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Rich Cocovich founded Global Star Capital  over two decades ago.  While developing core knowledge and intimate connections in the high-end business project development and funding world Rich Cocovich created a unique and exclusive protocol that all clients must follow. Under Rich Cocovich’s leadership, Global Star Capital has become a prominent leader in the international development intermediary and consulting of the investment fund raising sphere. As head of Global Star Capital, Rich Cocovich collaborates with individual investors and/or their facilitators to design a specific funding plan, the fundamental structural and innovative aspects of a client’s proposed project. Rich Cocovich builds the game plan for the project based on it's strength and then represents the principal and project to the facilitators of high net worth individuals, trusts and investment societies who entrust the capabilities and stellar reputation of Global Star Capital. With clients in more than 100 countries since 1991, Rich Cocovich and his team search for a particular investing partner who is attracted to the scale, funding level, perceived risk, and geographical location of a proposal. An example of the type of project that Rich Cocovich frequently enables through Global Star Capital includes the construction of a $350 million skyscraper in Auckland, New Zealand. Rich Cocovich assumes responsibility for analyzing all figures and data, as well as performing extensive reviews of governmental laws and codes, ultimately determining whether a project will be profitable for the private and exclusive investors that rely on his services to bring solvent projects to the table. Rich Cocovich welcomes serious principals with solvent projects in any sector to follow the Global Star Capital protocol as listed at the company web site Here you will find more information on the scope of entrepreneurial vision that Rich Cocovich seeks.

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