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Noel Roberts

Founder/CEO ZHL Consulting Chengdu, Ltd.

Work experience

August 2020Present


ZHL Consulting Chengdu Ltd.

Zhou Hang Ling Rui Business Consulting (Chengdu) Co., Ltd (dba ZHL Consulting)

ZHL Consulting is a wholly-owned foreign Chinese company with various registered trademarks awarded, and pending.

The mission of ZHL Consulting is to help schools in Mainland China to "Build Mental Health Literacy and Student Support Capacity" that ultimately benefits all students.

ZHL Consulting offers a sustainable whole-school, whole-child solution through comprehensive school-wide needs assessments for student support systems development and implementation.  This multimodal data-driven system establishes an early identification protocol for students of concern, guides teachers and staff through the intervention process, and provides the school with vital data that will inform future policy and program development.

ZHL Consulting offers professional development through parent and teacher workshops, teacher Mental Health Literacy boot camps and certification programs.

ZHL Consulting also provides Academic English Assessments as well as Psychoeducational Assessments in cooperation with our partners in Hong Kong and the United States.

Sept 2020Present

Business Lecturer

Chengdu University of Technology Sino-British Collaborative Education

Mr. Roberts currently offers business lectures at the Chengdu University of Technology Sino-British Collaborative Education, and is regularly invited as an academic consultant and trainer by American TESOL South West China to provide classroom management, mental health literacy, and student support content to their certificates

August 2016Present

Head of Student Support and Language Acquisition

Beanstalk International Bilingual School
  • Head hunted as a founding assistant principal and member of the Senior Management Team
  • Help to oversee the construction and development of the school from the ground up
  • Develop school policies, manuals and handbooks, design and deliver parent presentations
  • Design and develop whole school pastoral and boarding online communication systems that drives data-driven decision-making
  • Welcome and support new students joining the school
  • Monitor and support student social well-being through programs in the school
  • Monitor the school activities and support staff in services provided
  • Ensure the efficient management of the school
  • Lead the  development of the Boarding House
  • Developed and implemented an EAL Assessment System for International Bilingual Schools
  • Provided extensive staff professional development and parent workshops

March 2009June 2016

Student Welfare Coordinator

Utahloy International School Guangzhou, China
  • Four years on the Senior Management Team
  • Provided K-12 counseling, behavior management, social skills lesson planning and delivery for two campuses, as well as boarding house operational programming consultation for the Utahloy Zheng Cheng campus
  • Actively participated in the School’s Health and Safety Committee
  • Actively participated in the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) school evaluations for certification
  • Served on the school image taskforce which identifies and outlines short, medium and long term strategies for business sustainability
  • Developed and taught the Utahloy College Bound Program
  • Developed a whole-school referral system that enables early alerts of students of concern that helps to inform appropriate program interventions throughout the school year
  • Developed and supported the data-driven K-12 School Counseling Program by facilitating student development in academic, career, and personal/social domains which emphasize empathy training, conflict resolution, problem solving, and anger management
  • Provide parent workshops and resources for staff development, and responsible for assessment and referrals to outside community resources
  • Developed, implemented and maintained whole-school online student concerns alert system
  • Developed an online parent workshop and newsletter site that facilitated translations of material in up to forty-four (44) languages, and an annual series of parent workshops which helped to bolster parent involvement and connectedness to the school. These online systems were showcased as part of my workshops at the ACAMIS 2015 and EARCOS 2015 conferences
  • Conducted professional development, department orientation and trainings for teachers, teaching assistants and learning support staff
March 2007March 2009

Foreign Studies Lecturer

Southern Medical University (SMU)
  • Developed and taught SMU's complete Freshman “Society & Culture”, “ Viewing, Listening and Speaking” and Writing curricula
  • Developed and taught Professional Development Medical English courses for ICU Nurses and Business English courses for Chinese Government and Corporate clients
  • Developed and conducted Professional Development “Self-Evaluation” and "Instructional Communication” courses for SMU's Chinese Faculty & Medical Staff of Nanfang Hospital
  • Worked with local Chinese NGO's to secure funding for student medical projects in Hunan and Guangdong Provinces
Sep 20011Dec 2006

Independent Consultant

United Way of Massachusetts
  • Main Projects: Fundraiser for United Way of Massachusetts Bay, Project Consultant for the Asian American Civic Association – Strategic Planning for the Partnership for Automotive Career Education
  • Recurring Services for Staple Clients: Non-Profit Event Planning & Project Management: Organized Training Retreats, Tour Group Activities, Educational One–Day Conferences/Seminars and Convention Planning, Membership Base Internet Email Marketing Campaigns
June 1998August 2001

Statewide Program Director

Corporation for Business Work and Learning (Commonwealth Corporation)
  • Promoted from the local level to manage the statewide multi-agency collaborative, trained employers and provided overall direction on program design and curriculum development
  • Developed marketing and outreach and orientation materials
  • Negotiated and monitored contracts with training partners
  • Supervised grant management and compliance criteria as well as annual and bi-annual reporting to funders
  • Evaluated program outcomes for best practices
  • Utilized pre and post-instructional student surveys and other program data required by funders
  • Scheduled meetings, job fairs, receptions and orientation events for statewide multi-agency non-profit collaborative
July 1996June 1998

Program Director

Dunbar Community Center
  • Wrote and implemented the[local level] Construction Industries Training Assistance Program(CITAP). Workforce Development Grant-placing low-income women and minorities to work, primarily in the construction trades
  • Coordinated regional partnerships development involving various community-based organizations including Springfield Technical Community College,
  • Identified, developed and conducted trainings for our drop-in-center including GED Prep, Adult Basic Education, and ESL Classes leading to the core curriculum
  • Responsible for all aspects of the local collaborative including meetings, and union presentations
  • Coordinated service outreach to homeless youth, including “The Night Rider” van with coffee, sandwiches, blankets and general medical
July 1994July 1996

Project Associate

The Mayor's Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator
  • In collaboration with New York City Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiatives(JDAI) helped to managed all aspects of this multi-million dollar youth home grant
  • Supervised and participated in research, psycho-social evaluations, planning and development of new proposals for juvenile detention alternatives and other related youth housing programs to be funded in various city agencies
  • Coordinated substance abuse, violence prevention programs, as well as mentoring initiatives requiring community based civilian involvement. Prepared written, oral and research reports, both periodically and as requested
October 1991June 1994

Director of Special Educational Projects

New York City Board of Education and the Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • New York City Public Schools Family Court Diversion Program - Assessed and referred court involved adolescents and family members affected by abuse, neglect and familial drug abuse
  • Coordinated all juvenile justice programming, including various types of youth housing options, medical and psychiatric evaluations, parent support, volunteer mentoring, and guidance, education, and life skills groups
  • Conducted behavior management, basic education, ESL advocacy and soft skills training
  • Developed a computerized system to monitor long-term treatment and developmental progress
Sept 1992August 1993

Lead Educational Consultant

Department of Probation Juvenile Substance Abuse Services and NYC Public Schools New York City Board of Education and the Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Planned, secured funding, implemented and improved, institutional mental health and substance abuse treatment services
  • Assisted the development of a computerized scoring system for the Adolescent Substance Abuse Screening Instrument, and developed and engaged a targeted educational curriculum
January 1991Sept 1991


Department of Probation Juvenile Substance Abuse Services and NYC Public Schools Department of Probation Juvenile Substance Abuse Services and NYC Public Schools
  • Provided substance abuse and relapse prevention counseling for at-risk and “ run-away” youth
  • Developed and implemented youth home structure and living arrangement policies, functions , and procedures. Conducted parenting skills, life skills and related workshops
  • Solicited volunteers from the community for an after-school homework and mentoring program
  • Networked with Department of Parole, Probation, Administration for Children's Services, Juvenile Justice, and the New York City Board of Education
January 1987Sept 1991


Department of Probation Juvenile Substance Abuse Services and NYC Public Schools
  • Provided basic education, GED prep, ESL classes as well as substance abuse and relapse prevention counseling services to numerous non-school public school locations including adolescent drug treatment centers and youth homes
  • Conducted psycho-social evaluations, parenting skills, life skills and related workshops
  • Solicited volunteers from the community for an after-school homework and mentoring program


B.Sc Community Psychology, Springfield College, MA.

M.A Social Work Administration, Springfield College, MA.(final 3 credits)

Certificate in Treating and Understanding the Addictions, Harvard Medical School/Cambridge University Hospital, Boston, MA.

Teacher Training Certificate, TESOL

Business English Teacher Training Certificate, TESOL

Certificate Special Needs Support, College of Teachers, London

Certified Bullying Prevention Specialist, American School Counselor's Association

Various IB Certificates