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Work experience


HR & Administration Manager

Giza Arabia
Directing and managing HR programs for  workforce including talent management/retention, benefits administration, performance and employee relations, immigration, compensation/payroll, leave administration, workers comp, and policy. Managing HR team and the Facilities support teams.
  • Leading the transformation of all HR functions from manual process to be automated by utilizing the world class platforms
  • Managed workforce development and employee relations initiatives,
  • Partner with upper management to translate strategic goals into restructuring, retention, and compensation efforts,
  • Managed annual performance/salary review, 
  • Worked closely with legal team to resolve dispute and compliance issues,


  • 100 % Employees data collection and updates
  • Succeeded on leading the transformation of going from manual HR process to 100 % automation within the first 4 months 
  • 100 % hiring applications smoothens with an average of 40 joiners every month
  • Free error on Payroll process despite the difference in benefits 
  • Created HR process from hiring to retire on the system
  • Succeeded on partnering with new companies for outsourcing hiring with lesser cost than the old methods


Supported the full scope of HR activities such as performance management, talent and organizational development, recruitment, and employee relations.
  • Developed and delivered training programs to enhance employee skills and knowledge resulting 80% increase in employee participating in designed trainings.
  • Collaborated with team leads on talent management succession plan initiatives resulting in a 10% increase in employee retention & 50% increase in the successors development needs plans
  • Updated the HR policies that met the company and the employees expectations with 80% completion the year 2023
  • Collaborated with the division leaders and established new year objectives that contributed to increase the employees engagements by 40% toward achieving the organization goals as well helping them on decision making for employees reward which reflected equity and just based on performance and level of achievements
  • Managed the recruiting cycle to reduce vacancies duration time from 10 weeks to 4 weeks.


  • Implementation of the HRIS (Workday) "MyHR" Project as the first HRIS in Airliquide around the World and leading the change management in KSA resulting 100% of employees utilizing the system in matter of two weeks
  • Managed HRIS (Workday) and ensured employee performance evaluations were consistently delivered on time resulting in a 100% compliance rate.
  • HRIS HRBP for KSA employees

Advanced Petrochemical

Training Specialist

The company was newly structured and I worked on the following:

Creaction and implementation of the Induction and on boarding programs

Implementation of the newly joined employees development program such as JQP and EDP



Contracts and services supervisor

Due to the needs of 24/7 running plants I did the following:

  • I created a tracking sheet to monitor the current contracts and vendors readiness, that help us achieve 100% availability of services upon request.
  • Corrective Maintenance time duration reduced by 30% due to the availability of vendors on site.
  • I created a feedback mechanism to evaluate the contractors based on quality, response time and cost of emergency support, Which result higher score in each category 
  • Created time duration system of invoices process to avoid accruals 
  • Tracking system was created to assure contractors employees are qualified and trained based on SABIC safety and quality management systems


  • From the CIPD qualification and my previous experience I have proposed new structure of my department organization that reduced the FCC by 10% and increased the engagements of the employees that resulted higher efficiency which led to reduce the CM cost by around 3.5%.



Training administrator

Talent Management 

  • Implementing the talent management programs for none Professionals such as Job Qualification Program for operators and technicians which resulted 100% participation and 85% passed candidates.
  • Leading the change management plan for talent management programs for leaders such as Front Line Managers Program resulting 35% participation the first year for the first level of the program.

Building a Knowledge retention system

Benchmarking other SABIC affiliates for best practices. and we came up with the idea of SAUDI KAYAN Teaching SAUDI KAYAN by utilizing the SMEs Knowledge and prepare them as instructors. Which resulted 80% knowledge retention within 3 years

Leading the Internal Job Posting System

I developed the idea to have internal recruitment system before we go externally for candidates. At the end we came up A-Z recruitment system that is fair & just for all employees

Managing the in house trainings

In charge of utilizing the available class rooms and instructors to cover and IDP gabs. Keeping records, evaluating feedbacks and finding area of improvements

Development of the Onboarding and Induction Program that increased the level of engagement of the new joiners



Admin assistant and office manager
  • Admin assistant of Maintenance Sr. Manager
  • Employees relation for 170 employees at the same Dept.
  • Arranging and scheduling meetings or appointments, organizing and preserving
  • Coordinating with SMPs vendors Coordinators for employee related issues
  • Verification and processing of SMPs invoices for payment
  • Handling Department contracts aligning with SABIC Procurement on daily biases
  • Working as HR to find candidates, interview, recruit, and complete all related matters for SMPs
  • Prepare a master plan for staff training & competency matrix


  • Follow up the cars payments,
  • Insuring all costumers are satisfied.
  • Organize the Monthly payments of the cars.
  • Find solutions for stocked operations that suits both sides.