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Professional Experience

Sep 2021Present

Platform Engineer

East Side Games
  • Developing and supporting features for IdleKit, a Unity development framework for idle games.
  • Implementing a fullstack a single sign on solution for IdleKit.
  • Localization development and support for 15 languages in DragonUp.

Dec 2019Jun 2020

Lead Game Developer (Part Time)

Facing Dragons
  • Implementing gameplay systems for Facing Dragons game.
  • UI/UX design.
  • Managing development workflow and closely working with the game design director, programmers, artists, and animators.

May 2018Jul 2019

Gameplay Programmer

Semaphore Lab
  • Implementing gameplay systems in multiple titles using Unity engine.
  • Designing and implementing levels in Fury Night.
  • Deploying titles on multiple stores such as Google Play, Steam and Huawei's AppGallery.
  • Implementing backend functionality for vGallery.
  • Refactoring and modularizing systems for vFramework.

Sep 2015Jan 2016

Frontend Developer (Part Time)

  • Developing web frontends for multiple projects.


Jun 2012Sep 2017

Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Jan 2020Present

D-ART: Design Alternatives Reporting Tool

SFU & Stantec

An interactive web system for architectural design stakeholders collaboration. It is developed as part of my master's thesis research in collaboration with Stantec. It supports three main features:

1. Presenting design alternatives to stakeholders using interactive 2D and 3D visualizations.
2. Enabling stakeholders to give refined feedback on design alternatives.
3. Compiling and presenting stakeholders' feedback to project designers and managers.

It is developed in Mongo, Express, Vue, Node, Vuetify, Three.js, Rhino3DM.js, and Chart.js.

March 2020March 2020

that smiling game


A short game/experience that tries to answer the question: What can we eliminate from our life to make it better?


April 2019Jul 2019



Interactive 3D experience of visiting the holy sites of Makkah and Madina for mobile, PC, and PS4.

  • Implementing IAP on Google Play, iOS, Steam and Huawei's AppGallery.
  • Implementing a modular interactive tour guide system.
  • Deploying on Google Play and Huawei's AppGallery.


May 2018Jul 2019

Fury Night


3D beat 'em up with a classic look and feel for consoles and PC.

  • Lead Gameplay Programmer
  • Designing and implementing gameplay systems.
  • Designing and testing game levels.
Jul 2018Dec 2018



interactive gallery for artists to portray their artworks in 3D environments.

  • Implementing database using Firebase Real-time Database.
  • Implementing backend using Firebase Cloud Functions.
  • Implementing file storage using Firebase Storage.
  • Implementing frontends for account and content management in Unity Native UI.
  • Implementing deep linking and QR codes sharing using Firebase Dynamic Links.
  • Implementing a shopping cart using Shopify.
  • Deploying on Google Play.
Jun 2017Aug 2017

Mala'eeb's Puzzle


3D Mobile Puzzle Game Inspired by Arabian Nights made in Unity Game Engine. Winner of IMGA MENA Excellence in Gameplay. 
Role: Project Management, Game Design, Game Programming, and Narrative Design.
Early Gameplay Video:

Mar 2018Mar 2018

Bulhan's Imagination


2D Action Game Inspired by Old Islamic Art. Made for GCC Jam. Winner of the Best Creative Game Award Developed in Unity.
Role: Game Design, Game Programming, Game Art.

Oct 2016Jun 2017


Senior Graduation Project

3D Rogue-like with Guns & Magic Combat (Graded A+). Developed in Unity Game Engine with a Team of 5 people. My Responsibilities included:

  • Agile Project Management.
  • Implementing enemies Artificial Intelligence using Behavior Trees.
  • Dungeon procedural generation algorithm design.
  • Lead Game Design.
  • Game Writing
  • Integration & QA