in day for all refinery blackout, to do PM check for all main busbar for each substation. When the time was completed and they return the power, I smelled something burned, we found the ATS (automatic transfer switch) " that will switching the power source from normal/emergency power to the load without interruption ". We found the main issue is the normal power relay coil was burned. Then we replaced it fast by the spare relay with all righ information, and start again well.

My courses

All courses are related to my work as a electrician also, the important is safety first:

  • English 3A/B + 4A/B + 5A/B + 6A/B.
  • ALGEBRA 6L, 5E.
  • Electrical core program 2009.
  • Electrical AC motors.
  • Basic electrical test equipment.
  • Electrical breakers and switchgear.
  • Electrical cables and conductors.
  • Electrical lighting.
  • Electrical circuit breakers and fuses.
  • Electrical conductor and relays.
  • Electrical diagram.
  • Electrical safety.
  • Electrical motor controller and operation.
  • Work permit course.
  • Industrial fire safety awareness.
  • Scout air bag (SCAB), confined space rescue awareness.
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S).
  • Hazcom chemical awareness.
  • Electrical hazard recognition.
  • First aid, heartsaver.
  • Gas testing.
  • Injury report and investigation.
  • Management of change (MOC).
  • Perform bench work.
  • Maintain lighting system.
  • Maintain battery system.
  • Install and test motors.
  • Troubleshoot motor control circuit.
  • Maintain motor operated valves.
  • Aramco safety handbook four parts, (responsibilities, basic, safety rules, operation safety processes, and safety topics).
  • Supervisor briefing.
  • Information security essentials.
  • RT refinery substations.
  • Environmental management system.
  • Near miss program.
  • Safety inspection skills.
  • Troubleshooting techniques program.
  • Accelerated transformation program.
  • Arc flash hazards and PPE election.
  • Automatic transfer switch.