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Work experience

Jul 2007Present


  • Management of the development of a LAMP based e-procurement system for a project funded by the World Bank.
  • Website development for a specialty motorcycle dealer in Sterling Virginia.
  • Developed XML solutions, data structure analysis and data transforms in support of the American Library Association.  Consulted on Website/Portal architecture for one of IMT’s internal websites.
  • Developed a process to automate news feeds being received by Keesings from the BBC
Apr 2010Present

Technical Design Manager

Bloomberg BNA


  • Leading the mobile development effort at Bloomberg BNA and acting as primary designer and project manager for all of Bloomberg BNA's mobile applications.
  • Developing designs to retrofit existing designs to work properly in a mobile environment.
  • Helping push the knowledge of how to build for a mobile environment.


  • Developing designs for applications that fall outside the scope of normal development.
  • Assisting with the adoption of technologies such as jQuery into Bloomberg BNA's development toolkit.
  • Developing reusable designs.


  • Assisting marketing with our mobile development push.
Nov 2008Apr 2010

Technical Design Consultant - Special Projects

  • Mobile Platform Research/Design - iPhone, BlackBerry, Kindle, etc...
  • Widget Design and Development
  • Researching the and suggesting methods of implementing TinyURL-like based solution.
  • Consulting on the use of Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media sites for professional delivery of information.
  • Leading design efforts on iPhone and other Mobile devices.
  • Designing and Developing prototypes for Kindle
  • Developing ADA/Section 508 Guidelines.
  • Developing SEO Guidelines.
  • Working on the Taxonomy team researching search engine capabilities for handling Taxonomy and Thesaurus based indexing and searching.
  • Researching alternative methods of video hosting.
  • Redesigning portions of existing internet publishing websites to employ modern design techniques and to simplify the user interface.
  • Working on Special Projects that require both technical, business and process knowledge.
  • Develop Whitepapers on ADA, SEO, Customer Feedback methodology.
  • Develop design specifications for use with development staff.
  • Reviewing RSS Requirements.
Nov 2007Mar 2008

Project Manager - Consultant

  • Worked closely with CSC and USCIS (US Customs and Immigration Service) staff to better understand requirements needed to define the life cycle.
  • Managed both directly and indirectly a team of over 30 developers, business analysts, architects, database administrators, and network administrators.
  • Actively participated in hiring and firing decisions.
  • Documented the specific milestones and delivered a highly detailed life cycle to minimize risk and lag time.
  • Analyzed risks that impacted development and suggested methods to increase the productivity of the development team.
Jan 1991Jul 2007

Director of Operations


2005 – 2007Director of Operations

  • Implemented Kayako SupportSuite to allow the GVPi help desk to more effectively track support issues and maintain a knowledge base for known issues.This allowed a Tier I support technician to handle 90% of cases, many of which were previously forwarded to development.
  • Planned and installed a VOIP system that allowed remote workers to use the GVPi phone system and saved GVPi several thousand dollars a year in phone usage.
  • Implemented server-based software to better manage servers and to be notified of any potential issues before they became critical.
  • Managed all development.
  • Managed all internet connectivity within GVPi.
  • Managed hosting facility for GVPi.
  • Minimized risk within GVPi by enforcing the sharing of process knowledge within GVPi.

2000 – 2005Director of Research and Development

  • Managed all development efforts within GVPi.This required managing multiple small to large internet implementations and maintaining adequate knowledge of each application.
  • Extended development methodology to streamline repetitive events and allow the customer to publish information without developer involvement.
  • Worked directly with customer in design requirements and as initial contact to help insulate the development team from the customer.
  • Researched alternative delivery methods, including WAP and Acrobat.

1995 – 2000Manager of Research and Development

  • Developed GVPi hosting service.
  • Implemented a content management solution for use within the GVPi hosting service.
  • Managed all development efforts within GVPi.
  • Managed design and development of SecureCenter and AlertCenter tools for use in GVPi’s hosting service.
  • Developed and standardized methods within GVPi to automate processing of customer information.This allowed fewer developers to work more effectively on more applications.

1991 – 1995Lead Developer

  • Developed CD-ROM based search applications.
  • Analyzed data and worked with customers to help provide better products.
  • Wrote applications to programmatically process data.
  • Researched methods to better install applications.
Mar 1990Dec 1990

Publishing Developer

Folio Corporation

 Manager of Publishing Services

  • Acted as direct contact for publishers using the Folio software.
  • Provided customer support to the publishers using Folio software.

Software Testing

  • Tested Folio Views application along with several tools to support Views.Many of the tools required me to give specific input that affected the design of the product.In this role I was known for the creative and completely out-of-the-box testing methods employed to test the applications.
  • Acted as test lead for the Folio development tool FSR.This required learning the full-text regular expression language used by FSR and suggesting to the developer ways to optimize the tool.
  • Acted as technical lead on documentation for Views 2.0 product.

Code Analyst

  • Reviewed and optimized existing source code within the publishing services group.
  • Developed tools for publishing services group.


Sep 1983Jun 1989

Bachelor of Sciences

Degree in Mathematics (emphasis in Theoretical Mathematics), also pursued interests in both sciences (Astronomy/Archeology/Computer Science) and humanities (French/Logic/General Humanities).


Mobile Development
At BNA I was given the responsibility for develop their mobile effort.  In this area I have become more like BNA's mobile evangelist in that I encourage the various BNA publishing groups to develop mobile applications.   In this position I have also spoken at the 2010 SIPA Conference in Miami and the 2011 Gilbane Conference in Boston.
Air Guitar
I just wanted to be a rockstar at something :).
OK, I don't think I'm that funny, but people around me think I am.  I think it's more due to the fact that I love life and the people around me, than to being actually funny.
Bicycle Riding
While I'm no Lance Armstrong, I'm also not riding a Huffy.  I prefer riding mountains to hills and much prefer riding hills to riding either into a headwind or riding flat roads (flat roads bore me, I need to have a challenge).  Despite what most people think, I don't ride up mountains so I can come back down fast, I ride up mountains because it's difficult, I come down fast due to gravity.
Realizing the Box Doesn't Need to Exist
Personally I believe many of the great and simple answers are located in the box and are ignored for that reason.  A few years back I decided the "box" posed a boundry for me that I didn't want to exist, so I got rid of it.
Out of the Box Thinking
In college I was told by a professor of Mathematics that he liked to save my work for last.  He had 13 students in a theoretical math class, he said that 12 of the students gave text book proofs, exactly what he was expecting, when it came to that last student, which was me, he said that reading the proof was exciting, because the proof was not text book at all, instead it was creative and exciting.
Customer Skills
Ability to expertly manage the customer and their expectations.  Ability to translate what the customer wants into language that the developers can understand and to communicate complex technical concepts into language the customer can understand.
Extensive knowledge of SGML/XML processing.  Use of Omnimark as an SGML/XML development tool.  Past experience has included DTD development, data analysis, SGML/XML processing to a presentation based markup, such as HTML.
Network Management/Architect
Developed Network Architecture for GVPi hosting center.  Mentored the Security Lead at CSC in how the CSC based network we were using was set up and how security needed to be reviewed.
Workflow Automation
18 years of experience in developing processes to eliminate human interaction in the processing of data for electronic publishing.  Assisted CSC in lessons I learned to help streamline some of their data warehouse systems.
Electronic Publishing
18 years of electronic publishing experience.  I worked on the first professional e-publishing products to use CD-ROMs and the Internet.  I have been developing internet based sites and portals since 1995.
Systems Architect
Development and design of systems that securing data within an electronic publishing site.  Some of the data was secured to the document level.
Project Manager
I have been managing development teams and projects since before 1995.  Some of the projects were simple, some were very complex, all had the same thing in common, the need to understand how to pick up new concepts and to properly manage people.


William Sisolak

Phil Ramsey has an intense work ethic that permits him to remain tightly focused on a task from its inception through to successful completion.

Paul Mecham

Phil is incredible! Most people think inside the box, few can think outside the box but very few don't see a box. Phil is one of those few. He is also very, very dedicated to his job. He's the type of person that will wake up at 4:00 AM and start work and go until 6 or 7 at night. His mind is always working on a solution for any problem you throw his way.

Peter O'Donoghue

Phil is an absolute pleasure to work with. He picked up project managing a very large program for a US federal government client very quickly and was a fantastic asset for us. His client skills and people management skills are excellent. He is very strong technically, is committed to the very end and I'd work with Phil again in a heartbeat.

Work Samples

Technical Skills

  • Project Management, Systems Architecture, Electronic Publishing, Content Management, Access Control, Workflow Automation, Network Architecture, CMMI, Taxonomy.
  • COTS Integration, Custom Software Integration, Software Development Life Cycle, ITLM, Content Management, Interactive Website Design/Development, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Web Services.
  • Proficient in SQL, ASP, .NET, C#, XSLT, Pascal, JavaScript, Omnimark, InstallShield, PHP, Regular Expressions (AWK, SED, GREP, etc...), DOS Batch.
  • XML, SGML, DTD, HTML, PDF and Folio Views 2.x to 4.x.
  • DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, VOIP, VPN and other standard Internet protocols.
  • IIS, Firewalls, Switches, KVM, Rack-Mounted Networking Environment, Dell Open Manage, MDaemon e-mail server, Symantec BackupExec, and Symantec Antivirus Corporate edition.
  • Windows 3.X to Vista, Windows Server NT to 2003, OpenBSD, Linux, Mac OSX.
  • VMWare Virtual Server, Microsoft Virtual Server, Remote Desktop, UltraVNC.
  • Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office 1997-2007, Oxygen 8.0, Photoshop CS3, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes.

Major Achievements

Bloomberg BNA – Technical Design Manager – In this position I am responsible for Bloomberg BNA's mobile development effort and assisting with projects that are out of the standard development effort, usually projects that require technical understanding of what can be done vs what is currently done.

Bloomberg BNA – Technical Design Consultant – The Bureau of National Affairs (Bloomberg BNA) is a best in class legal publisher, focusing on legal and government publishing.  Bloomberg BNA currently hosts over 150 separate websites on 3 different platforms.  Currently acting as a website designer that has both development and business knowledge, analyzing existing sites and developing methods for handling Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/Section 508 Compliance, researching and suggesting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, methods of better handling video delivery, mobile platform design, and reviewing requirements and delivering functional prototypes for product design.  Developing whitepapers and design documents for management and developers.   Interfacing with both onsite and offsite development staffs to ensure adequate understanding and proper implementation of design requirements.  Reviewing data requirements and ensuring current SGML structure supports design enhancements, working with data team to ensure compliance to design. 

CSC – SDLC Development – Development of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) model for the USCIS VIS program.  Experienced in both CMMI requirements of CSC and ITLM requirements, working alongside CSC developers, business analysts, QA analysts and all USCIS stake holders. Contributed to CCBs, at CSC, USCIS and DHS. Development of lifecycle included account infrastructure upgrades, development, testing, documentation, scoping, requirements development and all ITLM milestones. Risk analysis and development of SDLC resulting in reduction of lag time from over 1.5 months to 1 week.

CSC – Project Management – Acted as Project Manager for the VIS Program. Represented CSC in executive meetings with the customer and chaired meetings both with the client and CSC staff.  He managed a group of over 30 Developers, Business Architects, Technical Writers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Network Administrators.

VIS consists of two applications, E-Verify and SAVE.  E-Verify, a large government portal, is designed to handle employment authentication for every new employee within the United States.  SAVE, a companion to E-Verify, ensures proper access to services provided by the US Government, SAVE is a key tool in the implementation of the Real ID act.  Together E-Verify and SAVE have the potential of affecting everyone in the United States. 

GVPi – Content Management – Implemented a content management solution for GVPi.  This required working as development, network administrator, system architect, project manager, and research leads.  Developed sites for the top legal, scientific, educational and code publishers in the country.  Much of this required unique approaches to digital rights management, data processing, site design and integration with backend order fulfillment and production systems. 

GVPi – SecureCenter – Designed and managed the development of SecureCenter for GVPi.  SecureCenter is a DRM (Digital Rights Management) application developed for use in GVPi’s online hosting solution.  This required knowledge of user access methods and customer requirements for selling their digital information. 

GVPi – Hosting Center – Designed and implemented the hosting center used by GVPi.  This solution was required to support millions of users a month.  For this project a budget was developed, hardware and software acquired, and a hosting center contract negotiated.


Highly skilled IT professional delivering mobile and internet based content management solutions. Extensive experience in innovative publishing solutions for top legal, educational, and standards companies worldwide. Critical management of development teams and products from concept to completion. Maintained systems, developed processes, enforced quality assurance plans, designed applications for data delivery, digital rights management, end-user tools, and alert management software. Designed, implemented and managed a successful internet hosting service.

A results based individual specializing in analysis and streamlining of processes/workflows resulting in the seamless operation of future development cycles. Excellent interpersonal skills at all levels of corporate hierarchy, adept at maintaining key relationships.Recognized for creative and out-of-the-box techniques that deliver simple and elegant solutions to complex problems.


  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Mountain West
  • Mathematics in Art
  • Archeology
  • Anthropology
  • Astronomy
  • New Technology
  • Challenges!

Positions Held

  • Project Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Systems Architect
  • Development Lead
  • Application Designer
  • Developer/Programmer
  • SGML/XML Guru
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Application Testing
  • Customer Service
  • Director of Research and Development

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