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Work experience

Jul 1984Present

Executive Manager


A distinguished IT professional, found and served DataOcean (a pioneer software house) for 30 years up to now all in the field of Information Technology of Health Care and ERP systems. Under my leadership, we built many systems for various kind of companies and hospitals, VENUS software become one of the leader system in the market and being used by a lot of the top companies in Saudi Arabia.


A multi-skilled manager with good all-round supervisory, high financial skills, senior system analyst and the main software architect of the HIS and ERP systems of DataOcean programs, Extensive practical knowledge of complex systems build.



At DataOcean, I was the key person of founding and creating of VENUS HIS & ERP system, the HIS software is used for many years and in many hospitals like:

  • King Faisal Specialized Hospital Riyadh and Jeddah (billing system) since 2001.
  • AlHayat Hospital - Jeddah
  • AlSalam Hospital - Jeddah
  • AlRafei Hospital – Makkah
  • Bashrahil Hospital – Makkah
  • OmAlKora Hospital – Makkah
  • AlAmin Hospital - Taif
  • Tadawi Hospital – Dammam
  • AlZahra Hospital – Quatif
  • AlRahmah Hospital – Madina
  • AlAhli Hospila – Khamis Moshait

In addition to a lot of other hospitals and polo clinics.


For King Faisal specialized hospital project, I was the main person behind the success of the project of VENUS billing and sub-store systems, the smoothness of the interface between VENUS and ICIS using HL7 messages interface engine which I built, was so admired by the hospital management, my extensive knowledge in HL7 (The Health Level Seven Version 3) allowed me to help the hospital to fine tune the messages to avoid a lot of errors and to enroll many additional information which are required by the revenue department.



Many clients are using ORACLE financial system in the back end and using VENUS HIS in the front end, and this is the case of KFSH, using my long experience in finance, I designed the full setup of the ORACLE Accounts Receivable (RD-50), so that the online interface and monthly batches worked smoothly and perfectly.

Regarding the sub-store it was another challenge because of the big number of the sub-stores available plus the high traffic and need to be controlled and interfaced between ORACLE and VENUS HIS.

Another huge interface have been done perfectly in KFSH which is the interface with human resources, where all active employees and their dependent are eligible for medical treatment according to their grade by the law of the hospital, and all new hiring and contracts end are reflecting on VENUS patients eligibilities online.


Interface with other systems or devices is essential in a lot of projects, my experience in creating interface modules with a lab devices and PAX systems using HL7 messages or text stream is very important in the success of these kind of projects.


I started my career 30 years ago in building and designing financial packages, therefor I got full experience in accounting and I attended several intensive courses to enrich my knowledge and lever up the communication with companies’ financial managers in order to form the chart of account, financial statement and balance sheet, in addition, I got high experience in budgeting, cost control and project accounting.




BSc Computer Science

King AbdulAziz University Jeddah 1981 - 1984



  • Team development, mentoring and instruction
  • Executive leadership and communications
  • IT strategy development
  • IT Management
  • IT Planning
  • Data Center Design and Management
  • Client relationship
  • Process improvement
  • Systems Integration
  • Project management
  • Multi-site operations
  • ERP Systems
  • HIS Systems
  • Staff Efficiency
  • Database Management