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Naimil Shah

Student BITS Pilani (B.E. Computer Science)


B.Eng (Computer Science)

Birla Institute of Technology and Science

Modules included : Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital Design and Microprocessors, OOP, Database Management & Data Mining, Computer Architecture (currently in progress)  , Operating Systems (currently in progress) 

Massive online open courses by Coursera

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

Courses Completed Successfully : 1) Introduction to Marketing.  2) Introduction to Financial Accounting
3) Corporate Finance (in progress)  4) Operations Management (in progress)

Courses from other universities 1) Competitive Strategy, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)
 2) Succesfull Negotiations , University of Michigan (in progress)

Work experience

Member CIIE || Organising Committee, Coalescence'15

Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, BITS Goa
Aug 2013Present

I was a co-ordinator of the organising committee of Coalescence 2015 and I am a member of CIIE BITS Goa . Coalescence is the annual E-Summit of BITS Goa. I worked as the sponsorship head and  raised an amount ( cash + kind ) of 12,000 USD  with a team of 20 other members.I also played an important role in planning and shaping all events which include Novatia (a National Level B-plan competiton ) , ACT 3.0 ( Third edition of the conference) , Hackathon in association with Hackerearth. As a part of CIIE I have attended and organised workshops on pitching , business model canvas, business simulation etc.

Senior Lead , Rural Entreprenuership Development

Centre for Entreprenuerial Leadeship , BITS Goa
Aug 2014Present
Rural Entrepreneurship Division (RED) is CEL's rural entrepreneurship project, and looks to turn rural location into an advantage, by looking to assist and setup rural enterprises and in the process give a sustainable source of income to village folk in surrounding areas. RED seeks to empower rural areas with entrepreneurship tools such that they themselves can create and manage self sustaining ventures.

I played an important role in planning and execution of Project Sahara (joint initiative of Rural Entrepreneurship Division (RED) of CEL and Enactus BITS Goa.)  The main aim of the project was to make women skilled enough to run their business on their own without the help of students. Currently we have two groups of women, one in Zari making Gel Wax Candles and the other one in Merces making shell based handicrafts.I co-ordinated, scheduled and performed various tasks like market research, surveys, negotiations, sales, travel, cost minimization, profit maximization, basic accounting etc. This  goal project apart from helping the women become independent was to get the students involved  to get a sense of real markets and business practices.

Summer Intern 2015

Adani Power Limited (APTRI)
May 2015Jul 2015

I was a summer intern at Adani Power. I worked as a member of 5 person team which was guided by Sandeep Dixit(GM, APTRI) and Ankit Agarwal. We were supposed to complete a project provided to us titled " Smart control of Cleaning Solar Panels".  As a part of the team I worked on Mobile App development, arduino based control system  and did research on Solar Industry and effects of dust and temperature on Solar Panel efficiency.  I also developed a techno-economic model of setting up solar plants in different states in India and  I did a cost benefit analysis of Automatic cleaning v/s current manual cleaning

Senior Marketing Manager

Department of Sponsorship and Marketing, BITS Goa
Aug 2013May 2015

Department of Sponsorship and Marketing (DoSM) is a group of students managing sponsorship and marketing related activities of the three festivals of BITS Pilani K.K.Birla Goa Campus which are :   1) Waves,the cultural festival.  2) Quark,the technical festival  3) Spree,the sports festival.

I played my role as a member of the team to raise over 80 lakhs in two years.  My job here was contacting and negotiating with potential sponsors,  developing  marketing  strategy and executing it for confirmed sponsors,  coordinating with other departments and juniors. I also closely mentored 5 junior students whom i taught various aspects of fund-raising.

Projects and Reports

Business Strategy in Oligopolistic Markets

Analysis of Alzheimer's disease affected Brain Images (In progress)

Design Project , BITS Goa
Aug 2015Present

Designing a Brand Vision for a Cultural Festival (Waves, BITS Pilani Goa)

Product and Brand management , BITS Goa
Jan 2015May 2015

Worked in a team of 6 members
Design a 5 year long plan to achieve the two big audacious goals, 1,00,000 participants and a revenue of INR 10 crores, for a cultural festival (Waves 2020)

Constructed a brand compass comprising target customer focus, desired reputation, table-stakes and differentiators
Formulated over 100 customer insight statements which focused on the functional, rational and emotional benefits
Conducted a research on the six target segments chosen to obtain the winning profitable insight statements, leading to plausible innovations
Described in detail feasible innovations and projected  growth in each year for five years to achieve final target
Drafted a creative briefing document which will guide as a manual to everyone designing the publicity/branding campaign for the festival.

E-Wallet using Java (OOP concepts)

Sep 2014Dec 2014

Worked in a team of 5 members for a period of roughly 4 months
Develop a basic E-wallet which can be successfully implemented in a small eco-system


1. Developed  usecase diagrams, UML diagrams and testing modules
2. Created a fully functional Java application with login features
3. Created a database to record transactions and thus ensuring more safety in case of false transactions
4. Tested it for various bugs and errors
5. Created a database to keep track of transactions

Report on Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his theory of Nationalism

Modern Political Concepts, BITS Goa
Oct 2014Dec 2014

 Worked in a team of 3 members. This essay pointed out how Jinnah started as a secular politician fighting for a united independent India but gradually changed to an Islamic Nationalist or Communalist. It analyzes Jinnah’s thoughts and feelings, which eventually led to the formation of the Muslim-dominated country of Pakistan. This essay also seeks to compare his political ideology to that of some other Islamic political thinkers like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Abul Ala Maududi and Syed Husain Ahmed Madani, who were active during the same time as Jinnah.

Report on Legality and usage of Marijuana

Technical Report Writing , BITS Goa
Aug 2013Dec 2013

Worked in a team of 3 members. The purpose of this report is to see if  an argument can be built  for the legalisation of Cannabis and Cannabis related products. We will discuss the Historical, Cultural, Scientific, Judicial and Economic impact of Marijuana and it’s legalisation in India. We have also conducted a survey to get a more “on-field” view of marijuana from the age bracket of 18-24, and what they think of the legalisation of marijuana. We have studied both the pros and cons of legalisation and its effect on different strata of Indian society and built the report around this.