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Skilled at leading teams of talented people to create extraordinary results.

Work experience


Business Development Manager

Praxair Services, Inc.

Primary technical contact for tracer leak detection services. Responsible for guiding a professional sales and marketing team making presentations to customers.  Customers included project engineers at major oil companies, congressional staffers, policy makers and regulators at local, state and federal level.  Directed strategy which included technical presentations at seminars presented to the American Petroleum Institute, the National Institute for Storage Tank Management and the International Liquid Terminal Association.  Nationally recognized as an expert  in the use and analysis of tracers to provide answers to questions in a wide variety of applications.  Assisted team of talented operations personnel with all technical aspects of the Tracer Tight and SeeperTrace products including project planning, technical applications and troubleshooting equipment and results. Led effort leading to continuous improvement  of the service delivery and underlying technology.  Researched and developed relationships with cutting edge technology providors in the industry.


Operations Manager

Praxair Services, Inc.

General manager responsibilities for leak detection division.  Responsible  for profit and loss, budgeting, staffing, sales & marketing and product development. Guided the doubling of sales from approximately four million dollars in a mature market over four years.  Delivered exceptional service to the industry while maintaining greater than 65% variable margins and approximately 30% operating profits.


Technology Manager

Praxair Services, Inc.

Responsible for all technical aspects of product delivery. Interface with sales and marketing, management and customers relating to product. Led effort to introduce the use of tracers for use in the fate determination of carbon dioxide as part of the carbon capture and sequestration pilot projects.  In a similar fasihon introduced the use of tracers to determine the fate of energized fluids for hydrocarbon well fracing.


Six Sigma Black Belt

Praxair Services, Inc.

Full time productivity resource. Led 15 projects totaling more than $3,000,000 in productivity savings.  Wide variety of projects included variable and fixed cost reduction, increased utilization and efficiency and increased sales.


Senior Scientist

Praxair Services, Inc.

Responsible for technical development, enhancement and standardization of product delivery.  Responsible for educating the acquiring company in regards to the use of the technology.  Was instrumental in successful integration into the larger orginazation.  


Various Positions

Tracer Research Corporation
  • Field analytical chemist - Responsible for accurate and timely analysis of environmental samples collected in the field using gas chromatography.
  • Project manager -  Led several field crews to successfully deliver environmental assessments.  Duties included scheduling, primary customer contact, data interpretation and report writing.
  • Research Assistant - Helped develop the industry leading Tracer Tight leak detection technology for the detection and location of leaks in underground storage tanks and pipes.
  • Product Manager - World-wide service delivery manager for Tracer Tight leak detection which helped Tracer Research Corporation being listed on the Inc. Magazine's list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in 1992
  • Vice President, Research & Development - Primary scientist at Tracer Research Corporation behind patents 5447055 in 1995, 5918267 in 1999 and 6817227 in 2004.  The 2004 patent was awarded for the development of the SeeperTrace leak detection service.  The cornerstone of the SeeperTrace service is the ultra sensitive analytical process capable of detecting chemical tracers in the sub parts per quadrillion level, one million times more sensitivity than any other commercial laboratory.


Jan 1985

Bachelor of Science (BSc) - Chemistry

University of Arizona

Educational experience also includes MBA courses in Statistics, Accounting and Finance. Inc. 500 listing led to courses at Eureka Ranch, Springfield Remanufacturing and Leadership Flight School with Bartell and Bartell.