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Junior Web Developer

A tactile dev with a whole-hearted approach to finding the best possible solution with the given requirements. I have a strong understanding of back-end knowledge, particularly with Ruby/ORMs, and an enthusiasm to dive more deeply into the front-end. 

A true food enthusiast, musician, yoga teacher and avid people-watcher, I'm known to write love songs about coding (such as 'Hit The Rails', 'Ruby' and 'Sinatra Doesn't Know That Diddy') to deal with the learning curve of delving into a new programming language.   

My Projects


A Web App which allows users to receive a randomly generated quote, post quotes to the databases, bookmark quotes to appear on their profile and gain rank based on their quotes' popularity. The constantly-changing 'What's Popular?' page posts stats based on most bookmarked quotes of the day and week and highest ranking users. This project was created with two other Lighthouse Labs students in March 2016. 

Rotten Mangoes: 

A Web App which allows users to find, review and discover the best films. 

For The Love Of Oats: 

A personal project I began prior to having any formal web development experience using a BlueHost Template.  I created all the recipes/content and plan to return to working on this project upon graduation from Lighthouse Labs with my newfound knowledge.



Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs | Vancouver, BC

A fully-immersive, fast-paced, hands-on Web Development Bootcamp. The, intensive, 70-hour-per-week curriculum covers Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CSS3, HTML, Jquery, TDD, BDD, SQL, ActiveRecord, ORM, Sinatra, API's and NodeJS with a focus on teaching students how to learn any language.


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Karma Teachers Yoga College | Vancouver, BC

An intensive teacher training program with a focus on personal growth, cultivation of patience and presence. 


Theater Conservatory

Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater | New York, NY

A highly disciplined curriculum which includes acting, voice, movement, speech, mime work, theater history, improvisation and alexander technique.

Work experience


Office Assistant

Molly Maid Cleaning Company

With little formal instruction, I worked independently on a variety of tasks such as writing end-of-the-week reports, proofreading, responding to enquiries, scheduling and assisting in advertising strategies. I would be given a task by my senior and work my way through the task or problem, teaching me to solve problems and find the most efficient way to attain a result.


Yoga Teacher

Karma Teachers Yoga Studio

I provide a safe, supportive environment for students to explore their bodies, breaths and minds while leading them through yoga sequences I designed.