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Burman University



Bachelors of Education, After-degree. minor Mathematics. 

Canadian University College



Bachelor of Science Biology major, Chemistry minor. 


Personal Trainer: in Health & Fitness


With 15 years of experience, in Ironman Triathlon, Ultramarathons, and summiting Mt. Everest. My devotion and dedication goes beyond conventional personal training-ultimately to lift individuals up in healing and health beyond what is thought to be possible. By pure inspiration and insight— from technical and practical fitness experience, my passion shares and guides individuals beyond their human limits. This practice and maintenance to ones health and fitness reveals the most powerfully abundant and exquisite source of life—one’s natural frequency of energy. This personal training aid is about attaining and maintaining ones health for ones natural and greatest height of humanity. It is about clutching the seed of life: youth. It is furthermore about understanding beyond what we know in terms of our age in years.

Lakeview Christian School Victoria, B.C. Canada


All-Subject, Multi-grade 6-9 Teacher

At LCS I have been privileged to being a part the recent expansion Victoria's Adventist School. Highlights that i either was a part of or helped lead include working on administration planning and input, working closely with curriculum, sport tournaments and training, science fair, youth treat, staff meetings, conferences, and student teacher parent meetings, school church sermons, Christmas concerts, church special music, music performances

Peace Christian School, Chetwynd, British Columbia


Secondary math and science teacher

Teaching Math from grade 6 to pre calculus 12, Sciences, Sustainable Resources, physical education, health & career, business and IT

Practicum II Red Deer, Alberta

Feb 2016Apr 2016

Math & Science 8, Glendale Science & Technology Middle School

teaching grade 8, experienced in-depth school driven for high standards and opportunities in STEAM and inquiry-based learning.

Practicum I Parkview Adventist Academy, Lacombe, Alberta

Oct 2015Dec 2015

PAA, Chemistry 20

Created and implemented lessons on science, technology, periodic table, atomic structure, bonding and stoichiometry. My strategy was to build strong relationships with students, in order to know what the needs were, what teaching methods and examples to use, and which would relate to them, inspire them and ultimately to help them grow for their betterment.



High school math & science coaching

Tutoring was a highly rewarding learning experience. It greatly enhanced my appreciation and awareness for diversity in learning and the needs for 21st century skills. Tutoring gave me the opportunity to share my passion for learning and having a positive outlook and work ethic

Central Concrete Inc

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Central Concrete Inc.

'Cen-Con' was an experience of a lifetime. It taught me how vital construction is, and especially how Cen-con impacted the communities of central Alberta. I worked with a fast-paced, and hard-working team on large scale commercial, and residential jobs. Concrete projects included: parkades, hospitals, parks, industrial garage/shops and poultry/dairy barns.

Humanitarian Trip

May 2012Jul 2012

A Better World-Kenya

This trip consisted of teachers, principles, professors, myself and another student from Burman University. We visited schools throughout Kenya, where educators helped teachers  and assessed the status of curriculum. The trip also included helping schools in  maintenance and providing supplies. A highlight of the trip was the chance to play my violin for the schools, and especially to students who had never seen one played before.  

Lacombe Research Station

Jan 2012Apr 2012

Student Internship

This was a CO-OP program with Canadian University College, this internship ran for approximately 3 months. It was an opportunity to design and test a biochemistry project,  alongside Dr. Manuel Juarez at the Research station. The project and findings were presented at the end of the year to peers and faculty Science department at CUC.  

Red Deer Tennis Club

May 2010Aug 2010

Tennis Coach

I volunteered with the Red Deer Tennis Club, helping to promote tennis at various elementary schools in the Red Deer area. Other coaches and myself brought tennis supplies to play and coach tennis in school gymnasiums. At the club, other duties included painting, cleaning courts and volunteering with tournaments.



Royal Conservatory of Music: Grade 7 & 8 First class Honours-Violin


Mt. Everest Summit 2013: 2nd Youngest Male Canadian

Lost Souls 100 Mile Ultra(Running Race): 2012(1st place age-division)

Boston Marathon: 2009

Ironman Canada: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018

Sylvan Lake Half Ironman: 2013 (1st place age-division)

Red Deer Tennis Club-Club Champion: 2008, 2009

Edmonton Garneau Tennis Club 5.0 Champion: 2009

Top 10 junior Tennis Alberta under 16 ranking

BMO Okanagan International Marathon (1st place age-division 2008)

ING Edmonton International Marathon (2nd place age-division)