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Doctor of Medicine with Special Training in Research (MD/STIR)

University of Alberta

STIR Project: Optimizing femoral neck fracture surgical treatments using computational methods

Supervisor: Dr. Steven K. Boyd and Andrew Michalski (PhD Candidate)


Master of Science in Space Studies (MSS17)

International Space University

Individual Project: Acute and chronic exposure to carbon dioxide

Supervisor: Dr. Volker Damann


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Major in Physics - With Distinction

University of Calgary

Undergraduate Thesis: Characterizing changes in bone strength of post-menopausal women and astronauts after simulated bone atrophy and apposition

Supervisor: Dr. Steven K. Boyd


Bachelor of Medical Sciences (B.M.Sc.) - Honours Specialization in Physiology & Major in Physics [completed 1st Year]

University of Western Ontario

Transferred to University of Calgary

Research and Work Experiences

May 2018Present

Undergraduate Medical Researcher

Bone Imaging Laboratory, University of Calgary

Built a python library that studies femoral neck fractures using computational techniques. Developed a mechanical strength benchmark to compare simulated surgical anatomic reductions. The program uses clinical CT images to access fracture risk, location, and potential fracture classification. Additionally, it can evaluate the efficacy of dynamic hip screws and multiple cannulated screws based on patient-specific bone scans.

Supervisor: Dr. Steven K. Boyd and Andrew Michalski (PhD Candidate)

Sept 2015Dec 2015

Undergraduate Thesis

Bone Imaging Laboratory, University of Calgary

This project was a computational analog to the TBone spaceflight study. Studied the strength of bone models with different microarchitecture. Simulated bone atrophy and apposition created bones equal in mass with slightly different structures. Simulated mechanical stress testing using finite element analysis to characterize mechanical properties of bone tissues.

Supervisor: Dr. Steven K. Boyd

May 2015Aug 2015

Undergraduate Researcher

Vascular Aging and Space Research Laboratory, University of Waterloo

Developed a program to analyze astronaut cardiovascular data (BP Reg project) to validate cardiac output and arterial stiffness measurements with spaceflight.  Designed an earth analog experiment that tests the reproducibility of a spaceflight exercise protocol's leg blood velocity recordings.

Supervisor: Dr. Richard L. Hughson and Dr. Kathryn A. Zuj 

Oct 2012Feb 2014

Undergraduate Researcher

Gastrointestinal Research Group, University of Calgary

Developed a data analysis program to facilitate analysis of rat metabolic data.  Studied the mechanism of dietary proteins on metabolic syndrome, including obesity and diabetes using blood & fecal samples, histology, and intraperitoneal glucose tolerance testing.

Supervisor: Dr. Prasanth K. Chelikani and Dr. Adel Pezeshki 


Meeting Abstracts


Yee NJ, Michalski AS, Boyd SK. Mechanical contribution of dynamic hip screws to femoral necks under a simulated compression. Presented at the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium, Calgary, Canada, 2018.

Yee NJ, Michalski AS, Besler BA, Shtil M, Boyd SK. Predicting femoral neck fracture sites using clinical CT and finite element analysis. Presented at the McCaig Institute Summer Student Symposium, Calgary, Canada, 2018.


Yee NJMichalski AS, Plett RM, Boyd SK. Comparing Predicted Failure Regions of Femurs With Dynamic Hip Screws With Varying Tip Apex Distances Using CT-­Based Finite Element Analysis. Presented at the 22nd International Workshop on Quantitative Musculoskeletal Imaging (QMSKI), Lake Louise, Canada, 2019.

Yee NJ, Michalski AS, Boyd SK. Dynamic hip screw side-plate configurations minimally influence the predicted failure loads by CT-based finite element analysis. Presented at the University of Alberta’s Celebration of Medical Student Research, Edmonton, Canada, 2018.

Yee NJ, Michalski AS, Boyd SK. Simulated dynamic hip screws redistribute von Mises stress and Mohr-Coulomb predicted yield regions away from femoral necks. Presented at the 19th Annual Alberta Biomedical Engineering  Conference 2018, Banff, Canada, 2018.

Yee NJ, Zuj KA, Greaves DK, Hughson RL. Does pulse contour analysis provide a valid estimate of cardiac output during spaceflight? Presented at the Experimental Biology Conference, San Diego, USA, 2016.

Hughson RL, Yee NJ, Greaves DK. Elevated inspired and end-tidal PCO2 on the International Space Station. Presented at the Experimental Biology Conference, San Diego, USA, 2016.

Yee NJ, Zuj KA, Brar I, Hughson RL. Reproducibility of post-exercise femoral blood flow in the Vascular Echo spaceflight experiment. Presented at the Students' Union Undergraduate Research Symposium, Calgary, Canada, 2015.

Yee NJ, Pezeshki A, Chelikani PK. Effects of Low Protein Diets on Food Intake, Energy Expenditure & Digestibility and Body Composition in Obesity Prone Rats. Presented at the Obesity Week Conference, Atlanta, USA, 2013.

Pezeshki A, Fahim A, Yee NJ, Chelikani PK. Effects of Dietary Casein and Whey Protein on Energy Balance, Body Composition and Glucose Tolerance in Diet Induced Obese Rats. Presented at the Obesity Week Conference, Atlanta, USA, 2013.

Yee NJ, Pezeshki A, Chelikani PK. The effect of low-protein diets on energy balance and body composition in obesity-prone rats. Presented at the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Summer Student Research Day, Calgary, Canada, 2013

Academic and Professional Honors

2018 Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) Summer Studentship
2018 Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) Stipend for Summer Research (declined)
2015 American Physiological Society (APS) Undergraduate Research Excellence Fellowship
2014 Canadian Space Agency CaNoRock X International Field Program University Delegate
2014, 2015 University of Calgary Undergraduate Merit Award
2014 Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation Award
2014 Louise McKinney Post-Secondary Scholarship
2013 Canadian Conference on Student Leadership University Delegate
2013 Markin Undergraduate Student Research Award in Health & Wellness
2013 NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
2013 SUPER work Undergraduate Research Award
2013 Toastmasters International Area Contest Speech Judge
2013, 2014, 2015

Jason Lang Scholarship


Undergraduate Physics Book Prize (highest GPA in Physics)


SIFE Calgary Global Entrepreneur Week Innovation Challenge Finalist

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Dean's List

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Teck Coal Limited Scholarship
2011 Savanna Energy Services Corporation Scholarship
2011 Western Scholarship of Excellence
2011 Hugh Robertson Science Prize (highest average GPA in physics, chemistry, and biology)


Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Community Presentations

March 2018

Breathing on the International Space Station

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Three Minute Thesis Competition

Finalist. Presented on the health consequences of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide during long-duration spaceflight.

February 2018

Lice Aren't Nice

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and Alberta Pharmacy Students' Association

Presented to elementary school students as part of a public health advocacy series.

January 2018

Operation Wash Up

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and Alberta Pharmacy Students' Association

Presented to elementary school students as part of a public health advocacy series.



Basic Life Support

Professional Medical Associates

PADI Rescue Diver

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)

Diploma of Web Development, Full Stack Development

Lighthouse Labs

UCL Organizational Leadership Certificate - Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship

University of Calgary

Aboriginal Relations Leadership Certificate

University of Calgary Native Centre

Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C

Canadian Red Cross

Expires: May 1, 2019

Community Service

2019 Committee member, Medical Students' Association Academic Standings Committee
2018 Committee Co-Chair, NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2018 - Edmonton, with Canadian Space Agency participation
2018 - Current Club Leader, Space Medicine Club
2017 - Current Club Leader, Orthopaedic Surgery Club
2016 -2017  Club Leader and Co-Founder, ISU Extreme Physiology and Medicine Journal Club
2016-2017 Committee Co-Chair, ISU Space Apps Committee
2016 - 2017  Web Developer, Branch Out Foundation
2012 - 2017  Co-Founder and Chairman, TwentyFirst Leadership Education
2015 - 2016 Older Adults Friendly Visitor, Rockyview General Hospital
2012 - 2013 Undergraduate Board Team Leader, Journal of Undergraduate Research Alberta
2012, 2013, 2014 Sponsorship Coordinator, Canadian Cancer Society
2011 - 2012                                                                                       First Year Representative, Western Undergraduate Research Journal                                                      

Personal Projects

NutriFilt - Application:    Source:

A generator of affordably healthy meal plans built on Django, a Python web framework, that helps individuals keep their waist and wallets healthy.  As the Back-End Developer, I interacted with the Edamam API for recipe informations and implemented global optimizing algorithms, Basin-Hopping and Simulated Annealing, to find the cheapest recipe combination that satisfies the user's nutritional requirements.

Mediliza - Application:  Source:

A healthcare web app built on Sinatra, a lightweight Ruby web framework, that records patient-volunteer interactions, allows nurses to track patient walking duration, and allows family members to make requests.  I designed the ERD, created documentation (using yard), and established our team's git workflow.

Programming Languages

Languages Frameworks and Libraries Databases
Ruby Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL
Python Sinatra SQLite
Javascript Django mongoDB
Fortran Flask/Flask-RESTful
Java NumPy/SciPy
SQL The Visualization Toolkit (VTK)
MATLAB Node.js
Mathematica Jasmine
Makefile scripts RSpec
Batch scripts jQuery
VBA Bootstrap