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I have a deep appreciation for design and how we experience design through interaction. I have always been an advocate for the end-user, and I love building solutions that connect with their audience. Collaborating with a team to breathe life into a great design is what drives me!

Work History

In my eight years at MyWebGrocer, I've played a key role in strategically important projects - from rapid prototypes and social media applications, to enterprise-level e-commerce and CMS solutions. In my early years, I became known as the always reliable "UI guy", ready to chomp away at any work items thrown my way. More recently, I've grown into a development leader with many roles. In addition to project development, I create tools and process to support the development team, mentor other engineers, design application architecture and document development guidelines and best practices.



Sitecore Accelerator

Sr UI/UX Engineer at MyWebGrocer
  • Team leader of UI team working on new e-commerce platform
  • CMS-focused solution built on top of Sitecore
  • MVC Architecture with .NET 4.5
  • Mobile First Responsive Design with jQuery and Sass

Grocery Shopping Application v7

Sr UI/UX Engineer at MyWebGrocer
  • Team leader of group providing guidance to several other teams working in parallel
  • Integrated core features of our planning application into the Grocery Shopping application - creating a unified experience
  • Integrated a more robust CMS solution into the platform
  • Added support for handheld mobile devices

Grocery Shopping Application v5

Sr UI/UX Engineer at MyWebGrocer
  • Lead UI developer of the application re-write approved by prototype
  • Responsive Design with jQuery and Sass
  • Single Page MVVM Architecture with Knockout.js
  • Hypermedia REST services with .NET Web APIs
  • First international release

Advertising API Revamp

Sr UI/UX Engineer at MyWebGrocer
  • Developed a jQuery plugin to standardize and simplify the integration of Advertising API across our web properties
  • Created a web dashboard for training and debugging
  • Provided documentation and training to both the Development and Advertising teams

Storefront Prototype

Software Engineer II at MyWebGrocer
  • One of two lead developers of a small group
  • Tasked to find best solution to replace aging e-commerce platform
  • Objective was to gain buy-in for technical approach
  • MVVM Architecture with CSS-driven layout changes
  • Powered by Knockout.js and Sass/Compass
  • Met with such applause that it was quickly re-positioned as a sales tool

Facebook Circular Application

Software Engineer II at MyWebGrocer
  • Developer of first iteration
  • MVC Architecture with .NET 4.5
  • Responsible for release to first half-dozen clients
  • Created documentation that allowed the Operations team to take over release process

Social Grocery

Software Engineer at MyWebGrocer
  • Developed a series of prototypes to test viability of direct to consumer grocery solutions
  • Lead the expansion of the team and first iteration of the Social Grocery application which involved Twitter and Facebook social integration

Grocery Shopping Application v3

Junior Software Engineer at MyWebGrocer
  • Upgraded application theme with ability to support more varied designs
  • Worked closely with designer to implement updated UI designs

Shoprite from Home

Software Engineer Intern at MyWebGrocer
  • Used sFIR to provide customized fonts
  • Introduced jQuery to the company with presentation to Developement team post-release



B.S., Website Development and Design

Champlain College