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M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Art
Goddard College-2010

in Illustration with a Double Minor in Art History & Drawing

Maine College of Art-2006


I am a passionate artist and educator with a vision for developing lasting art, media and design programs. That passion is seen in my connection with students, collaboration with colleagues, and the creative work produced in my classroom.
I have 17 years of experience as a visual art faculty member.  I am a Practicing Visual Artist.  I have a background as a Summer Programs Director and as an Education Director at a Non-Profit Art Center.  I have built, managed and developed programming for Maker-Spaces at Independent Schools throughout California.  

Art has the capacity to create meaningful change in our communities.  I encourage students to find their own voice and style in the work they create.  Art is a social practice that can advocate and foster themes of social justice, equity, innovation and change.  I design art courses to have a broader global view of art history and contemporary art. Everyday I am fulfilled growing, learning and creating work alongside students.

Work experience

Visual Arts Faculty

I led elementary and middle school visual art classes and a 6th grade advisory.  I developed interdisciplinary Art classes where students can meet projects where they are and find voice and choice in the work they are creating.  I created innovative art and design electives in the middle-school. I support graphic design and illustration students to create a student-designed yearbook.  I made pathways for colleagues to collaborate and connect academic work to studio art projects.

Visual Art Department Head

I developed visual art and design curriculum at a charter high school.  I built the program on a foundation of courses using the principles of art and design. I scaffolded student's success developing high quality work by demonstrating techniques and modeling discipline. My courses gave students the opportunity to enter projects where they are and have a voice in designing projects as they created their own pathway with project based learning.  Studio projects all had context to Art History and Contemporary Art.  

Visual Art Faculty & Maker Space Manager

I led the Visual Art Program developing for middle and high-school students. I led foundation art course work and specialized electives. I integrated emerging trends in new media and design thinking pedagogy into all my course work. I supported students one on one as a coach and led a life-design core class. My work covered many aspects of visual art, design, and support for students who were interested in pursuing careers in the arts. I worked to create student portfolios and supported and partnered with faculty members as they developed curriculum in the MakerSpace at ATI.

Visual Art Faculty & Maker Space Manager

As a founding member of a Progressive High School, I designed courses that shaped all aspects of student's visual art studies at the High School level. I led Drawing, Painting, Animation, Film, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Design Thinking, Digital Arts, and Critical Theory classes.  At the K-8 campus, I supported the teaching and learning in the Maker-Space with design-thinking pedagogy, practices and projects. I supported outdoor education trips, exhibitions, community events and worked with the Social Innovation Program to create design and visual art projects in the larger Los Angeles community.

Breakwater School-Portland, ME
December 2017August 2018

Summer Program Director

As the director of a Summer Program, I designed all courses, events, and trips.  I managed the overall pedagogy and budget of a summer program at a small progressive school.  I led morning meetings and was the point of contact for parents, students, and staff.  I led faculty meetings and supported teachers in the classroom and led fun community events and activities.  I designed all collateral materials and created creative marketing projects that drove interest and enrollment to the program.

Digital Art Faculty

I led courses in Animation, Film, Digital Photography, and Design Thinking at a 7-12 Visual Art Program at an Independent School. I assisted the admissions office in directing films for prospective local and international students. I curated and ran a student film festival at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. I led a ninth-grade advisory period and assisted teachers with the use of 3D printers and emerging trends in technology.

Visual Arts Faculty

I was a leading faculty member at a residential arts program and working farm at a progressive boarding school. I led course work in Illustration, Animation, Printmaking, and Self Publication at a summer arts program for students ages 13-17. I organized and facilitated the faculty gallery exhibition. I led community events and presentations and served as an educator and mentor.  I transitioned the program online during the pandemic and continue to carry the ethos of the Putney School into my teaching practice.

K-12 Visual Art Faculty

I implemented emerging trends in New Media and technology into lesson plans and balanced digital and traditional mediums and techniques as a K-12 Art Teacher. I led a 7th grade advisory period and a graphic design class that oversaw the production of the school yearbook. I worked closely with primary classroom teachers to create lessons that have context and application into student's classroom learning. I served as a mentor to upper school students leading classes in illustration, animation, photography, film, graphic design, 2D, Art History & Drawing.

K-8 Visual Art Faculty & Innovation Lab Director

I led visual art workshops for K-8 students. I managed the Innovation Lab working with emerging trends in New Media and Design. I led after school Art and Design Programs. I worked as a web designer and supported communications and development projects. I organized a student gallery exhibition in support of the work at the Coastside Land Trust in Half Moon Bay, California.

Vail Mountain School-Vail, CO
August 2012June 2013

K-12 Visual Art Faculty

I was a full-time Arts Faculty at the Vail Mountain School teaching K-12 Visual Art courses. I was also a 6th-grade home-base teacher and worked with the communications office on web design and social media projects. I taught digital art, animation, and AP art classes integrating emerging trends in new media with traditional mediums and practices.

Neshobe School-Brandon, VT
September 2013October 2013

K-6 Visual Art Teacher

Full time teaching Artist in Residence at a Kindergarten through Sixth-grade primary school in Vermont during the month of September in 2013. I led workshops in Animation, Printmaking, Drawing, and Illustration.

Chaffee Art Center-Rutland, VT
March 2010January 2011

Education Director

During my time at this position, I have worn many hats, as a liaison of all the educational programming. I developed programing that continues on today.  I supported grant-writing projects as I brought my vision to create a inclusive art program in my local community.  Serving as the graphic and web designer, I helped to facilitate web and press projects. I had the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse group of artists on a curatorial, administrative, and educational capacity.

Arts Instructor

I worked with elementary students on animation and graphic novel workshops. Students worked together to explore trends in new media, stop motion animation, and illustrating a visual narrative.

Can Serrat-El Bruc, CT, ES
March 2009May 2009

Artist in Residence

Residential Support Scholarship in El Bruc Spain at Can Serrat international artist residency. I created a graphic novel with writer Devan Schwartz titled Beckett’s Nexus. The graphic novel was loosely based on the Guernica bombing, Picasso’s Mural, and a character’s thoughts of reincarnation.

Heron Dance-Monkton, VT
July 2009September 2009

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer at a small publishing company in Monkton, Vermont

Teaching Assistant / Intern

During this summer I was a teaching assistant to faculty and staff and supported the work of inspiring educators, cartoonists and artists. It gave me valuable experience about the history of narrative practices and gave me an opportunity to help support a wonderful summer program as a teaching assistant.

TEaching Philospophy

Foundation courses 2-D, 3-D, Drawing, Art History & Critical Theory are an essential ingredient to an academic and personal journey into any Art Practice.  A comprehensive understanding of Art History both past and present gives the artist’s work context.  I plan all my studio course work to adhere to clear guidelines, technical support and classroom critiques. Exploration with form and content, in most cases is a Non-Linear learning process. Establishing clear goals and guidelines helps to organize the expectations I have of students and the expectations they have of themselves.

It is inspiring when my students become passionate and engaged in the work they are creating. Exposing students to different approaches, new materials and ways of expressing themselves gives the student the tools and critical discourse needed to create their own definition of Art.

Thoughtful exploration of traditional 2-D, 3-D & Drawing techniques as well as an understanding of Art History and contemporary art empowers students to be insightful and establish their own path as an Artist.

I want students to leave my class excited about what they are learning, and eager to push the boundaries of what they thought they were capable of in the next class and beyond.

Technical Skills

-Comprehensive understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, strong understanding of layout and design for both print and web material.

-Experience cultivating databases as well as proven leadership with marketing and fundraising efforts for Non-Profit organizations. Proven leadership working as an administrator and faculty member organizing workshops and gallery exhibitions.

-An interdisciplinary approach to Printmaking techniques. I use green printmaking materials, my creative practice centralizes around a passion for printmaking, drawing and Art History.

-Strong interpersonal skills in both managing gallery shows, as well as implementing visual art education workshops for adults and children. Proven leadership experience managing arts workshops and instructors, teaching experience in many different techniques and practices.

-Experience with narrative forms and contemporary illustration approaches.  Teaching skills leading digital and traditional animation techniques for students K-12.

-Design Thinking and experience developing an Innovation Lab space and curriculum in a K-8 independent school.


Big Sky Bakery- Group Show: Recent Landscape Drawings -2002 (ME)
Portland Public Market- Solo Exhibition2004 (ME)
*Free Street Tavern- 
Group Exhibition- Recent Etchings2005 (ME)
Five Town Massive- 
Group Exhibition & Multi-Media Presentations2006 (VT)
Putney School Faculty Gallery Show-
Etchings and Children's Book2007 (VT)
*Goddard College Gallery Show- Recent Printmaking and Illustration Work-2008 (VT)
*Goddard College Gallery Show- 
Illustration Group Show-2009 (VT)
Can Serrat International Art Residency-
Beckett's Nexus Graphic Novel Process Exhibit and Presentation-2009 (ES)
*Chaffee Art Center- 
Summer Member's Show2010 (VT)
Chaffee Art Center-
Death of the Pain Body Installation2012 (VT)
Firefly Collective Gallery- Artists & Grief Exhibition- 2012 (VT)
*Putney School Summer Faculty Exhibition- 2011-15 (VT)

           -2011-Graphic Novel-Beckett's Nexus
           -2012-Charcoal Boy Installation
           -2013-Honto's Cave Installation
           -2014- Aquarius Installation
           -2015-Animation, Multi-Media, Recent workH

Brotherly Advice-SF MOMA: Featured Work -2019

Hotel Capri-SF MOMA: Featured Work -2019

Mindful Art Exhibition: Mangalam Art Center, Berkeley California-2019 (CA)

De Young Open: "What Remains of the Dawn Land" Oct 2020- Jan 2021

Sacred | Mundane Solo Show: Chaffee Art Center- March-April 2021

Turning Point School: Art Faculty Exhibition: Sept. 2021.- Jan. 2021

La Luz de Jesus: Everything But the Kitchen Sink Exhibition: June-August 2022 (CA) 

FEAST: Group Exhibition at Starlite San Diego Curated by: Trash Lamb Gallery: Sept. 2022 (CA)

Lois Lambert Gallery: Solo Show- Sacred /Mundane   -  Nov. 12 2022- Feb. 11 2023

Less than an old pair of Centenaries III: Group Exhibition at Starlite San Diego Curated by: Trash Lamb Gallery: Nov. 2022 (CA)

Surreal Salon: Baton Rouge Gallery -Jan. 2023 (LA)

Fran Bull \ Peter Wallis: Chaffee Art Center-July 2023 (VT)

* = Curated Exhibition



Recent Work

Student Work