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Peyman Parvand - Computer Science




Science and Research, Tehran, Iran (Tehran SRBIAU)

Mechanical Enginnering


Pre University


Mathematics and Physics


High School


Mathematics and Physics

Honors and Awards

  • Appreciated by:
    1. The Foundation for  support of Iranian elites (F.S.I. NGO)
    2. The manager of high school for 3 years as an excellent student
    3. The manager of education and training in Tehran area 3
    4. The manager of guidance school
    5. Iran year winners magazine
    6. Guidance school monthly
    7. Alomtek company
  • Notice of appointments:
    1. Class representative
  • Interview with Farsnews agency about my inventions

Work Experiences

Jan 2013Sep 2015

I.T Expert

Parvand legal translation office

Publications and Presentations

  • Presentations:
    1. About designing and building of Audi R8

Extracurricular and Volunteer Experience

  • Volunteer fireman training
  • Compete in Origin - Destination demographics national plan for the mayor of Tehran


  • Listening to music (Soft Rock, Pop, R&B, Traditional, Mixture)
  • Playing musical instruments (The Electric Guitar, The Piano, The Violin )
  • Playing and doing sports (Tennis, Swimming, Physical Fitness) 
  • Watching series and movie (Action, Scientific, Drama, Thriller, Horror)
  • Surfing on the Net
  • Fixing faulty devices 
  • Driving
  • Help people
  • Writing ideas for my next inventions
  • Travelling to the different countries
  • Fashion and new clothes
  • Reading computer magazines
  • Technologies
  • Cars and airplanes


I have always been enthusiastic and interested in learning various sciences; therefore for this reason I selected Mechanical Engineering for my Bachelor degree course which is  the base for all Engineering fields. Now I have the intention to pursue my master degree course in the field of Computer Science at your University because I believe that I can design and create new devices through combination of these two professional areas.

Certifications and Licenses

  • Three Inventions:
    1. Intelligent device for cutting off electricity current on emergency cases
    2. Device for prevention of becoming drawn in waters in form of Intelligence system
    3. Electrical current element for melting snow on Automobile
  • Web design foundation course 

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of:
    1. Iran Heat and Cryogenic Engineering Scientific Association
    2. The Foundation of support of Iranian Elites (F.S.I. NGO)
    3. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Professional Activities

  • Nominated for the physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer Olympiads by high school and guidance school


  • Organic fluids and their application in the power production cycles designing

Additional Qualifications

  • Languages:
    1. Persian as a mother language  (Completely Fluent)
    2. English (Fluent)