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Work experience


Assistant Director

Open@RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology
Feb 2020Current


Federation of Humanitarian Technologists

The Federation builds open source infrastructure to assist humanitarian aid operations. Current and previous initiatives include:

Jan 2020Jun 2020

Engineering Fellow

OpenMined - RAAIS Foundation

Leading and shipping a multi-language library for translating commands between PyTorch, TensorFlow, and TensorFlow.js. Helping integrate communication protocols between workers participating in privacy-preserving, federated, machine learning systems.

MAY 2019MAR 2020

Open Source & AI Transparency Consultant

UNICEF Office of Innovation

Working with the UNICEF Venture Fund team and the organizations which have received an initial investment to develop a cohesive strategy with regards to software licensing, community development, as well as strategies to mitigate the risks of black boxed machine learning models. Outside of individual strategies, this position also included developing a number of resources for assessing and planning FOSS community strategy such as:

  • FOSS community grading rubric
  • Community development milestone planning documents
  • AI data set schema templates
  • Machine learning model transparency cards
MAR 2018MAY 2019

Senior Platform Specialist - Project Match

International Rescue Committee - R&D

Developing open source platform for low-skilled job matching program based out of the IRC's R&D team in Jordan.

  • Creating machine learning classification service to find most relevant job seekers for any given job opening based upon existing job match data as well as evaluation exercise given to hiring managers.
  • Built multi-armed bandit testing service to select various intervention packages for our beneficiaries in order to determine best performing intervention combinations.
  • Lead engineering team in development of a job matching web platform, directly integrated into CommCare.
Sep 2016MAR 2018

Full Stack Web Engineer

  • Created mass short form video editing tools to process long form video, perform scene detection, and provide editing tools all within browser.
  • Built new video editing experience for GIPHY Capture 3.0
  • Worked on planning committee for creating specifications for inter-company microservice API contracts.
  • Assisted in creation of company tech blog and leading of Open Source initiative
Jun 2015Jan 2016

Web Engineer


Rebuilt the video editor from the project into a modular JavaScript library to be embedded on any website. Built python library which wraps ffmpeg to render video files from the edit decision list given from the popcorn editor

Dec 2014Jun 2015

Front End Engineer

WXXI/Knight foundation

WXXI/Knight Foundation Rochester, NY Front End Engineer Worked on front end portion of Yellr, an open source civic journalism application. Wrote administration interface using Angular.js and SASS.

Jan 2014Jul 2014

SDE Intern

Helped design and build RESTful Java based API using Tomcat and a proprietary database used to manage schematic data model information. Later served as a mentor and on-boarded 3 other interns.

Personal Projects

  • Popcorn Editor: After leaving Mozilla continued to maintain and promote this javascript based video editor. Partnered with Internet Archive to host and help drive a yearly Video In The Commons series to promote open video collaboration in WikiMedia technologies.
  • RHoKTheHood: Collaborated with government officials and created data mapping application with Leaflet.js and Open Street Maps for viewing statistical distributions of several metrics in different neighborhoods. Currently undergoing a national initiative to obtain data for several cities to integrate into our application.
  • PlayVis: Created Natural Language Processing application which would read plays from The Gutenburg Project and analyze and perform sentiment analysis between character interactions using python NLTK. It then visualizes those interactions using d3.js. (*see PlayVis on github).



M.S. in Political Economy of Science and Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology

Research focus on how governance of technological development leads towards specific political outcomes for certain groups.


B.S in New Media Interactive Development

Rochester Institute of Technology

Minors in Computer Science and Free and Open Source Software



Mordechi Marches To Manchuria


Created a spatial-temporal story-like experience that follows the diary of Mordechi, a Polish jew who was conscripted by the Russian empire to fight in the Boxer rebellion. Collaborated with Russian and Chinese historians and built out a custom CMS for  the Knight foundation project timemapper.js.


100 & Change Grant Demo

International Rescue Committee

Developed Twilio powered SMS experience that showcased a part of the Sesame Seeds experience. This involved users being delivered personalized early childhood education content, push notifications, and Seasme Street themed phone calls. This effort was awarded a $100MM grant from the MacArthur Foundation Github