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I'm a 24-year-old recent graduate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship with various working experiences and fields of expertise and I'm itching to "settle down" and start a long-term relationship with a new job.


I was brought into this world on the 31st of December 1990 into a family of a geography teacher (my mother) and an engineer (my father) who at a later point (when I was 12) unofficially separated, due to my father's habitual drinking. Since then I've been raised by the most selfless and loving woman I could've hoped to call mom. 

As a student, I've exhibited potential (which I've since felt has been largely unfulfilled), evidenced by my primary and high school diplomas (6.00 and 5.95 respectively on a 6-grade scale) and my various accomplishments mostly in the fields of mathematics and geography, including two 3rd place prizes in nation-wide mathematics and geography competitions (ages 10 and 14 respectively). During my high school days I was an avid gamer and as much as I like to brag among fellow-minded gamers that I made the national team in one of the most competitive online games (Dota), I hardly believe that translates any value over to the career path I'm aiming for.

My decision to come to Denmark was far from an easy one to make. As time came for me to start picking universities and programmes to apply for, I felt that a next-level education was far from the next step I desired. Being raised in a family of modest means, I wanted more and I wanted a shortcut and an education presented neither at the time. Thus, I became invloved in a multi-level marketing company (a business based on accumulated purchases and re-purchases by referrals) which I gave up on after 6 months for two reasons - I wasn't particularly good at it and it put tremendous strain on my relationship with my mother. In January 2011 I arrived in Denmark and started my higher education in the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology in Roskilde (Roskilde Handelsskole at the time) in international marketing and sales, which I picked because I honestly wanted to become really good at the one thing I had passion for but had failed at up to that point. Since then I've had numerous experiences at sales on various levels - doing promotional campaigns, doing physical sales (as an AIESECer), doing sales on corporate levels for several startups, including my own and working odd jobs (f.x. bartending).

After finishing my AP degree, I took a semester off, figuring out how I wanted to continue with my studies and I set my mind on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, mostly because I've always had a passion for developing things (on a later stage things became ventures and products) and because I wanted to be in a setting where I'd find likeminded people, which I did, evidenced by my decision to start a company with several of my close classmates. Ever since finishing my studies in February 2015, I've been on the job market, albeit unsuccessfully.

All in all, the past almost 5 years have been an incredible ride and have taught me an overwhelming amount about myself and about how the world works, which is why I like saying that Copenhagen raised me. These past 5 years have also humbled me as I've overcome the numerous challenges that have come my way and given me poise to excel at everything I do. I'm currently undertaking danish classes, a course in web design and Google analytics as I'm aiming to improve my prospects on the job market as well as make myself more competitive on the start-up scene with regards to my future ventures. I can confidently say that you'll be making a great ROI, should you choose to express interest in me as your potential employee.

Work and Experience

Innovation Unlimited IVS

Nov 2014Present


Innovation Unlimited is a company, operating in the field of knowledge distribution. Our concept so far works through physically held workshops. My involvement in the company, as with any startup, has involved various responsibilities from product, concept and business development to lead generation, marketing and customer acquisition. My primary focus, however, has been on product and concept development and lead generation.

Copenhagen Business Academy

Aug 2014Nov 2014


As an intern at my own educational institution, I had the responsibility of developing the concept, marketing and generating leads for the Lyngby based business incubator. Definitely the most fun, teaching and humbling working experience I've had so far.

Telekabel AD

Aug 2012Nov 2012


During my time as an intern at my hometown's biggest telecom service provider, I've primarily worked with customer development, promotion and product screening.

AIESEC Denmark

Mar 2012Jul 2012

Outgoing Exchange Team Member

My responsibilities while working in AIESEC were mostly within promotion, profiling and candidate screening for the variety of internships the company offers. Definitely one of the working experiences I appreciate and learned a lot from.


Copenhagen Business Academy

Aug 2013Feb 2015

Professional Bachelor Degree

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

Jan 2011Jan 2013

Associate Degree

International Marketing Management


Being a teammate

While this might be a bit of an odd one to put in, I believe in success as a product of teamwork more often than not. I'm not the eager overachiever who is jumping around like a dynamo in the office, but I'm more than happy to listen to my coworker's stories and struggles and try to help while at the same time I can keep my respectful distance and keep my mind on the goal and try to make it easier for the others around me to do the same.


As I've stated above, I've been involved in sales in various capacities and circumstances. While far from being natural, this is one of my few skills that I have actually put time in developing and have come far from where I started.

Concept Development

Concept and product development have always gone hand in hand as far as I've been involved. In my opinion, they are mutually inclusive because in order to catch your customer's attention and hold it, you need to tell a cohesive story all the way through from who you are to why you're doing what you're doing to why they should choose you.

Product Development

I've developed products for every venture I've participated in so far and while I'm not an expert yet, it comes naturally. I've employed theory and best practice in my approach and I've always strived to improve upon my working process with every new opportunity I've had. Dating back to playing with LEGOs when I was a kid, I've always had a passion for tweaking things and trying to make the best of anything I've laid my hands on.

Project Management

Having handled small and medium-sized projects only (up to 3 months long), I'm not quite sure how to evaluate myself, but then again I've done it on numerous occasions and I've seen people do worse than me with more than I've had to work with.


This has been my bread and butter as far as delivering my company's product. I take pride in delivering memorable top-shelf workshops and presentations and in order to do that, one has to extend their abilities and beliefs beyond the regular approach. Involving the audience is key, but establishing a relationship of trust with them is beyond necessary in my opinion. My strengths when facilitating come from my dedication to honesty and creativity.