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Software developer, with good knowledge and experience in Full-stack, Devops, and team leadership, and acceptable knowledge in machine learning, ios, and many other technologies

Work History

Team leadership

April 2020PRESENT

Team management that involves insuring code quality, consistent workflows, and high quality output from our development team.

full stack web developer & AWS Solutions Architect


we are working on a web platform that helps biologists collaborate and manage their workflows in a well-placed all-in-one platform, My responsibilities include full stack development, as well as architecting and implementing cloud solutions on AWS

iOS Developer

AutoTech Co.
NOv 2018FeB 2019

Worked as a native iOS Developer, and created the Autotech Web Service Framework for managing shared functionality between business form-based apps

Web And Mobile Developer

Unifi Middle East L.L.C FZE
Sept 2015ApRIL 2018

Working as a Web and mobile application developer, helping my teammates in the development of a number of PHP projects built on some of the best open-source frameworks like PrestaShop and CodeIgniter. in addition to installing, developing, maintaining, ERPNext instances, using python, and Linux shell scripting.

and we are building a number of native iOS apps as well.

iOS Developer

AlphA Apps FZ LLC
September 2014 December 2014

Developed a number of native, and Cocos-2d based iOS Apps.

Had to leave the job because I got a seat in the F.I.T.E that i wasn't expecting, and due to the level of difficulty and the importance of attending my college lectures, I couldn't continue this job, since it required me to work from an office full-time, not at home, which conflicted with my college attendance.



Amazon web services
March 2020MARCH 2023

While working at Genophore, I found myself doing DevOps work, which was a new experience at the time, but after a while I got the hang of it along with managing the infrastructure we have hosted at AWS, and with the support I received at Genophore, I was able to get my AWS-CSA certificate.

Average Score: 85%

Engineer's Degree in Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology Engineering at Damascus University

After graduating from the technical computer college in the third place, I was qualified to enter the IT Engineering faculty, during which we worked on numerous projects, ranging from small scale tasks, to robot control code using Arduino, all the way to designing large systems and training neural networks, I am very proud to have had the chance to expand my knowledge in all of these fields.

Graduated with an average score of 77.1%

Deploma in Computer Software Engineering

Technical computer collage at Damascus university

Learned a lot in this institute, thanks to the high focus from our great teachers on software and database design, and good teamwork skills, and most importantly learning and applying iOS development skills (which I learned on my own) in my graduation project, which eventually got me a job at Alpha Apps.

Graduated as the third between my colleagues, with an average score of 79.4%


Good skills in

  • OOP Design 
  • Team Leadership
  • Source Control
  • Database Design
  • System Design
  • Containerized Systems
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • CI/CD
  • Unit & Integration Testing

Knowledge in the following technologies:

  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Gitlab CI
  • Postgres, MySQL, and SQL Server.
  • Redis
  • Sentry
  • Webpack

Proficient knowledge in a number of programming languages, including:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Shell
  • Swift
  • C++


  • Django
  • Celery
  • Cocoa (iOS & MacOS)

AWS Tools and Technologies:

  • EC2
  • S3
  • Lambda
  • ALB
  • ECS
  • IAM
  • RDS Aurora 
  • ElasticCache
  • OpenSearch (formally ElasticSearch)
  • SSM



Here's a set of the most notable projects I have worked on with previous teams and in school, in chronological order:

  • TCC Institute:
    • Graduation Project:
      We worked on a platform for hospitals which helps hospital staff to manage patients data, we were using ASP.NET for the backend and WCF for web API, I was responsible for developing the iOS app with a teammate, I developed an app that uses a couple of view classes only, using code definitions for fields instead of rebuilding the UI for every table.

      Score: 96%

  • AlphaApps:
    • Sound/Text Sync tool:
      We were working on developing children stories using Cocos2D, theses stories require that a narrator speak a piece of text, and that part must be highlighted while it's being spoken, so we would do a tedious amount of work to manually sync the timing of the narrator recordings with text highlights

      So I developed a Mac App tool for syncing by a few keyboard and mouse clicks, without needing to enter any numerical values by hand and allows the developer to easily correct mistakes made during the syncing process which greatly increased the output of these Stories overall.

  • Unifi:
    • We Worked on ERPNext, which is an open-source ERP website that uses a custom made python framework called Frappe, this site is extremely powerful allowing the use of a UI component for building tables and adding scripts and functionality to them, it also uses to help the user be notified if a notification has arrived or if the document he is working on has been edited by someone else
    • Also had minor experience with PHP using Prestashop and CodeIgniter 
    • Developed an iOS app for streaming TV channels, called via-HD, which didn't get released due to licensing issues

  • IT University:
    • Graduation Project:
      We leveraged machine learning by training a neural network that uses LSTM and Attention to classify sound recordings according to the dialect of the speaker, we were able to achieve good accuracy overall.

      Score: 89%
    • Physics Simulation:
      We used C++ and QT to build a Fluid Simulation, our simulation runs using all available CPU cores on the system using multi-threading in an efficient manner, so we were able to keep the simulation running with around 20K particles being simulated while running on a 4 Core system, compared to only 5K particles for simulations that run on a single Core

      Score: 95%

  • AutoTech:
    • Autotech Web Service Framework:

      During my time in Autotech, we build multiple apps that were using a similar scheme, mostly a list of items that have a details page, of course, there were many complex aspects of these apps, but for the shared functionality between them I build a framework which has a set of Abstract Controller classes, each view Controller in the App would inherit from them, this has helped in greatly reducing the time and maintenance need of these apps.

  • Genophore:
    We are working on a web site that helps biologists collaborate and manage their workflows in a well-placed all-in-one platform using modern web technologies

    - Docker
    - Django
    - AWS ECS, RDS, SSM, Lambda, S3 …etc.

    We are working hard on creating professional-grade code, most notably using regular HTML and js combined controls in single ES6 classes that can be reused multiple times. and unifying repeated functionality in the backend using OOP, We are also using AWS, Gitlab, and other tools to create dynamic delivery and integration as well as dynamic, self-healing, and robust environments