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A vision driven entrepreneurial spirit with strong focus on results and a mission to meaningfully uplift people's lives. My experience has taught me how to delve deep into problems and solve them most effectively by uncovering root cause.

Core Skills

  • First Principles Thinking
  • Problem Solving 
  • Attention to Detail
  • Active Listening & Learning
  • Time Management & Prioritisation
  • Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Spoken Communication
  • Coordinating with Cross-Functional Teams

Work History

AUG 2016MAY 2017

Co-Founder, Product

Levelz aims to automate the various workflows in a restaurant business - Order Service, Kitchen Flow, Inventory, Marketing - using technology to improve efficiency and improve customer experience in local restaurant businesses.

Key responsibilities:

  • Defining company's long-term vision
  • Defining and managing core product experience
  • Sales - to develop deep understanding of customer problems
  • Hired multiple key team members

Key results achieved:

  • 5 paying clients for Digital Menu
  • 20 paying for Automated Marketing product
  • 98% Digital Menu coverage index in top-performing venue
  • Avg. Menu repeat usage ~ 4

Product Demo -

Dec 2015July 2016

Associate Product Manager

Part of the core Product team at Goodbox. My role gave me the opportunity to work across departments, co-ordinating between BD, Tech, Marketing, Operations, and Data teams while staying on top of every funnel, and most importantly managing the end customer experience.

Key results achieved:

  • Improved business response rate to customers by ~2x
  • Reduced customer support tickets by >70%
  • Redesigned customer support funnel to capture 3x more data points, enabling deeper understanding of customer pain points
  • Increased transactions for key vertical, bill payments, by >2x
  • Implemented Universal grocery catalog with 10,000+ grocery products and >80% coverage
  • Improved core search experience by refining algorithm to reduce irrelevant results
  • Delivered key insights to Sales team to re-target cold businesses, acquire new businesses using area-wise coverage index
  • Redesigned chat interface to humanise consumer-business interactions
Sep 2015Nov 2015

Growth Hacker

Grew Jobspire from ~20 signups/day to ~1300 signups/day in a span of 2.5 months using a combination of:

  • Content Marketing - drove 4 million visits to Jobspire
  • SEO - 1st page rank for startup jobs related keyword on Google Search
  • Affiliate marketing (avg. CPA ~ Rs 13)
  • Facebook Adverts (avg. CPC < Rs. 3, avg. CPA < Rs. 15)
  • Google SEM (avg CPC ~ Rs. 10, avg. CPA ~ Rs. 35)
  • Doubled sign up conversion rate of homepage from 7% to 14% 
JAN 2015Aug 2015

Digital Marketer
  • Launched in-site Merchandising for homepage on desktop (10% of site traffic)
  • Used sales data to create system of deals/offers that drove over Rs 3cr GMV in a month
  • Increased home page engagement and deals CTR from 7-8% to average 15%
  • Worked with Google AdWords team to achieve 2x CTR for mobile app and Chrome Extension across search and display campaigns
  • App Store ASO for independent deals app that eventually drove 100,000+ organic installs over a span of 6 months



B.Tech in Electronics & Communication

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

CPGA of 7.75

Other Initiatives

  • Side Project: Breakfast delivery to office (AUG 2015)

Identified problem at my then workplace that employees would often come late, a problem that the founders wanted to tackle without applying pressure. Understood that offering free breakfast motivated employees to come early. Went from ideation to execution over 1 weekend, scaled service to 300 units/week within 4 weeks, achieving a net profit of ~12% on entire operations.

  • Started ManipalPhotoBlog - College Photo Sharing Community (JAN-JUL 2012)

The spark for the idea came when I realised that my talented photographer friend was too introverted to share his work, and such a platform would be perfect for him to gain exposure. 500,000+ views, 1000+ photographs,  5000+ member Facebook group, all organic in just 4 months.


  • Sharing my thoughts and experiences around self improvement in writing and videos. Have published my own VLOG series on Facebook around self-improvement that received >5000 views.
  • Host meetups of entrepreneurial minded people to discuss ideas and problems faced in their journeys, and arrive at solutions collaboratively. Have hosted multiple events in collaboration with BHive.
  • Reading books and orchestrating plays by myself or with others that allow me to delve deeper into the understanding of human psychology, why we do the things we do, how we think, and how does one influence the same.