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Songwriter-turned-developer with a penchant for clever, clean, concise composition. Enamored with figuring out the how and why behind things. Passions include beautiful aesthetics, logic heavy puzzles, life-long learning, recreational competitions, and queso.


Web Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstap, Responsive Web Design, Angular.js, React.js, Ruby, Rails, PostGres, SQL, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Babylon.js, WebGL


Customer service, Problem solving, Interpersonal communication, Adaptability, Teamwork, Strong work ethic



Pomodoro Productivity App - Pomodoro To Do

A ToDo List App using the MEAN stack that comes with a Pomodoro Timer.

BlackHole Run

A 3D space navigation game built in the BabylonJS game engine using WebGL and JavaScript. Direct your ship through the galaxy using the gravitational pull of black holes. Watch out for asteroids though!


A web application game built using Sketch.js, HTML5 Canvas, and Ajax/Jquery on the front-end and Ruby, Sinatra and SQLite3/Postgres on the back-end. Similar to the amazon game Telestrations or broken-telephone/pictionary.

Work experience

May 2011Aug 2015



Produced and delivered marketable content. Created and maintained all aspects of the business. Set appointments with co-writers and publishers, managed content across multiple social media platforms, and booked performance opportunities.

Mar 2013Sep 2015

Server/Operations Manager

Pub 5

Ensured quality of nightly sales close-outs, inventory, and ordering. Provided exceptional customer service to ensure satisfaction. Set and conducted meetings for staff education. Responsible for new talent acquisition.