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Gamification consultant, with knowledge of psychology, HR processes, and design thinking.


I'm gamification consultant who is searching for job opportunities related with process' development and designing. As a people oriented engineer I understand the opportunities and challenges what digital tools involve. The good designing is the key for success.

I work as gamification specialist in Nokia to train key people and develop framework to implement gamification different kind of processes. I study social ethics as a major and psychology and psychiatric as minor in University of Helsinki, Finland. My wrote thesis about the gamification of cognitive psychotherapy.

I have work history as a gamification consultant and eLearning developer. Now I'm a member advisory board on Olento Games Ltd. I also write a blog on Writings are multidisciplinary, areas like philosophy, psychology, ethics, social psychology, business, marketing etc.

Work experience

Gamification Specialist

Nokia oyj
May 2015Present

Responsible for gamification training. Consultative role concerning gamification.

Advisory Board Member

Olento Games Ltd
Jan 2015Present

Responsible for gamification and cognitive perspective


Cloudriven Oy
Sep 2014Jan 2015

I was in charge of Cloudriven’s consulting services regarding gamification, eLearning and competency development.

Specialist in network communication

Kirkkohallitus / Finnish lutheran church
Jan 2012Aug 2013

I was project manager on a project of creating a new eLearning platform. I was leading the process and responsible of usability, testing process, and deployment into practice.

Web designer

Kirkkohallitus / Finnish lutheran church
Jun 2011Aug 2011

Web developing, content editing, and programming.


Master of Arts, Social ethics

University of Helsinki
Aug 2012Present
I'm focusing my studies on games, gamified solutions, psychology, and mental health. I'm specialized theories and/or solutions on eLearning, human resources, performance management, work motivation, and psychotherapies.

Bachelor of Arts, Social ethics

University of Helsinki
Aug 2009Jul 2012

Most of the studies were general, but on my BA thesis I focused on moral and how people justify their actions. My minor were psychiatry.

BSc in Media Engineering

Jyväskylä University of Applied Science
Aug 2003Dec 2009
My main subject was media engineering. Minors were managing and internet marketing.


Design Thinking

Developing human centered services

Motivating. Designing digital work environment.
Social ethics
Performance management. Bonus systems. Benefits.
Designing and developing.
Project Management
Technical and organizational.
Cognitive Modeling
Designing cognitive processes related with digital systems.
Design Thinking

Training of gamification and social psychologu topics. Creating e-trainings



University of Pennsylvania
Feb 2015Mar 2015

Verified Certificate: Statement of Accomplishment Given by Coursera, University of Pennsylvania, and professor Kevin Werbach


Miikka Kemppinen / Project Manager at Nokia Networks

My superior in Nokia.

Pho. 040 823 4746

Antero Törhönen / Business Director at Cloudriven Oy

Juhani is an enthusiastic and a creative mind and has the capability to grasp big concepts and ideas and put them into practice. He showed this skill at Cloudriven while applying his knowledge of gamification to different business settings. Juhani is also positive, humble and helpful as a colleague.

pho. 050 528 1678.

Sami Kallioinen / Chief of Web Communication, Church Communication Center

Juhani Vuoti osoitti työssään Kirkon tiedotuskeskuksessa erinomaista paneutumista verkkopalveluiden kehittämiseen ja suunnitteluun.

Pho. 050 378 0033.

Jaana Hallamaa / Professor of Social Ethics, University of Helsinki

 050 318 5655.

Peeter Lange / CEO of OlentoGames Ltd

 040 353 0243.


I'm blogging about gamification in You can check out the latest writings. Blog is unfortanutely only in Finnish.