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A recent transplant to the Triangle area of North Carolina, I am in this area of the country to pursue writing and art and moved from Florida to higher ground because of climate change, two years before Hurricane Ian. TO CONTACT ME, click this email link.


Pamir Kiciman's photography appears in 86 Logic Issue 6, and his writing was for HOME? An Artistic Exploration of Housing in the Triangle (NC). He is a freelance writer and photographer for The Local Reporter in Chapel Hill, highlighting people, venues and events in the arts and culture sector.

He is also a pro teacher and practitioner of meditation and healing arts.

As a Reiki Teacher and Meditation Guide, he has conducted Reiki Trainings in South Florida at Broward Health, Imperial Point Hospital, and FAU College of Nursing; practiced Reiki and Hypnotherapy at the same hospital; and presented about Reiki at an ITP Medical Conference, while also giving Reiki sessions to participants. He is the founder of Oasis Reiki Dojo which follows Usui Sensei's original, Japanese Reiki teachings. 


  • Video from my photo essay of Paperhand Puppet Intervention's 2022 giant puppet show at the historic Forest Theatre (UNC-Chapel Hill).
  • Video from my write-up about the annual Sculpture in the Garden at N.C. Botanical Garden.
  • Photo collage from my photo essay about a dance company's preparation for upcoming performances.

Jazz Journalism

  • From my write-up about Brad Linde playing the music of avant-garde composer and trombonist Grachan Moncur III. Read it here.
  • From my write-up about Katharine Whalen's Jazz Squad. Read it here.

Exclusive Author Interview

My exclusive author interviews and debut novel reviews of:

Event Photography

Click photos to enlarge.

  1. Single dancer in group conceptual dance event in warehouse art space.
  2. Dance company during preview of upcoming performances.
  3. Into The Woods in an open-air amphitheater.
  4. Artsy edit of single dancer moment.
  5. Red Knots Heads backstage for a giant puppet show.
  6. Dance and music collaborations in an intimate space. No rules other than that.  
  7. Photo collage featuring giant puppet characters.

Art Photography

Video: Photographs manipulated to emulate the qualities of wabi-sabi. All images ©️ Pamir Kiciman

  1. Boho Bamboos
  2. Black-necked Stilt in very shallow water at Everglades National Park, Florida
  3. Loxahatchee Tree at northern Everglades, Florida
  4. Black-necked Stilt #2
  5. Art Camper, mini camper displaying jewelry artist's work
  6. Pond with water lilies and pads and cloud reflections

  • Mock-up of my B&W sunflower photo; what it would look like in a home or other space. Click to view in full.
  • Three spreads of my photography published in 86 Logic, Issue 6.

Climate Photography

Boneyard Beach at Botany Bay, Edisto Island, South Carolina on Jan 9, 2021. A most surrealy beautiful and haunting location. These tree carcasses are here because of erosion! Sad and stunning. The trees died because erosion caused the ocean to come inland and now it's a hauntingly beautiful place of beauty and pain. This is climate change in action. All images ©️Pamir Kiciman

Nature Photography

These are from 8 am in the morning on 10/18/20 - a period when I spent large chunks of time on Florida barrier island beaches that are unguarded (no lifeguards). This was a wild day of photography with rain pelting down, then the sun bursting out of the clouds, one minute dark and moody, next minute dazzling and bright.

This coastline is an outcropping of the Anastasia formation, a stretch of limestone rocks known as coquinas. The outcropping is what gives the beach a dramatic look, with the waves of the Atlantic exploding over the rocks and creating numerous coves. All images ©️Pamir Kiciman



Arts Writer

The Local Reporter

Highlighting uniquely talented artists of all stripes in the community and presenting unique stories about people, art spaces and arts and culture events.  


Blogger / Writer

Reiki Help Blog

Writes and publishes the Reiki Help Blog covering all things holistic, mindful, somatic, consciousness, mindbody, healing and spiritual.


Founder / Principal

Oasis Reiki Dojo
  • Teaches all levels of Reiki: I, II, Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master. Conducts Reiki Circles and Clinics. Monitors, refines and up-trains practitioners. Reiki Healing and Hypnotherapy services.
  • Author of comprehensive Reiki Instructional Manuals.
  • Developed Interactive Healing Meditation a client-centered, intuitive & deeply experiential healing process.
  • Developed Core Issues Intuitive Counseling an empowering body/mind/spirit approach.

Reiki Master Teacher

Florida Atlantic University College of Nursing
  • Conduct Reiki Training.
  • Monitor, refine and up-train practitioners.
  • Respond to post-training student questions via e-mail, phone, in person.
  • Provide ongoing coaching to students.

Reiki Master Teacher / Certified Hypnotherapist

Healing Arts at Imperial Point Medical Center
  • Conduct all levels of Reiki Training.
  • Respond to post-training student questions via e-mail, phone, in person.
  • Provide ongoing coaching to students.
  • Work one-on-one with clients.


BA English Literature

University of Ankara

Postgraduate work in Theater

Shinpiden - Japanese Reiki Master-Teacher

Southwestern Usui Reiki Ryoho Association

Updated Reiki Master Training in Usui Reiki Ryoho

Authentic Japanese Reiki

Reiki Master-Teacher - RM

Loving Touch Center
  • Reiki Master Training
  • Minister of Spiritual Healing
  • Magnified Healing

Certified Hypnotherapist - CHt

Koning, Carillo & Associates

Hypnotherapy Certification

Spiritual Aromatherapist

American Institute of Unani Medicine

Sufi Aromatherapy Training

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