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Web and Mobile Commerce Strategy, AMPed Music and MobileTV, Asia Leadership, Innovation and Management

  • More than 15 years experiences in e-Commerce and mobile commerce in APAC, US and Europe.
  • Build, hiring, motivate and manage product management team and lead cross function team from business management, product, UX, sales, marketing, merchandising, operation, engineering and research teams from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Lead product strategy, success measurement, feature prioritization, product roadmap, research and analysis, business product conceptualization and development.
  • Exceptional communication and organization skills, deep cultural understanding across Asia and global, fluent in English, Chinese (Simplify), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesia, Malay and Cantonese languages.
  • Leverage on data analysis, market research, product metrics, competitive analysis and company objectives to drive product development prioritization.
  • Managed product roadmap, research and analysis, customer feedback, feature prioritization, stakeholder communication and management.
  • Manage product development life cycle, concept, design, development, quality test, soft launch and production launch with AGILE methodology, rapid prototyping and review on both web and mobile products.
  • Strong UX design for incorporating best practice and innovative usability experience in mobile and e-commerce product design, experience in customer journey map, multiple channel touch points and user experience design.
  • Lead and own product management best practice and methodology, manage the enforcement of best practice within product team and cross functional team.
  • Successful track records of leading product management and cross functional team in building new e-commerce product concept, development, commercial launch and fast market share growth.
  • Leader in web and e-commerce product development, commerce eco-system, usability and new commerce platform concept development for fast growth.
  • Manage concurrent multiple product development projects, schedule, cost, scope, technical and commercial issue resolution while getting to the details product development issue and resolution.
  • Experience with data analysis and measurement tools.
  • Experience in latest cloud, SaaS and highly scalable cloud infrastructure and eco-system for high scalability and availability design.
  • Experience in e-commerce and mobile commerce eco-system, platform and API business model and strategies for high growth network multiplier business model.


Jan 2014Apr 2016

CloudFX Group, Vice President of Asia, Director of Product Management and Innovation

  • Business strategy, product strategy, multi-channel product marketing, product management and development, customer engagement and delivery management.
  • Lead and work with customers and partners to build open cloud e-Commerce marketplaces across Asia with product integration with AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer and Google Cloud (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and NaaS) using RESTful APIs.
  • Lead and develop multi-tier distributors/resellers cloud e-Commerce marketplace with diverse cloud products and services which enable distributors to create thousands of reseller stores across Asia.
  • Web e-Commerce and mobile commerce capabilities with integration to product catalogues, categories management, user profile, price management, promotion, content management, payment gateway integration, accounting, finance, inventory management, order management, ERP integration, analytic, etc.
  • Work closely with company CEO in Asia business strategy, channel partner management, direct sales and consulting team management.
  • Multi-channels product marketing through online, mobile, social media, channel partner, reseller, convention, workshop, seminar, etc.
  • Lead cross functional teams in cloud SaaS and cloud service brokerage e-Commerce marketplace product design, UX design, usability improvement, development, testing and GTM with agile and lean methodology.
  • Lead product and UX designers in usability improvement of cloud SaaS and marketplace product design.
  • Product innovation, new product ideation, market research, competitive analysis, features prioritization using open source platform.
  • Product roadmap management, lifecycle management, resource planning, timeline management, cost management, release management.
  • Lead strategic planning and project management, market and competitor analysis, GTM strategy, time to market and execution plan.
  • Lead product team building including hiring of top performing developers and consultants with critical skillset from multiple cultural background from European, Indian, Chinese and other Asian cultures.
  • Cost and resource management, leverage and negotiate with outsourcing partner to lower cost, productivity and accountability of vendor in quality delivery.
Sep 2012Oct 2013

SingTel, Assoc. Director, Prepaid Product

  • Exceeded revenue target for SingTel prepaid and VAS (value added service) business of S$280M by growing current product revenue and ramp up new innovative product revenue.
  • Product owner of AMPed music streaming with wide selection of Asia music titles (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Korea) and artists on top of the western music selection from US and Europe.
  • AMPed music streaming product management and marketing with mobile plan bundling, premium plan with trial, online and offline marketing, promotion, mobile outlet activation, social media marketing, built in AMPed music app with new customer smartphone purchase.
  • Product owner of prepaid MobileTV which stream TV, movies and football matches on mobile phone with paid subscribers on premium contents, integrated with live broadcast feeds on different mobile devices and operating systems.
  • Manage AMPed music and MobileTV customer subscription and payment.
  • Manage product roadmap, customer requirements and feedbacks, feature prioritization, product development, trial, commercial launch and GTM planning.
  • Lead consumer cloud product development and launch in the market, increase product penetration by 360% within 5 months.
  • Lead company-wide business strategies to develop new products and services to generate new revenue streams including e-Commerce, mobile commerce, mobile payment, cloud consumer services and data centric communication services.
  • Lead e-Commerce strategy, payment gateway and mobile payment product, product management, concept, design, development, launch and post production support on web, Android and iOS mobile platform.
  • Lead NFC enabled mobile wallet, mobile cash card, mobile credit / debit card product strategy, concept, development, launch and post production support.
  • Lead Web and mobile cross countries remittance product strategy, concept, design, development, launch and post production support.
  • Lead value added new product strategy, concept and development with VP of product, sales, marketing and management, building 3-5 years business cases, cost analysis and revenue projection.
  • Led multiple cross functional teams from senior VPs, product management, UX designer, engineering, IT, marketing and sales.
  • Use agile product development methodology across multiple product development teams.
  • Own and manage product development best practices, processes and enforcement.
  • Built partnership with industry leaders such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Opera and Amdocs to launch new prepaid services to consumer.
Dec 2006Mar 2012

Nokia, Global Concept Owner, Senior Architect

  • Lead consumer business solution concept strategy, product and solution development across Asia, Europe and US.
  • Work collaboratively with Europe team on product solution, development using open source for high scalability for global automated user and warranty registration with capacity to handle more than 500 million transaction / year, working with global team from Europe and Asia.
  • Lead product solution, development and go to market for global retail mobile application and rollout to hundreds of thousand global retail outlets and users in more than 40 countries worldwide from US, Europe and Asia.
  • Lead analytic solution concept, design and implementation with the ability to incorporate more than few hundred thousand global retail outlets catering for field manager, middle and top management business intelligence with high usability dashboard and drilldown.
  • Lead development of distributor ERP software (inventory management, sales, purchase order, delivery, account, invoicing, etc.) which deployed across ASEAN, India and China which support millions of unit sales through customers and partners.
Nov 2005Nov 2006

HP, Asia Senior Project Manager (Contract)

  • Lead business process re-engineering team on business process improvement, process mapping, gap analysis and process design.
  • Lead cross functional team in business analytic, data warehouse, design, data model, data cleansing, migration, master data management.
  • Lead ASEAN and China inside sales team with multiple languages and culture to capture business requirement, align global HQ standard and best practice, communicate clearly and collaborate to rollout new business programs.
Aug 2004Nov 2005

Apple, Regional Project Manager

  • Lead Asia regional team from China, Australia, Japan and Singapore and working with Apple product and project cross functional team from UX, product, sales, engineering and marketing teams.
  • Work closely with VP of sales Asia to drive Apple Asia online, retail and direct sales business projects.
  • Lead Asia e-Commerce, CRM and analytic projects business stakeholder's requirements, prioritization, roadmap, schedule, design, development, testing, go live and post production support.
  • Integrate online and offline commerce and CRM integration for Apple Asia business.
Feb 2001Aug 2004

Fisher Investments Inc., USA Consultant

  • Report to CIO, develop and manage multiple projects concurrently including CRM, SFA, BI Analytic, Web, Client reporting, Marketing lead generation, Campaign management.
  • Pioneering mobile CRM product on mobile devices using open source platform for financial industry on GPRS network.
  • IT Consulting in US in business process re-engineering and IT solution in sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Conceptualize, design, develop, test and launch web based sales analytic and dashboard product single-handedly with support from CIO.
  • Received multiple bonuses for completing product development on time with high quality and usability, exceeding management expectation.
Nov 1997Feb 2001

CSA, Creative Technology, e-Commerce Consultant, System Analyst

  • Provide e-Commerce consulting to companies across Asia.
  • Provide internet/intranet security consulting to companies across Asia.
  • E-Commerce strategy and solution for B2C and B2B companies in Asia.
  • E-Commerce business requirement, prototyping, customer review, product specification, development, testing and launch.
  • Technical specification including product catalogue, price management, inventory management, content management, shopping cart, online payment, fraud detection, user profile, return management, ERP integration, accounting, finance, analytic, conversion, traffic, transaction, etc.
  • Successfully developed and launched many e-Commerce marketplace in Asia.
  • E-Commerce and ERP integration analysis, design, specification, development, launch and post production support and continuous improvement.
  • Internet and intranet security consulting, design and implementation.



Computer Science

Stanford University

Software Usability (Grade A)

Information Architecture (Grade A) 


Honors Degree of Information Technology


e-Commerce degree thesis project (Grade A)

Dean award for multiple semesters