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Summary/ Achievements

  • Ambitious, creative senior software engineer and team lead with over 20 years experience in a professional software development environment across the full product lifecycle.  
  • Technical architect and lead developer for Lumio Schools, a successful startup e-learning platform used in schools in the US and UK.
  • Full Stack Developer - Front-end engineering, back-end engineering, databases and user interface design experience.
  • Technical leadership in both enterprise and startup commercial environments.
  • Developed several popular educational games which have been featured prominently on the Apple and Android App stores.
  • Fluent in multiple contemporary computer languages (JavaScript, Java, C, C++, HTML5).
  • Established, recruited and mentored development teams.
  • Knowledge and working practice of Agile methodologies.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Good organiser and team player with intuitive technical analysis and leadership skills.
  • Strong understanding of how best to align development and technology with business requirements.
  • I like to develop small games in my spare time. I have had several games sponsored and published on Flash, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.
  • User interface designer for many enterprise-level applications and tools.


Core Technologies (5+ years): Java, Javascript, C, C++, Actionscript

Front-end Technologies: HTML5, Flex, AngularJS, Bootstrap, CreateJS, Phaser, Canvas, CSS3, Phonegap, Java Swing, JSP, Servlets, MFC, JSON, Unity

Back-end Technologies:  J2EE, Node.JS, C#, Web Services (REST, SOAP), JDBC, MVC, Jersey, XML, JAXB, Spring MVC, Hibernate

Software Development: Agile, Design Patterns, UI best practices and theory, OOP, MVC, Code repositories, Windows Installer

Databases: NOSQL, MongoDB. SQL, SQL Server

OS: OSX, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS

Application Servers: Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, Cloudfromt), Apache Tomcat 5.5+, Nginx, Express JS

Tools: Git, Github, Grunt, NPM, Xcode, LESS, ANT, Eclipse, Netbeans, FlashBuilder, Visual Studio, Photoshop, InstallShield, Bugzilla, Subversion, VMware, Virtualbox

Test Frameworks: JUnit (Java), Mocha (Javascript)

Work experience


Lead Developer

Lighthouse Learning - Startup e-learning platform for web and app

Skills/ technology

Agile, Javascript, Node.JS, NOSQL, MongoDB, HTML5, CreateJS, Phonegap, AngularJS, Canvas, HTML5, CSS3, AWS, Bootstrap, Xcode, iOS, Android, Linux, OSX, JSON, Grunt

Key responsibilities

  • As I was involved in a new startup, I had sole responsibility for research, design and implementation of the technology behind all company products, in-house tools and frameworks.
  • Provide technical leadership, evaluating if technology meets business requirements.
  • Establish, recruit and mentor development team.
  • Work alongside management team establishing business development priorities and weekly development plans.
  • Manage work allocated to other members of the team, monitoring progress and evaluating priorities to ensure weekly live product updates are made.
  • Work in an Agile environment alongside developers, artists, producers and sales team.
  • Establish development work processes. (Github, issue tracking, code review).
  • Setup AWS product servers, ensuring they are stable, scalable and reliable.  Product has hundreds of users and is used in classrooms around the world, so needs to be highly optimised, scalable and reliable.
  • Evaluate and observe user testing to inform of product changes.
  • Ensure product performance is heavily optimised and up to a user-acceptable level.

Main Projects

  • I was the only developer for the company’s first product, 'Dragon Shapes'. It was developed in an intense 3 month timescale and was featured prominently in the educational section of the Apple App store.
  • Developed a reusable responsive framework to produce multiple cross-platform HTML5 (Phonegap) apps. Product works on phones, tablets and desktop.
  • Lead developer for ‘Lumio Education’, a web based e-learning platform for classrooms. Includes thousands of items of rich learning content for children and administrative features for teachers.
  • Released apps: Dragon Shapes, Shapes Arts, Fruity Fractions, Farm Factor, Llama Drama, Treasure Sums, Electric Sums and Lumio Kids on iOS and Android App stores.
  • Designed, built and maintained scalable cloud services (AWS) and databases (MongoDB).
  • Designed and implemented a sophisticated bespoke online HTML5 game editor and content management system to help artists and producers design and publish the content seen in the product. Includes a sophisticated visual editor to add graphics, sounds and events to content.
  • Created an online administration application (AngularJS, Bootstrap) to allow sales managers to track product usage and manage user accounts.
  • Created REST web services (Node.JS, MongoDB), providing user management and authentication facilities as well as other important functions used in the product.

Senior Software Engineer/ UI Team Lead

BridgeHead Software - Enterprise backup and archive solutions for hospitals

Skills/ Technology

Java, J2EE, C, C++, Flash, Actionscript, Flex, Flash, J2EE, REST, Swing, Eclipse, Subversion, Tomcat, Visual Studio

Key responsibilities

  • Responsible for design and implementation of all product user interfaces on both web and desktop. I took great pride delivering elegant and easy to use interfaces that solved complex problems.
  • Technical lead for a cross functional team, providing advice, guidance and assistance to other colleagues as required. Mentor to junior developers.
  • Ownership of several product components, working with the CTO and management to decide on new functionality.
  • Provide overall project estimates and delivery schedules.
  • Shared responsibility for hiring developers.
  • Ensure that defect tracking (Bugzilla) and code management (SVN) policies are followed.
  • Responsibility for all product installation utilities.
  • Research new technologies, software and product features, advising on their implementation.

Main Projects

  • Design and implementation of Java web services and web user interfaces used by customers to browse and restore system backups (Flex, Actionscript, Java, J2EE).
  • Modernisation of legacy GUI applications. Either by face-lifting desktop applications via redesign, or by converting them to web applications.
  • Spearheaded new UI/UX design processes.
  • Development of Java web services (J2EE, REST, SOAP) to interface with UI and legacy servers.
  • Development of a desktop Java administration user interface to manage and report on complex backup and archiving procedures (Java Swing).
  • Developed the main product installation application. This was created to automate the complex installation procedures required to install such a large product. The installer delivered and configured multiple product components across a distributed network (C, C++, MFC).

Senior Software Engineer

Badger Network Technology - Enterprise help desk products
  • Skills: Java, C, C++, HTML
  • Lead developer responsible for converting a large legacy help-desk C front-end into a web application.
  • Designed and implemented a new web interface using Java for the front end and C for the web service.
  • Provided support for customers with high severity problems.

Deputy Development Manager/ C programmer - Enterprise backup products.

XuiS Software
  • Developed C utilities used to support their backup solution on VMS, UNIX and Windows platforms.



B.Sc. with First Class Honors in Computer Science

Kingston University

Winner of the Sun Microsystems award for most innovative university final year project.

Personal projects and interests

  • In my spare time I develop small games in HTML5 and Unity. Some of my educational games have been sponsored by third parties and have been released on various app stores. See
  • I manage my son’s Under-10 football team, winning the cup in our first season.
  • I play guitar and bass as part of an informal band.
  • Cycling, running and football.