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Rebecca Royale

Development and Asset Manager

Work experience


Development & Asset Manager

ERA Real Estate
  • Asset Management of a portfolio of high-end properties, setting goals and objectives for each property, in order to maximize profit by increasing rental income & reducing operating expenses.
  • Development of a sustainable leasing strategy to achieve shareholder's financial objectives.
  • Management and negotiation of lease contracts with existing & new tenants to ensure high occupancy rate, high collection rates, use of space to the maximum advantage, continuity of lease and sustainable profit.
  • Ensuring compliance of tenants with lease contract requirements.
  • Routine audits of the portfolio to identify properties that lag in profitability.
  • Execution of corrective measures when early warning signs exist on performance issues.
  • Liaison with property agents to identify potential tenants.
  • Qualitative assessment of tenants, based on profitability track record & sustainability parameters.
  • Evaluation of land/buildings potential for development or purchase to drive real estate performance and asset value.
  • Management and monitoring of property agents to ensure the company’s investment objectives are accurately communicated to potential property owners.
  • Planning the development strategy for new projects, ensuring that the leasing plan is feasible and the commercial targets sustainable.
  • Preparation of Business Plans, Budgets & Investment Analysis for new projects.
  • Identification of the project’s vision, scope, and objectives.
  • Identification the target of markets, product mix, and user groups.
  • Setting up commercial targets & profitability parameters. 
  • Assessment of the project viability, the establishment of the development budget & financial models.
  • Investment Proposals prepared and presented to the BoD.
  • Report line directly to the CEO.
  • Presentations of company’s performance to the BoD.
  • Proposals to Investors for next year’s development strategy.

Manager of Real Estate Development

Keller Williams Realty
  • Managed & directed all aspects of site development, selection, construction coordination, site approval, and market analysis.
  • Developed statistical benchmark program for existing units used to enhance new unit performance and site evaluation.
  • Produced sites for 54 new units.
  • Responsible for all deal-making and negotiations.
  • Responsible for meeting tight development time-lines and meeting budgetary goals.
  • Traveled within U.S. and Mexico in order to inspect and approve every deal, research, market penetration, existing store impact, and market modeling.
  • Provided complete financial analysis for franchises and executives.