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Mohamed Karim Hassanien

Senior Inspection Engineer - NDT LEVEL III SPECIALIST

 -BSc. of Production Engineering, Alexandria University with major of welding and metallurgy    
 -PCN Level 3 (MT,PT,UT,RT) - 326521 - from Lavnder International UK - Valid till 2019
 -ASNT NDT level III (MT,PT,UT,RT,VT) - 187350 - Valid till 2018
 -Authorized piping Inspector (570) - 45933 - Valid till 2016|
 -Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector (API 510) - 55984 - Valid Till 2017
 -CSWIP 3.1 - 685276 - Valid till 2020

Work experience

Professional Experience

Summary of Experiece

8 years and 8 months Experience in the field of mechanical inspection,Quality Control and NDT for in-service and new construction of oil and Gas plants  and Petrochemical Industries with total (4 Turnarounds,3 shutdowns, 3 Mega projects and 2 years on-stream inspection in life plant).

Area of Experience

    Inservice Experience

  • Performing internal, external, planned & unplanned inspections of all static equipment’s/facilities (Vessels, columns, , Separators, heat exchangers, tanks, etc. And piping’s) and to report the findings and recommendations through Corrosion and inspection management system.
  • Witnessing of hydro and pneumatic tests for static equipment’s and piping.
  • Inspection and witnessing of pressure relieving devices, calibration, testing and maintaining the records.
  • Recommend conventional and non-conventional NDT techniques for detection and reveal potential damage mechanisms.
  • Radiographic film interpretation through Processed films, Computed and Digital Radiography
  • Review the NDT inspection reports of static equipment’s, on-plot piping for any corrosion and recommend for repair, replacement or de-rating.
  • Maintenance of inspection records in an orderly manner for easy auditing and future reference by all concerned.
  • Familiar with Meridium Asset Performance Management (APM) software
  • Familiar with RoserConSys Turnaround managnment Software

Welding Inspection

  • Preparation of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) & Procedure Qualification Record  according to specs & codes such as (ASME IX,AWS D1.1, , and API 1104).
  • Familiar with following material Safurex,Duplex,Super Duplex ,Austenitic,Super Austentic SS , 16Mo3,SA-335 (P22,P11, P09),SB 209, SA-333,SB 163 ,SB 363.
  • Check the material certificates, heat number, material tractability and control.
  • Monitor performance of the welders thru regular Visual audit and interpretation of RT films as per the applied codes & standards
  • Inspection of welding activities before, during after weld production

QA/QC Engineer

  • Carry out Inspection during erection of piping spools, cylindrical Storage and sphereical tanks
  • Carry out Radiographic film interpretation
  • Reviewing the material certificates and the witnessing the tests conducted on the    incoming materials to ensure compliance with the project specifications.
  • Issuing Non Conformance Report (NCR) if material preservation and installations are not complying with the standard.
  • Witness and Inspection of Hydrostatic and Pneumatic testing.
  • Review scope of work as project requirements and coordinates Test Packages.
  • Involve in Join Walk Down with the client for line checking and punch clearing.
  • Coordinates with client regarding System Punch List & Discipline Punch List.


  • prepare, review and Approve Written Practice according SNT-TC-1A and NDT procedures in accordance with the requirements of ASME V, ISO 17640, ISO 17636, ISO 3452, BS EN ISO 17638 and other relevant documents.
  • Train, qualify, and examine the NDT personnel in accordance with company written practice.
  • Witness or performing UT-Shear wave for Critical joint or RT-Waiver Joints
  • Review NDT sub-contractors procedures, written practice and personnel certification documents to meet Clients/ Company requirements and recommend changes.
  • Discuss quality, safety and NDT deficiencies, specifications deviations.
  • Consult With Integrity team for Recommendation of proper NDE Methods.
  • Supervise demonstration examination for NDE procedure qualification 
Jun 2015Present

Inspection Engineer - NDT Level III


1- Seconded to RasGas limited Company- Integrity Engineering Section

  • Witness on calibration for Pressure relief Devices (PRDs)
  • Wintess on pressure Testing of All Mechenical Valves and Control Valves
  • Wintess on welding repair activies for piping and pressure vessel recommend by integrity engineers Selection
  • Advise on repair techniques, welding procedures, inspection/testing requirements.
  • Recommend conventional and non-conventional NDT techniques for detection and reveal potential damage mechanisms.
  • Acts as focal point for plant integrity reporting of the allocated area.
  • Comply with all Client Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.
  • Implements Client SHE Management System, Maintenance and Inspection Policies and Procedures. 

2- Conducting third party inspection Activities for Different Contractors including;

  • Reviewing the material certificates and the witnessing the tests conducted on the incoming materials to ensure compliance with the project specifications.
  • Following the RFI's raised by contractors, thus ensuring the activities are carried out as per the approved ITP.
  • Witness welding procedure & Repair procedure qualification tests.
  • Witness welders’ performance qualification tests.
  • Witness all relevant mechanical tests carried out at Exova, to ensure the requirements of the project specifications are met.
  • Controlling the welders performance thru regular interpretation of RT films as per the applied codes & standards

Jan 2014Jun 2015

Inspection Engineer - Appointed NDT Level III

Qatar Engineering And Construction Company

1- Qatar Shell GTL  (First major Turnaround –Train-1)- From Sep14 till April015
Lead Mechanical Inspector for GTL Area 

  • Reviewing Inspection Scope and ITPs for static equipment and Pressure Relief Valves
  • Coordinate with Client for different Inspection Stages  (initial,Detailed,Final)
  • performing  (initial ,Detailed, Final) inspection  on different static Equipment 
  • Witness Hydro-static Test for Heat Exchangers and PRVs
  • Coordinate with NDE Subcontractors for (MT,PT,UT,RT,IRIS,Phased Array,ECT,VideoBoroscopic,PMI).
  • Follow up Execution team activities as per ITP and DWR (Discovery work Report) 
  • Following up Progress of Inspection Activities Via RoserConSys -Turnaround Software
  • Preparing Boxing Up Certificates and MCPs (Mechanical Completion Package).

2- Additional Projects with Qcon

  • Training and qualifying 20 NDT Technicians June 2014 to August 2014 for (MT,PT,UT,RT,VT) Level II according SNT-TC-1A
  • Updating NDE Procedures and Written Practice for Company
  • Reviewing Sub-Contractor NDE Procedures
  • Conduct Demonstration Test for NDE procedure for ASME Related Jobs
  • Technical Team Leader consulted with IT department for creating  Computerized Management System for welding and NDE Control  for piping project  integrated with expert system for Creating Welding procedure specifications and their qualification requirements
Mar 2011Jan 2014

QA/QC Engineer - NDE Coordinator

Petroleum project & technical consultation (PetroJet)

Erection of 3 fired Process Heater, Fabrication and Erection of Splitter Column,Stripper Column, and Seprator Vessel

1. GASCO  Turnaround , April 2011
Client: GASCO
Scope: Tie-Ins  erection, Radiographic Testing Activities , Hydtro-Testing 
Designation: Turnaround, April,2011 (Inspection Engineer /NDE Coordinator) 

2. ANRPC Turnaround ,April 2012 (Plant Inspector-NDT Level 3 Advisor
Static Equipment off stream Inspection , Tie-Ins  erection, Radio graphic Testing Activities ,Ultrasonic Shear wave Inspection, Hydro-Testing
Designation: Plant
Inspector - NDT Level III Advisor 

3. ANRPC Turnaround ,April 2013 (Plant Inspector-NDT Level 3 Advisor
Client: ANRPC

Static Equipment off stream Inspection , Tie-Ins  erection, Radio graphic Testing Activities ,Ultrasonic Shear wave Inspection, Hydro-Testing 
Designation: Plant
Inspector - NDT Level III Advisor 

4- Construction of New Ethan Propane Maximization - from August 2010 to May 2011
Client : The Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO)
Scope: 150,000 Dia-Inch piping (Austenitic SS, Duplex SS,Alloy Steel,Low Temp, C.S) -
Designation: QA/QC Engineer

5. Construction of hydro-treating naphtha  - from May 2011 to April 2013 -
Alexandria National Refining and Petrochemicals Company(ANRPC)

  • Fabrication Erection of 80,000 Dia-In piping ,

  • Fabrication of Hydrocarbon Flare pipe line

  • Erection of 3 fired Process Heater, Fabrication and 2 Distillation Towers 

Designation: Inspection Engineer/ NDE Specialist

6. Construction of 8 spherical tanks (3000 M3), 460,000 T/Y ethylene - from May 2013 to Jan 2014
Client: Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (Ethydco)
Scope: Construction of 11 Spherical Tanks and 12 fixed Roof  Storage Tanks
Designation: Lead Inspection Engineer/ NDE Specialist

Jun 2009Mar 2011

Inspection Engineer - Junior Plant Inspector

Alexandria Petroleum MAINTENANCE COMPANY (Petromaint) - Local Egyptian oil and gas Maintaince services.

1- from July 2009 till March 2011
Gupco: (Abu-ElGhardig- Plant- Egypt)- Designation: Inspection Engineer


  • On-Stream Inspection, Thickness Surveying,

  • off-Stream Inspection During Shutdowns

  • Installation of three pipe lines (4" Std Flow Line Installation Ofa/G Well #97,6" Std Flow Line Installation Of A/G Well #82,Ard/Sag Manifolds New Flow Line 6" Std)

2- Midor Shutdown (October 2010) - Tank Inspector
Inspection of 11 oil Sortage tanks and their piping system using (visual survey) ,UT Thickness , and Magnetic Flux Leakage

3-  Agiba Shutdown (Nov 2010) - Tank Inspector
Inspection of 3 oil Sortage tanks 1000 Bbl and their piping system using (visual survey) ,UT Thickness , and Magnetic Flux Leakage

Nov 2010Present


  • Training more than 250 trainees with Egyptian welding Academy in MT,RT,VT and UT from October 2010 till Dec,2013.
  • May 2013 -Conducting Training and Examination at Oil and Gas Skills (OGS) for qualifying Inspection Engineers from Khalda Petroleum company to Level-II Radiographic Testing.
  • June 2013 - Conducting Training  in Piping & Welding  at (OGS) for Mechanical Engineers from Alexandria national refinery and petroleum Co.
  • April 2015 Conducting Training and Examination at Middle East Industrial Training Institute (MEITI) - Abu Dhabi , for qualifying NDE Technicians from Applus RTD Dubai to Level II in (UT and VT).
Jan 2007May 2009

NDT Technical Training Asistant

Egyptian Welding Academy
  • UT shear wave on Welded Joints.
  • UT Lamination, check on raw material.
  • Magnetic Particles Testing and Dye pentrant on raw material and welded joints
  • Radiographic Shooting and Film processing



B.Sc of Engineering Science

Alexandria University -Faculty of Engineering

Graduation Project: Comparative Study of Welding Codes (API1104, ASME9, AWS D1.1) and Their applications on Procedure qualification
Under supervision of Dr. Ismail A. Abd Allah, Grade: Excellent


Arabic: mother tongue
English: Very Good

Computer Skills

Planning Tools: MS Excel (Professional)
Reporting and Presentation: Microsoft Office Package (Professional)
Computer Aided Drawing: AutoCad (2D,3D), Solid Edge (Moderate)

Organizing and Volunteering Work

  • Organizing Committee of 37th international Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering-2007,Alexandria- Egypt,
  • Organizing Committee of First Symposium on Egypt-Japan 2008 University of science and Technology (EJUST) Bibliotheca of Alexandria- 2008, Alexandria-Egypt,
  • Organizing Committee 9th International conference on production Design and Control PEDAC’09,Alexandria-Egypt,

Personal Information

  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Date of Birth: 29/10/1985
  • Marital Status: (Married and have one child)
  • Driving License: Egyptian,Qatari and International Valid Licences

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