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High energy and high integrity with innate abilities to quickly assess and drive business and operational excellence.


Perry A. Denning

CEO/COO/GM/Executive Management Consultant

High energy and high integrity with innate abilities to quickly assess and drive business and operational excellence.


SEMICOA Corporation | Celeritek, Inc. | Insilica | FyreStorm I  VLSI Technology, Inc. | Texas Instruments

Comprehensive executive leadership making effective transformational changes to effect superior management of technology, business, manufacturing, engineering, finance, projects, processes and systems. Demonstrated start-up level changes with energy,  accountability, results driven growth and performance.  Enabled partnership level relationships with agencies, universities and customers 

Capabilities and Skills

  • Team Leadership Mentoring & Coaching
  • Business Plan Development & Implementation
  • Environments of Collaboration 
  • Personal & Professional Accountability
  • Rapid Development of Customer Pipeline
  • Trust Relationships with Customer Companies
  • Organizational Development & Revitalization
  • Expertise in Strategic Planning & Start-ups
  • Architecture of Real-Time Processes & Systems
  • Consensus Management 
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Lean, Six Sigma 
  • Constraint Discipline Expertise
  • Manufacturing Facility Design & Construction
  • Semiconductor – Engineering / Manufacturing 
  • Operations / Supply Chain / consumer products
  • Total Quality & Total Cycle Time Coach

Highly successful skills at hiring and leading A+ people, inspiring a common vision forged through teamwork empowerment that brings businesses to new levels of efficiency, productivity, profitability and operating excellence.

An innate ability to quickly assess, analyze and evaluate by effective management measurements the constraints in any process or system thus enabling revitalizing change in business, manufacturing, engineering and financial systems.

Orchestration of entire start-up of business and all elements of remote site major manufacturing facilities. Abilities to control and mitigate capital intensive requirements, government and agency safety and environmental requirements.

Demonstrated innovation and business development practices to drive continuous improvement methodologies and controls focused on EBITDA performance and operational excellence.

  • Customer-Focused Leadership. Technically diverse and savvy leader who focuses both evolutionary and revolutionary R&D efforts on implementing “customer-centric” strategic planning to drive sustainable market presence and create customer driven solutions in the turnaround, rapid growth and start-up of mid-size corporations and divisions across the US, Asia and Europe.
  • “Best in Class” Practices. Highly adept at structuring and aligning organizations, instilling best practices, data driven management metrics, advanced IT & ERP/MES systems, quality, (Lean methodologies), total cycle-time (TCT), strategic planning, financial control and constraint modeling. Perceptive and skilled at insightful organizational restructuring. Held engineering and manufacturing leadership roles across every discipline in the high technology industry, raw materials to finished goods.
  • Established Vendor and Customer Relationships across Technology Industries. Built trust partnerships with companies that included Fortune 500.Outstanding at setting aggressive yet attainable goals, establishing the right measurements and building shared vision with the team to create a passion for success.
  • Customer-Focused Leadership. High growth Operational and Quality management skills in the turnaround, rapid growth and start-up of mid-size corporations and divisions of up to 1,000 employees across the US, Asia and Europe. Held engineering leadership roles across every discipline in the high technology industry.  High EBITDA growth management in cost sensitive markets.
  • “Best in Class” Operations. Highly adept at structuring and aligning organizations instilling best practices of management with metrics, advanced IT, MES & ERP systems, quality (Lean methodologies), total cycle-time (TCT). Skilled in strategic planning, financial control and constraint modeling. Data driven management style using comprehensive measurements and benchmarking.
  • Established Vendor and Customer Relationships across the Technology Industry. Built trust and service partnerships with companies that included Tong Hsing Electronics, TSMC, Chartered Semiconductor, Hitachi, ASE, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, SMH Grp., Amkor and Applied Materials.

Career  History: Creating Sustainable, Innovative Companies that Grow Shareholder Value


Semiconductor – Eng / Mfg / Operations / Supply Chain

Comprehensive know-how across all technologies and functional areas of process engineering including: Materials, Wafer Processing, Testing, Packaging & Assembly, and Quality & Reliability (TQM).

Expert manufacturing and supply-chain management of operational cost, budgeting (zero-base-control), cycle-time control (TCT), Lean Methodologies, Theory of Constraints (ToC).

• Lean, Six Sigma & Constraint Discipline Expertise

Trained & Demonstrated Skills in both operational & Business Process Flows, Statistical Process Controls, Contraint Management to establish a culture of Excellence establishing 'Best-In-Class' performance of High Technology. 

Mentoring and Coaching

Budgeting and Financial Control

Zero-base-budgeting and continuous monitoring with effective measurements frequently reviewed and acted on. 

Strategic Planning

Every organization has a 3-5 year strategy plan that is reviewed quarterly against effective metrics with positive accountability interactions to adjust when market & technology requires. 











,Executive Dashboard

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Work experience


Perry Denning & Associates, LLC
President 5-Years~ Executive & Technology Consulting   I established a consulting business advising clients on technology, business practices  and Quality.(active)  


Universal Semiconductor Technolgies Inc
CEO(USTI)., Start-up CEO as consultant I was contracted as CEO established business plan for RFIC R&D line & plant. Stopped (funding)


Semicoa Corporation
Chairman Promoted to Chairman and hired new president.  Decided to take contracted exit from role returning to TX.


Semicoa Corporation
COO/President,(Start-Up) 2-Years~ Space Grade Discrete Devices Restored my management Team after divestiture and re-acquisition.  Led recertification as Space Quality supplier, rebuilt revenue from zero to $20M with +EBITDA in first 9 months.

Acquisition Advisor

VSC Private Equity 1-Year~ Private Equity Investment Company
Acquisition Advisor, I led PE forced divestiture of Semicoa with DoJ/DoD from Microsemi with my prior defense customers.


Semicoa Semiconductor Corporation
CEO/President America, Inc 2-Years~ Space Grade Discrete Devices Completely restructured operations and sales achieving 20 year high revenue and EBITDA, executed restructuring, eliminated 6-month delinquency backlog, reduced cycletime by 50% for Space products.

Managing Director, Perry

Perry Denning & Associates
Managing Director,-. These contracted consulting roles ran concurrent with role of CEO of USTI, a Chinese start-up providing assessment and advice on business development, customer and employee relations, technology, operational efficiencies, change & project management.  Partial list of consulting projects:  USTI, assessment of E&A site selection, assessment of Facility Design, review of Silicon and RFIC Manufacturing processes, assessment of engineering staffing expertise, best practices review including ERP/MES systems, acquisition & reinvestment strategies for VC & PE.

President & COO

Semicoa Corporation
President & COO

Acquisition Advisor

DoJ/DoD-Vance Street Capital
Acquisition Advisor to LLC

President and CEO

Semicoa Corporation
President and CEO-  CEO, led the turnaround of privately held Semicoa in an 11 month run up reversing negative EBITDA & achieving 39 year high in revenue and profit, effectively doubling the evaluation value of the company.  We revitalized sales, quality & operations, increased critical staffing, created new  Terms & Conditions of sales, implemented“ Lean” and“ TCT”, eliminating constraints. We identified and corrected the business and operational constraints creating continuous improvement action plan that enabled historic growth focused on core capabilities and strategic new product development through customer service focused execution. We increased GPM from 36% to 68%; eliminated 6-month delinquent customer deliveries and replaced the archaic ERP and implemented true MES. We instituted financial budgeting/control with strict operational disciplines and forecasting.  We grew company's revenue from prior historic high of $11M to $14.7M and profit EBITDA to a record $3.3M in an 11-month correction. We created a new strategic plan aiming at $20M+ in the following year. In 2008, owners suddenly sold to competitor MicroSemi. Customers acted immediately aided by DoJ and DoD in a forced divestiture for re-establishing an independent SEMICOA with my management team.


Celeritek, Inc
In, with my guidance, Vance Street Capital acquired all the assets with customer sponsorship at DOJ & DOD. I worked as an advisor on the SEMICOA acquisition and in was named President of the newly re-formed SEMICOA. We rehired 70% of the staff and completely rebuilt the decimated Semicoa operations, financial and sales organizations.  We invested capital from PE in a series of cycles, restaffed financial, sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing functions and re-establish MilStd certifications required before sales could be booked. We developed and launched two Rad-Hard product lines with 6 quarters of rapid growth $6M to $22M/Yr. I was promoted to Chairman in by the PE director.  I left and started my consulting business close to my grandchildren.., Santa Clara CA -Publicly-traded RFdevice & systems Company with three divisions: (antennae, RF Systems and RFIC consumer products);~ $90M in annual revenues; acquired in 2003 by Hedge Fund.

General Manager and Vice President Rfic

Semiconductor Division.
General Manager and Vice President RFIC I established a new RF semiconductor Divisional Consumer Product Business unit.  I established the leadership enabling B2B sales and volume manufacturing capabilities. I took an archaic laboratory scale GaAs RFIC Fab and die-sales only environment into a high-volume production, high-growth technology business, winning large volume contracts with companies that included Motorola, Mitsubishi, Rockwell and Ericsson. I established and negotiated a game changing material cost reduction through MOCVD/MBE supplier partnership. We Built and led a team in developing disruptive InGaP hi-tech process technology for commercial power amplifiers   We executed a second round financing investment raising $110M. We were subsequently acquired and sold.


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