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Peter Dickinson MBA, MSc(Eng), CITP, CEng, MIOD

Non-Exec Director | Business Coach | Digital Specialist


Looking to kick start growth in your business? Looking for a non-executive director, high growth business coach and digital specialist who has worked with over 400 companies across a wide range of sectors to help you towards the financial freedom?

Experience and Proven Accessible Approaches to Strategy

Peter has worked with over 400 businesses across many sectors over the last 18 years to help them achieve the growth needed to get them to their goals. Over that time Peter has worked with a number of frameworks for growing companies and now has a proven process for developing and implementing strategy. This framework is backed up by well-respected management experts and all the knowledge and techniques are available through books and free online tools.

Digital Marketing Director

Peter, working with his daughter Charleh, has evolved KUB into being a hybrid digital marketing agency. What is a hybrid agency you may ask? With Peter's coaching background and the recognition that sometimes people have the capability but just need training, Peter has developed KUB so that you can be trained to do it yourself or KUB can do it for you or as a mix of both. Peter is currently developing online training courses so that KUB is not limited by geography. See

Business and Value Proposition Development

Peter runs strategy workshops for companies taking business owners and decision makers from why they are in business, capturing their value proposition, looking at how they can make their competition irrelevant, capturing their strategy on a single easy to understand chart, developing their business model on a single page and then developing a simple to understand strategy implementation plan that can be used to drive change. He was a co-creator of "Business Models for Teams"

Digital Marketing Management

Peter has helped a number of companies over the years with their digital marketing as their digital marketing advisor/coach. He has evolved a process that looks at your digital marketing as a system. This means looking at what works for a particular company and helping them to implement the right approach for them and their market. Using professional tools Peter is able to quickly see what is working and what isn't and advise on appropriate actions.

Extensive Network to get you to the People who Matter

Peter has access to wide network both personally and through 30,000 LinkedIn connections  which means Peter can usually get to the right person.


Offshore sailing (Coastal Skipper), Sea kayaking (4 star), Skiing, Cycling, Swimming

Work experience

Jun 2001Present

Founder & Managing Director


Peter Dickinson is the founder and managing director of KUB. He is responsible for strategy, finance, project management, coaching and technical support.

KUB currently has 4 members of the team covering, web development, content writing, social media, video, email marketing, LinkedIn lead generation, SEO/PPC and digital marketing project management including analysis and reporting.

Peter has worked with a wide range of companies. Also worked on government programmes such as GrowthAccelerator & now BOOST for Lancashire based businesses. These companies included web retailers, software houses, specialist construction sub-contractors, telecoms, veterinary surgery, fuel forecourt services company, metal fabricator, manufacturers, law firms, legal tech, temporary swimming pool provider, specialist PR company to name but a few.


Co-founder & Director

Designed2Eat Ltd

Designed2Eat supplied healthy treats both on-line and through retail. It had its own products as well selling related products by others.

The on-line system used Shopify and bought in apps to provide sophisticated system where the trade and consumers could place orders. 



Great Sankey High School

Member of the board of Governors at Great Sankey High School to bring business experience to help them on the journey to becoming a Multi-Academy Trust so that they can build on their reputation as an outstanding school (OFSTED 2010).  


High Growth Business Coach

Winning Pitch

Government sponsored programme Peter was a registered and approved Growth Coach for a Government back programme called GrowthAccelerator. 

Peter, through coaching helped business owners with leadership development, strategy, marketing including social media and digital, sales, product/service innovation and development, customer service, operational excellence, technology and organisational structure.

Aug 2005Jul 2013


E4A Ltd

E4A provided team building and group problem solving by providing enterprise challenge days to 11-19 year olds. Used a network of self-employed professional mentors. Products included an innovative Enterprise Jigsaw, Posters, a range of easy to understand Business Basics books. Peter is a co-author on all 5 books. Government funding was withdrawn and so the project was concluded.

Jun 2001Mar 2006

Self-employed Business Advisor

Business Link Advisor

Provided business advice, coaching and specialist IT and digital marketing to over 250 businesses in East Lancashire. These businesses were in a wide range of sectors including engineering, manufacturing, technology, the care industry and farming.

Facilitated two large networks of companies. The Digital Alliance was a network of about 85 digital companies in the North West. The Advanced Manufacturing Group was a network of about 80 manufacturing companies in the North West. 

Oct 1999Mar 2001

Managing Director

Effluents Services Group

The Effluents Services Group supplied waste management solutions to industrial customers and had 3 divisions: Transorganics, Industrial Waste Management and Marine. Budgeted turnover was £4.5m, £2m and £230k respectively and the Group employed 90 people in total. Called the receiver as a direct result of the major loss in turnover caused by the Foot and Mouth crisis. Worked with the Group as an independent consultant from 1994. In July 1999 drastic action was required after the departure of the Managing Director and then General and Sales Managers for Transorganics. Appointed General Manager for Transorganics in the July and then Group Managing Director in October 1999.

Jul 1999Sep 1999

Interim General Manager

Transorganics Ltd

Transorganics was the leading land spreading contractor in the UK recycling industrial waste to agricultural land for the benefit of the environment. I was Interim General Manager as the permanent Sales Manager, General Manager and Managing Director were no longer with the company

Mar 1994Sep 1999



ADSOFT provided consultancy services to local businesses. Initially helping businesses implement technology, it developed into providing business consultancy. 

Aug 1990Feb 1994

Project & Product Manager / Consultant

Silkmoth Ltd

Project managed bespoke software development. Product manager for two of the companies own software products and IT consultant.

Dec 1986Jul 1990

Scientist/Systems Designer

Shell Research Ltd

Systems Designer included developing a network of Sun workstations and co-ordinated a self-help group of scientists. Developed scientific models and systems and provided post implementation support.