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  • Achieved IB certificate in International Education from the University of Toronto. Certified and accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization, the OISE Certificate in International Education provides high school teachers with the theoretical and practical skills required to be an IB educator.
  • Using Standards-Based Grading in classes. Adopted a going gradeless approach to boost learning in challenging Physics courses.
  • Utilized Physics education research and modeling Pedagogy to achieve consistently high scores on the AP Physics 1 &AP Physics C exams.
  • Used the next generation Science standards as a tool to design project-based learning activities for Honors Physics classes.
  • Adopted an inclusive approach to science education with the mindset that all students can and should learn complex science and created an equitable approach to learning Science.
  • Worked with advanced education technology Pasco and Vernier sensors to design learning activities for Science Labs.
  • Advanced use of Open broadcasting software(OBS) as a tool to engage students during online instruction.
  • Used Video analysis as a tool to enhance learning and engagement in Physics classes.
  • Designed Physics simulations using web-based V-Python. Integrated computational modeling in lessons.
  • Designed structures using Blender open source 3D printing software for STEM class.
  • Made Designs using Laser Cutter.
  • Used Desmos to create formative assessments for high school Science classes.
  • Working on Algodoo to create cool Physics simulations. Used Geogebra and Desmos to create Physics simulations.
  • Used VEX code C++ to code VEX robots.
  • Designed solutions to problems Using Microbit programming.


  • European organization for nuclear research CERN. Selected as one of the 45 teachers from 38 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES  to attend International Teachers week at CERN Geneva. 08/2018



  • Modeling pedagogy 
  • Physics education research
  • Computational modeling using VPython and Pyret
  • Standards-based grading
  • Blender 3D print modeling
  • Microbit and Arduino Coding for STEM
  • Educational Tech

Teacher Certifications

Teaching certificate: Ontario College of teachers Canada: 685759

Professional development

STEM teachers NYC

JULY 2021

Standards based grading and assessment

Ontario Institute for studies in education


IB certificate in International education: University of Toronto

IB instruction and pedagogy

VEX EDR V5 Certification:


Carnegie Melon university


AQ-Senior Physics qualification:


Queens University Canada

AP Physics C college board professional development


St.Johnsbury Academy Vermont USA

AP Physics C mechanics; AP Physics C E&M

European organisation for nuclear research.


CERN Switzerland

Selected as one of the 45 teachers from 38 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES  to attend International Teachers week at CERN Geneva.

Certificate in Introduction to Lego EV3 programming


Carnegie Melon University-USA

Robotics certification

Discovery College HK


IB Category 1 workshop

DP Physics

University Of Central Florida USA


Physics Modeling workshop

Physics modeling pedagogy 

International Christian school Hongkong


EARCOS workshop

- Next Generation Science standards

Loyola University Chicago USA


AP Physics B and C

Collegeboard workshop

University of Georgia USA


AP Physics 1 &2 workshop

Combined collegeboard workshop

Work History

Reader AP Physics


Educational Testing Service-USA

  • Appointed as AP Physics exam reader

Examiner Physics



AP Physics/STEM teacher


International Christian School Hong Kong


  • Modeling pedagogy in high school Physics. 
  • Introduced Ocean park Physics trips to assist students to make connections to real-life Physics.
  • Presenting at the Yidan Prize foundation Hong Kong summit on using PHET simulations for high school science.
  • Engineering club leader: Led students to design solutions to problems using Microbit and Arduino platforms.
  • Designed Physics lab at ICS and used the latest technology to enhance learning. Introduced a variety of Tech tools like HDMI recorder, ATEM mini, IPad, and advanced use of OBS software. 
  •  Created online labs using video analysis to engage students during school closure due to COVID.
  • Led Makers club and used 3D modeling and printing. 
  • MAD advisor
  • GIN leader high school: Global issues network. Worked with students to recreate a new vision for GIN to address issues of poverty, education, and Human trafficking.
  • ICEC Asia workshop presenter 2021: Using Video analysis as a tool in Science classes. OBS as a tool for educators
  • Designed a Pre AP Physics course to assist students going to take higher level Physics
  • Used a standards-based grading approach to design rubrics for the assessment using Science skills.Designing labs  and rubrics based on AP science practice to develop lab skills (AP Physics and Honors Physics)
  • Implementing Physics education research in High School.
  • Introduced  STEM courses with the engineering design process in high school.
  • Introduced AP Physics C mechanics and E&M(2019-20)
  • Taught High School Chemistry

Science and Math Reacher


The Sagar School-India

  • Boarding school House parent
  • Science and Math teacher High School
  • Kept abreast of technological advances in mathematics and adapted curriculum for individual, small group and remedial instruction to meet diverse needs of high school students
  • Taught mathematical skills and principles to high school students using real-world, application-based examples to maximize learning opportunities
  • Provided physics demonstrations to illustrate how coursework can be applied
  • Instructed students in content-specific knowledge and skills to heighten trajectory of academic and career success

AP Physics and Math Teacher


Woodstock School India

  • Science department chair
  • Initiated vertical articulation of Science courses.
  • Introduced and installed Vernier Physics equipment in the High school Physics lab
  • Implemented understanding by design and curriculum mapping.
  • Introduced project-based learning.
  • Use of technology to enhance learning in Algebra 2 and precalculus courses.
  • Taught IGCSE Physics 

Science and Math teacher


Welham Boys School-India

  • Housemaster in a boarding School
  • Tested students on knowledge of physics and retention of class lessons
  • Integrated technology such as Google Classroom, Docs and Sheets into daily classroom routine
  • Encouraged critical-thinking to understand reasoning behind physics formulas
  • Provided innovative methods of solving physics problems using technology

Science and Math Teacher


Bishop Conrad Senior secondary School

Science and Math Teacher


St Francis College India

Professional associations

  • CERN GENEVA Switzerland
  • American association of Physics teachers
  • American Modeling teachers associations
  • American association of Chemistry teachers
  • NSTA
  • Physics education research


Annamalai University India


M.Sc Physics

MJPR University India


Bachelor of Science-Chemistry/Physics/Math

MJPR University India


Bachelor of education: Math and Science