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EXPERIENCE: 20 years

Stone Soup Consulting
October 2019current

Principal Consultant

Consultancy in the area of MEL, impact management, strategic planning, fundraising and social innovation.

Examples of recent consultancy projects:

  • Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr (Portugal,  2021-ongoing): "People and Planet: A Common Destiny" - Evaluation of a Pan-european campaign to mobilize youth citizens and glocal authorities in the fight against climate change (European Commission’s Development Education and Awareness Raising - DEAR Programme)
  • Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr (Portugal, 2021-ongoing): "Ianda Guiné! Djuntu" - Systematisation of a methodology for a programme aiming at improving resilience and socioeconomic opportunities in Guinea-Bissau (EU cooperation)
  • Aga Khan Foundation (Portugal, 2020-21): evaluation of the EU project "Diversity@Work" on diversity and inclusion
  • WWF France (2022-ongoing): sustainability partnership evaluation
  • (2022-ongoing): case study on water sanitation and microfinance in Mexico
  • British Royal Society for Protection of Birds (Indonesia, 2022-ongoing): sustainable financing plan for Hutan Harapan lowland tropical forest in Sumatra 
  • Portuguese Platform of Development NGOs - PPONGD (Portugal, 2020): definition of civil society priorities for the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union
  • Associação Prevenir (Portugal,  2021-2022): external evaluation of the project "Crescer a brincar" awarded by the Gulbenkian Foundation on the basis of OECD-DAC criteria
  • Associação Acreditar - Children with cancer (Portugal, 2021-2022): external evaluation of a capacity building programme 
  • Espaço t (Portugal, 2021-2022) - External evaluation of the project "Brigadas do Espaço t" 
  • Secours Catholique Caritas France  (2022-ongoing): support to the methodology of a research paper on environmental migrations with partners in Mexico, Honduras, Bengladesh and Senegal
  • Marilles Foundation  (Balearic Islands, Spain, 2020-21): Training and mentoring in strategic planning for ocean protection NGOs
  • Alliance for Mediterranean Nature & Culture (AMNC): fundraising training and strategic development
  • MAVA (Switzerland, 2020): coaching of NGOs on their fundraising strategy
  • Biosfera (Cape Verde, 2021-22): co-creation of a fundraising and crowdfunding strategy, mentoring sessions
  • Defensoría Ambiental (Chile, 2022): training and mentoring sessions in fundraising for an environmental organisation
  • BirdLife / Euronatur (UK, 2022-ongoing): training and mentoring sessions in fundraising for environmental organisations
  • Generali Foundation - The Human Safety Net (Spain, 2021): Support in the development of the Foundation
  • Lisbon Institute of Mental Health (Portugal, 2021) : strategic planning and capacity building (Active Citizens Fund - EEA Grants)
  • Demeter Foundation (France, 2021-22): Systemic change in disability support schemes
  • African Movement of Working Children and Youth / ENDA (Senegal, 2021): co-creation of a fundraising strategy
  • Associação Confiar (Portugal, 2020): support to the creation of social innovation bonds
  • Association for the Education of Blind People - APEC (Portugal, 2020): organisational development of the project "education today, a job tomorrow"
  • EDP Foundation (Portugal, 2021-2022): technical visits in the framework of the EDP Solidária programme
Freelance Consulting. Porto, Portugal
August 2019current

Senior Consultant in EU policies - Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of Smart Specialisation, STI & SDGs

Consultancy in the area of EU project management and co-creation processes, including mentoring, smart specialisation strategies for sustainable innovation and governance.

Examples of recent consultancy projects:

  • European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre (2022): Publication of a booklet on S3 good practises in ten Western Mediterranean countries in the context of the 5+5 Dialogue - Smart specialisation for SDGs
  • European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre (2022): Horizon Europe Expert RIS3 in Tunisia - Publication of a qualitative study on research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation
  • EIT - Climate KIC (2022): Trainer for the "Young Innovators - Skills for the future" programme in Portugal
  • Porto Business School (2021-2022) - Erasmus+ Project "RE-ACT - Self-reflection Tools for Smart Universities Acting Regionally": delivery of trainings, coaching sessions, collaboration workshops, reports on the work packages, white paper and academic publication.
  • EIT - Climate KIC (2020-2021): Co-author of the methodological guide for co-creation workshops for policy-making 
  • European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre (2021-2022): Scientific Review of the Guide for the preparation of the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)  Roadmaps for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Research Paper on STI Roadmap methodologies for SDGs
  • Logroño City Council, Spain (2020): proposal building for the city's application for EU Green Capital. Supervision of the areas of "governance" and "innovation".
  • La Caixa Foundation (2020-2023): evaluation of a call for projects "Social Research Call / Convocatoria de Investigación Social"
European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Seville, Spain

Project Coordinator and policy analyst - Smart Specialisation Strategies

  • Project Officer / Policy Analyst for the following European Parliament Preparatory Actions:
    • "RIS3 Support for growth and governance in lagging regions" (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary)
    • Implementation of RIS3 in Eastern Macedonia & Thrace region of Greece: "Actual and desired state of the economic potential in regions outside the Greek capital Athens". Organisation of Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) working groups and project development labs with actors of the quadruple helix
    • "The economic competitive advantages and the potential for smart specialisation at regional level in Romania" in North-East (Iași) and North-West Romania (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Creation of a funding guide for EU regions (regional, national and EU funding) and a toolbox for regional innovation
  • Methodological support for the growth and governance of EU lagging regions
  • Analysis of the impact of regional smart specialisation strategies (RIS3), especially for French regions and participation in international peer review events in Greece, Spain and Poland.
  • Organisation of peer support activities on S3 governance and S3 monitoring
  • Country Desk for Bulgaria and Croatia: quality review of the annual reports, later published on the ERAWATCH web platform.
  • Organisation of more than 10 scientific workshops (innovation camps, international focus groups) and high-level international conferences for the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.
  • Participation in a study on RIS3 in Latin America (Chile)
  • Head of the IT taskforce for the Smart Specialisation Platform
  • Participation to the European Researchers Night 2017
  • Coordination of the information platforms of the European Commission on research and innovation in the EU:
    • Smart Specialisation (S3) Platform
    • Innovation Union Information and Intelligence System I3S
    • NETWATCH (information platform on collaboration on R&D programs and transnational programs)
    • ERAWATCH (information platform on national, regional and European research and innovation systems, policies and programs in the EU and beyond)
Ministry of Justice, Paris, France

Deputy Head of Department for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

  • Trainer on PPPs and management of complex contracts
  • Management of multi-services and multi-technical contracts and Public-Private Partnerships for € 1.4 billion
  • Preparatory work of the annual finance law
  • Management of a team of 7 agents (lawyers, public procurement experts, technical experts) and animation of the network
  • Establishment of monthly results indicators to allow a comparative analysis of service providers
Prime Minister Services, Paris, France

Programme manager - Economic mutations & territorial competitiveness. Interministerial Commission for the Localisation of Economic Activities

  • Management of a national grant scheme for regional planning and industrial projects. Annual results: € 50 million of grants financed around 60 projects in France, to help around 10 000 jobs creation and stimulate economic activity to accompany an investment total of € 2025 million of investment and € 77 million in R&D spendings 
  • Introduction of green criteria (Grenelle "environment" law)
  • Contextual territorial analysis to help locating economic activities
  • Critical analysis of the projects at the light of the exchanges with local business partners (industrial and economy directorates, local development agencies)
Ministry of Justice, Paris, France

e-government Project Manager

  • Ministerial correspondent in the working group on e-government and State modernisation
  • Management and implementation of e-government projects for the Ministry of Justice: electronic archiving and electronic document management, telemedicine between prisons and hospitals, development of new IT services for citizens 
Thales IS, Paris, France

Financial Analyst

Consulting services in IT projects for capital markets and private bank (Credit Lyonnais Asset Management, Crédit Agricole Asset Management, Crédit Lyonnais Banque Privée)

Pro bono

2023: Mentor for students at Nova School of Business and Economics (SBE) Social Consulting

2022: YCL: Mentor for Youth Climate Leaders

2021: Ashoka. Mentor of the programme "Desafio Gulbenkian 25<25",  a joint programme between Ashoka Portugal and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. 

2020: Stone Soup Consulting. "Recipes for Impact": pro bono consulting for social impact

2010-2011: Association Droits d'Urgence, Paris. Pro bono lawyer. Access to law for migrants and right of asylum support.


University of Grenoble Alpes, France

Master's Degree in Development Economics and International Organisations for Development, cum laude

Master's thesis on the economic and environmental evaluation of the Panama canal 



Native speaker


C1 - Proficient speaker

Cervantes Institute DELE C1

Score: 92.08 / 100


C2 - Proficient speaker

Camões Institute DAPLE C2 - bom


C2 - Effective professional proficiency



Publications & Conference Papers

Sabrina Tomasi, Petra Szávics, Chiara Aleffi, Concetta Ferrara, András Márton, Nataša Urbančíková, Patrice Santos, Ana Ribeiro, Alessio Cavicchi, Oto Hudec (2022, accepted and under publishing). Drivers and challenges of RIS3-related university engagement. Insights from five European regions. Regional Science Association International (RSAI).   

Co-creation for policy: Participatory methodologies to structure multi-stakeholder policymaking processes (2022) - European Commission - Joint Research Centre & EIT Climate KIC.  Contributor.

Chair of the special session on "Smart Specialisation and Place-based Innovation Policies for Sustainable Regional Development in Islands and Remote Territories", 27th Portuguese Congress on Regional Science (APDR), September 2020 (Angra do Heroismo, Azores, Portugal).

Patrice dos Santos and Artur Rosa Pires (2020). Beyond conceptual limits of Smart Specialisation in remote, natural resource-led, low density economies: Endeavour “new imaginings” for Portuguese islands. Presentation at the 27th APDR Congress 2020 (Angra do Heroismo, Azores, Portugal)

Patrice dos Santos and Artur Rosa Pires (2019). Smart Specialisation Strategies for Blue Growth And Bio Economy In EU Outermost Regions by MIT Portugal Annual Conference 2019, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal.

Patrice dos Santos and Artur Rosa Pires (2019). Crecimiento azul y conocimiento científico sobre el océano en las estrategias regionales de innovación (RIS3) de las regiones ultraperiféricas de la Unión Europea: desafíos y oportunidades para Canarias, Azores y Madeira.  XLV Regional Studies Meeting - “Tackling with societal, technological and climate changes in peripheral territories” (XLV Reunión de Estudios Regionales 2019 (Universitat Jaume I, Castelló, Spain)

Patrice dos Santos (2019). Portugal's creative cities network: Braga, Barcelos and Amarante. 9º Congreso CEISAL 2019 Europa, América Latina y el Caribe: 1999-2019, 20 años de cooperación renovada. Presented for a panel on “Brazil’s creative cities: networking opportunities in Latin America and the Portuguese-Speaking world” (Bucharest, Romania)

Patrice dos Santos (2019). Transcontinental cooperation for innovation policies between the EU and Latin America: the example of EU Smart Specialisation. 9º Congreso CEISAL 2019 Europa, América Latina y el Caribe: 1999-2019, 20 años de cooperación renovada. Presented for a panel on "The EU-Latin American dialogue and the diversification of interregional cooperation". (Bucharest, Romania).

Patrice dos Santos (2019). Smart cities y gobernanza: Cambio medioambiental en América Latina y la experiencia de China. Opinion paper published on the website of the academic network REDCAEM. 

Patrice dos Santos and Artur Rosa Pires (2019). "Embracing innovation policy in natural resources-based remote economies. The case of outermost regions". Presentation at the 26th APDR Congress 2019 - Evidence-based territorial policymaking: formulation, implementation and evaluation of policy (Aveiro, Portugal)

Patrice dos Santos and Enrique Fernández Flores (2017). "La ferrovía transcontinental Brasil-Perú. Efectos sobre el medio ambiente, la desigualdad y el desarrollo territorial". Conference Paper "Segundo Seminario Internacional China y América Latina: Enfoques Multidisciplinarios", United Nations - ECLAC, Santiago, Chile

Javier Gómez Prieto and Patrice dos Santos (2017). Smart Specialisation in EU and Chile, challenges and opportunities. Towards a transcontinental policy learning dialogue methodology, JRC106872, Joint Research Centre, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

Patrice dos Santos (2017) La ampliación del canal de Panamá: ¿una herramienta para reducir las brechas de desigualdad? Conference Paper "Congreso FLACSO", Salamanca, Spain.

Co-author of the JRC Report on fairness (2017). What makes a fair society? Insights and evidence. JRC106087, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

Patrice dos Santos and Georgina Cipoletta Tomassian (2017). "Aspectos geopolíticos y económicos de dos proyectos de infraestructura para el desarrollo regional en América Central: los casos del canal de Panamá y del canal de Nicaragua", in América Latina en la órbita geoestratégica de China,  Pamela Aróstica y Sergio Cesarin editores,  Editorial Almaluz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Patrice dos Santos and Georgina Cipoletta Tomassian (2016). Geopolitical and economic aspects of two infrastructure projects for regional development in Central America. The cases of the Panama Canal and Nicaragua Canal: an opportunity for development in a post hegemonic era?, Conference Paper - 8th CEISAL Congress - European Council for Social Research on Latin America. University of Salamanca, Iberoamerican Institute, Spain.

Mark Boden, Patrice dos Santos, Karel Haegeman, Elisabetta Marinelli, Susana Valero (2016). Implementing RIS3 in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace: Towards a RIS3 tool box, JRC101739, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

Mark Boden, Patrice dos Santos, Karel Haegeman, Elisabetta Marinelli, Susana Valero (2015). European Parliament Preparatory Action: "Actual and desired state of the economic potential in regions outside the Greek capital Athens" Final Report, JRC98359, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

Mark Boden, Elisabetta Marinelli, Karel Haegeman, Patrice Dos Santos (2015). Bridging  thinkers and doers: first policy lessons from the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. JRC96584, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

Elisabetta Marinelli, Alexander Degelsegger, Katharina Buesel, Mariana Chioncel, Mathieu Doussineau, Karel Haegeman, Gérard Carat, Patrice dos Santos, Stephanie Daimer (2014). ERA fabric map, 2nd edition. JRC85302, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg



    • Designing a Multidimensional Poverty Index
    • Biodiversity Finance, Sustainable Finance
    • Gender Equality, Women's empowerment and Leadership in the Context of National Biodiversity Planning and Reporting

European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Climate-KIC

  • Green Bonds for Cities
  • Benefits of Sustainable Business Modelling

Acumen Academy

    • Designing for Environmental sustainability and social impact
    • Financial Modelling for the Social Sector
    • Human-centered design

University of Salamanca

    • International Relations of Latin America
    • Comparative Regional Integration

International Monetary Fund (IMF) 

    • Macroeconometric Forecasting
    • Debt Sustainability Analysis

The World Bank

    • Financing for Development
    • Public-private partnerships (PPPs): Bridging the Infrastructure Gap: How can Public-Private Partnerships Help Deliver Better Services?

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

    • New Trends in Trade Agreements in Latin America & the Caribbean
    • Management of Development
    • Public Private-Relationships Management
    • Problems and Policy Stability and Growth in Latin America
    • Leading Sustainable Development of Cities
    • Datalogy
    • Better pensions, better jobs: Towards universal coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Introduction to Managing Results for Development

Harvard University

    • Entrepreneurship and health in developing economies

University of Geneva

    • Management of International Organizations

Columbia University

    • Statistical Thinking for Data Science & Analytics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

    • Challenges of Global Poverty

Wharton - University of Pennsylvania 

    • Analysis of global trends for business and society

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)  

    • Summer school in marketing (grade A)

Francisco Gavidia University, San Salvador

    • Growth in the global economy

British Council

    • Migrants and Refugees in Education

University of the Basque Country

    • Local Human Development


    • ITIL Certificate in IT services management

Hertie School of Government 

    • Governance and Policy

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) 

    • Democracy and Public Decisions


  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • Fairness
  • Independence
  • Open-mindedness

Research affiliations

Member of the Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies (GOVCOPP), Research Group on Public Policies, Institutions and Innovation (PI2). University of Aveiro, Portugal 

Expert for REDCAEM (Red China y América Latina: enfoques multidisciplinarios) on economic development and environmental issues, Santiago de Chile

Ambassador for the Island Innovation Virtual Summit 2020 and 2021 on "Sharing knowledge for resilient, sustainable and prosperous islands worldwide"