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My career has been a more of a climbing frame than a ladder, never orthodox. I am a senior executive in the corporate world, but a strategist that executes in the new economy.  At its' most simplistic I want to mould and evolve the strategic foundation but also understand and constantly finesse what is at play in the market/field. I am a generalist with a depth of experience, and multi-industry exposure having worked both domestically and internationally.

In 2019 a life time friend and I founded a company with an eastern Iwi (Te Whānau-ā-Apanui) to build a Mussel Hatchery in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. This $40m project is at the funding stage based on the business case and strategic approach and has over 10 years of future indicative orders. The funding application sits currently with the PDU (provincial development unit) and will be progressed within Iwi moving forward. The build is planned for 2023


Expertise and Experience

Specific Expertise

  • Deep experience in Data Centre and in Tunnel Rail systems including the tender process and negotiation complexity to contract 
  • Construction Project process and protocol to contractual/commercial success. In 2021 our teamwon the largest building management system (BMS) in NZ and is the provider of in tunnel systems including Radio, Cellular and backbone. 
  • Service envelope for large complex projects with multi-decade life spans including lifecycle and enterprise asset management( EAM including ISO55000/1). 
  • Internet of Things complexities including radio to platform and new IoT messaging models for low and high power device management  
  • Development of complex web build/commerce execution with both a global and multi-language focus
  • Working with Iwi and Maori across multi Rohe and commercial enterprises. 

Global Expertise

  • End to end strategic authoring and managing change programmes across complex industries
  • Able to understand spectrums of technologies and evolve to product stage including full commercial models
  • Driving change with pace and manage multiple stakeholders from Boardroom down
  • Build strong teams rapidly and take multi stakeholders on the journey

                                                                                Honeywell case study. 

In three years in Honeywell, New Zealand won the Global Breakthrough Growth Award and in 2020,  two of my team including myself won the President's Award given to 103 of 71k global personnel. Honeywell New Zealand workforce increased 33% in 20/21 alone even through the effects of Covid-19.

Work experience

Pacific Leader - Data Centres, Transport and Airport

Jan 21 - Present

Predicated on a multi-million success in City Rail the vertical was set up across Honeywell Australia and New Zealand to take advantage of this success and also to rapidly expand the Security offering in Data Centres. This included partnering with Vertiv to complete a comprehensive offering from Energy to Building Management including Fire Systems.

  • On track to achieve +130% of operating plan
  • Successfully awarded core systems of X data cetnres currently being built in New Zealand

Head of Sales and Service

Honeywell New Zealand
June 18December 20

Honeywell NZ offered an opportunity to enter the IIoT environment, while running both their service team and also their sales team. Honeywell is extremely covert in New Zealand as it runs a number of large security projects, but its primary business is BMS (Building Management Solutions).

  • Managed a team of 46 across both service and sales
  • Grew the sales team from 2 to 7 in five months and about to launch singular approach into central government including Defence and a number of other Government fronts, to further bolster the Security, BMS and integration business model.
  • Evolving the business from project - service workflow to a newer project -  Life Asset and life-cycle management. This is currently managed in the Corrections space but will extrapolate as we grow. 
  • Moving to productise the approach and secure a path to a less guided and reduced time frame sale. This primary focus will be on software and Saas enablement. 
  • Managing the internal process around predictive services and the associated products.  
  • Have re-focused all 4 Honeywell agencies to ensure singular approach to market with every facet of the building and internal approach right through to predictive software. 
  • Extending our service sales team will build on this progress as we head for autonomous building and our ability to enable every part of this.

Director - Commercialisation and Product Smart Cities/IoT/Biometrics

NEC New Zealand
June 17June 18

Started with NEC and wrote a change business case and was promoted to deliver it within 8 weeks. 

  • Re-built both the core purpose of the Smart Cities and the Biometrics product base
  • Productised the Smart Cities product into Network, device, platforms (software) and visualisation approaches. 
  • Built all pricing models and also the full business and strategic plan to payback and applicable capex outputs. 
  • Developed the product approach for other channels extending the Smart Cities stack into core verticals and was working with NEC in 7 different Countries.
  • Partnered with Dimonoff and a number of global partners to develop a digi-mesh all of City platform and network including street lighting and other smart city assets. 
  • Developed core partnership programmes with 2Degrees, Auckland Council and a number of other government agencies both nationally and internationally. 
  • Managed ITS (intelligent Transport Systems) alongside Smart Cities 
  • Pipeline sitting at $NZXXM in March 18 with a long term plan in place at core councils. 
  • NEC globally re-aligned its Smart Cities teams into Iberia and Japan meaning that the New Zealand business was closed in August 2018. Japan requirement to run this start up in profit was fast approaching but decision was made to close regardless.

Head of Smart Cities/IoT

Spark Ventures New Zealand
Dec 2015May 17

Lead the Smart Cities approach and team, but quickly identified core vertical marketplaces. Given the mandate to deliver Spark Ventures quickest commercialisation and pathway to profitability. 

Working with an incredible technical resource we have

  • Built and tendered the overall strategy for IoT within Spark for the SLT (senior leadership team)
  • Evolved a network platform recommendation for a new network for low power devices (battery). Managed and wrote  the commercials and outcome for the SLT recommendation. 
  • Build all the consumer commercial modelling for the network matching this across the Sigfox and likely LTE entry approach. Directed Spark how to commercialise the network and compete in this new sector.
  • Implemented a build for Spark first software defined network for Farm Wi-FI. Market size identified as $XXXM
  • Evolved the Thingworx platform commercials as being fit for purpose and available for all parts of Spark to re-sell.
  • Worked with the  Spark Digital and Wholesale teams evolving the channel including multiple Board, Exec and Industry  presentations
  • Partnering - evolving these terms and conditions and managing the new world requirements of intellectual property (IP) and who will commercialise what. 
  • Developed with Uniservices the funding request to MBIE for a data Marketplace partnership over 7 years - first round approval

Spark Secondment - Energy Entry

Spark New Zealand
Jan 2014Sept 14

Seconded to run a discovery team to final recommendation for Spark to consider Energy market entry. 

  • Lead project through to final presentation to board
  • Ran in house team including all virtual assigned resources for project. 
  • Managed external partners including PwC relationship and outcome
  • Evolved core battery approach and in home approach for future product offering
  • Reviewed all Gentailers and new market entrants to build complex financial modelling and recommendation
  • Worked with EA on approach and likely market place shift
  • This project ran across the strategy team and included resource across core channels within Spark and was the stepping stone for a number of future capabilities/thinking surfacing only now. 

Head of Mass Market Retail

Spark New Zealand
Oct 2012Dec 2015

Bought into Spark to rebuild this channel. Total serviced storefronts including Mass market, Grocery, Route and Convenience number over 4000

  • Managing over 50% of the prepaid channel acquisition via Mass Market Retailers. Bought into Spark to re-energise this channel
  • Completely re-wrote all master trading terms and financial modelling. 
  • Newly won JB HiFi from Vodafone in March 14
  • Successfully launched Pay Monthly into JB HiFi and Harvey Norman and focusing on growing Pay Monthly and entering IPTV pay as you go marketplace with Lightbox and Broadband entry.  
  • Brought Vodafone and 2Degrees to the table and managed a consented entry for the three brands into the Grocery channel to create a combined channel to market for Telco services into Progressive and Foodstuffs Group. 
  • Management of the top-up pin system for all NZ top up points via electronic distributors. Circa $65M including new system deployment.
  • Total of 13 staff supported by this category
  • Then we re-branded from Telecom - Spark

National Sales Manager Consumer

LG Electronics NZ Limited
Oct 2011Oct 2012

I returned to Consumer Electronics to work for LG managing the commercial sales function. This role made me realise that often you can never go back!

This role had 4 direct reports and 7 indirect reports and comprised over 250 storefronts. 

  • Responsible for the sell in for both consumer physical/online storefronts and a broad set of commercial partners from Government through to private enterprise.
  • Strategic direction for all retail and commercial channels in cooperation with internal and offshore Korean management.
  • Tasked with ensuring that Retail sell in/sell out programme.
  • Responsible for all terms of trade and financial deliver to P&L

Online Manager

Tourism New Zealand
Jul 2009Sep 2011

After a successful presentation to the CEO and members of the Executive I was appointed to this position with the mandate to run the online team and also the complete re-build of the consumer site This site has over 12 million annual visits in 5 languages and 12 country editions.

  • Ran the re-build project of and all supporting databases which were unchanged for several years. 
  • Built using both scoped and agile practices.
  • Managed external relationships between Industry, Operators and Government partners.
  • Managed external contractors involved in architecture, content delivery networks, SEO, analytics and paid marketing to campaign level.
  • Wrote, prepared and delivered the presentations to industry partners and other government partners. 

Head of Region – EMEA

Fusion Electronics Limited (UK subsidiary of New Zealand Company)
Jul 2006Mar 2009

Reporting to the Chairman – Fusion Board New Zealand

This position was created to expand the company’s markets within the UK and Europe/Russia. In January 08 the role was expanded to manage Asia and the Middle East. The product line up included Marine electronics, Car audio and mass-market consumer electronics.

  • Expanded storefronts representing Fusion from less than 500 to over 2000 across Europe and the UK. This was done over a two-year period and included Europe’s largest retailers in these sectors.
  • Fusion EUA team expanded  with an 85% YOY growth in 06 - 07.
  • Managed new line up consumer offering to UK mass retailers including Tesco, Sainsburys, PC World, Amazon and DSG group (Dixons/Currys).
  • Successfully entered the marine marketplace in 08 with the establishment of 7 European distribution partners.
  • Migrated all warehouses to 3PL and outsourced the operation of these warehouses.

General Manager - Marketing

Sony esolutions b.v. Brussels – Belgium
Jun 2004Mar 2006

Reporting to the Director – Online Sales Sony Europe. Reporting levels included Vice President Europe and Sony Tokyo Senior Marketing on a monthly basis.

 17 country websites, utilising 5 languages.

  • Achieving targeted budgets for the period included revenue, GP, traffic volumes (both paid and unpaid), web conversion to invoice and inventory value/freshness.
  • Managed complex traffic modelling and grew web unique visits by over 65% YoY
  • Managed a team of 5 staff across the online platform and 5 staff across Marcoms, acquisition, retention modelling and product teams.
  • Turned around business from significant loss to profit.  
  •  Pioneered premium channel across  EU

Manager - Consumer Sales/Device

Vodafone New Zealand Limited
Sep 2002May 2004

Reporting to the General Manager of Consumer Sales

  • Managed the Consumer Sales Team with 500+ storefronts and the device team across Vodafone. This area of the business produced a combined turnover in excess of NZ$XXXm in FY03. 12 staff
  • The business generated over 50% of total connections for the Vodafone NZ business.
  • Renegotiated all device supplier contracts for +$5M gain
  • Rebuilt the retailer marketplace based on reworked financial terms of trade to re introduce significant Vodafone KPIs.
  • Re-built forecasting system delivering 97% accuracy


    B.Com - Dual Major

    University of Auckland
    Jan 1985Dec 1987

    Marketing and Management Studies - Dual Major (completed 2004 due to family death)

    University Entrance

    Auckland Grammar School
    Jan 1980Dec 1984

    School Certificate and University entrance both by exam - all subjects

    Interests, Awards and Achievements

    2021 Wrote and submitted to central Government the business case for Nre Zealands second only Mussel Hatchery as the foundation for a $300m Mussel Industry

    2020 Global Breakthrough Growth Award for Honeywell NZ and Global Presidents Award

    2018 Got my first scaled funding into Auckland City's LTP (Long term plan) for several million NZ$

    2017 Formed own start up business in chilled food sector on predictive household and realised the timing was too soon so                      parked it.  Tough to do but the best experience as a new entrepeneur. 

    2016 Just about got Spark into the Energy and Battery sector.

    2015 Created own investment business and currently mentoring numerous IoT start ups and approaches realising that I was lucky

    2014 Launched properly development company (subdividing 28 acres in Leigh. Rodney). 

    2013 Cycled South Island from top to bottom alone to win a bet. 

    2011 Appointed to lead opportunity to rebuild from scratch site in 4 languages/all databases which was the third biggest website in traffic terms after TradeMe and NZ Herald in NZ. Agile build with deep API  integration.

    2004 Completed Marketing Major and subsequently B.Com whilst working full time. 

    2003 Vodafone Leadership in Action - six month NZ/AU share leadership training.  

    2003 Global Leadership finalist - Vodafone Global Group. 

    Interested with passion in Property, Cycling and Technology but loves seafood and wants to deliver hatcheries that deliver this supply of protein back to all New Zealanders.