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Since 2004 I have modernised learning experiences, balanced efficiency and effectiveness with the overarching goal of enhancing people performance and meeting department level key performance indicators.

I take great satisfaction in leading organisation's toward modern approaches in using learning technology to achieve their business goals.


May 2019Present

Senior Training and Adoption Consultant (perm)


I support ServiceNow clients with their digital transformation and adoption of ServiceNow solutions, in the Training and Certification department.

I have pioneered the creation of new offerings of self-study courses, videos and help guides ensuring the financial models are appropriately adjusted to account for a blend of learning solutions. This has required forming partnerships with Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Professional Services and Technical Development teams. It has also meant inspiring colleagues, gathering their "wish list" and converting this into a road map of milestones to modernise the learning solutions, moving from classroom-centric towards web-centric formats.

I have also pioneered the use of ServiceNow's learning platform, called Now Learning, ensuring new certification courses tie up with ServiceNow's six monthly product release cycle. These have enhanced adoption, reduced the need for "just in case" learning and increased "just in time" support.

Learning assets created by me are used by ServiceNow partners and software implementers.

October 2017April 2019

Senior Change Management and Learning Consultant (perm)


I supported the learning of cloud based Salesforce for IBM clients primarily across EMEA. Including facilitating Salesforce certifications.

I equipped our partners with the means to educate their organisation on how to get the most out of their Salesforce platform. This meant designing the majority of the learning in the form of courses, videos, activities and articles. I enabled sales to enhance their skills to lead clients towards a digital and modern approach to adopting Salesforce.

August 2017October 2017

Immersive Learning Developer (contractor)


I created immersive learning experiences (Virtual Reality) focused on topics such as history, psychology and sociology.

Aug 2013August 2017

Digital Learning Specialist (contract)


I designed and implemented learning experiences for project & program managers, including designing certifications. Including vendor management for quarterly budgets up to $50,000. Materials included text, help guides, video tutorials, online courses and a social learning platform.

Feb 2012Aug 2013

Digital Learning Program Manager (perm)


I led 12 vendor-based trainers for 28 contact centres management teams globally across the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Forming a joint up approach afforded by collaboration technologies to ensure consistency and continuous quality improvement, these were wrapped into global certifications adopted by other Expedia teams.

Oct 2011Feb 2012

Learning Consultant (contract)


I supported a highly creative organisation in its refresh of technology, which included the transition to Apple hardware and Google Apps software (today called G-Suite).

Apr 2011Dec 2011

Digital Learning Program Manager (contract)

Royal Sun Alliance Insurance

I developed self-study courses for team leaders across the global business, as well as mentored subject matter experts in designing online courses globally.

Dec 2010Mar 2011

Learning Technologies Manager (contract)


I contributed to the Learning and Education function's global service and innovations plan to maximise Learning Technologies. I led a team of four, and we built storyboards into learning media for self study, classroom and virtual classrooms.

Jun 2010Dec 2010

Digital Learning Project Manager (perm)

Social Care Institute for Excellence

I managed a team of Social Care professionals (up to six), learning developers (up to four) and vendor budgets up to £200K to produce high standard learning resources for the Social Care sector.

Feb 2008Jun 2010

Senior Learning Designer and Instructor (perm)

Barclays - UK Retail Banking

I led a team across five UK and three India contact centres, including new certifications and standards for India based trainers. Solutions that we designed and delivered included software simulations, coaching, in-person group sessions and online learning for other trainers, managers, team leaders and advisors.

Aug 2005Feb 2008

Learning Project Manager (perm)

Coventry City Council

I developed learning programmes including initiation of a contact centre and improving communication of the L&D function amongst the 18,000 employees in over 50 centres. Leading three consultants and on-site subject matter experts.

Jun 2002Aug 2005

Senior Learning Designer and Instructor (contract made perm)

Capita Business Services

I designed a new induction training process and change training projects for five departments. I led seven training leads and developed new standards for the team.

Education and certificates


Certified Change Practitioner


PostGraduate Diploma Online and Distant Education

Open University

The role of learning technology in education.


Certification in Training Practice


Leading on classroom learning.


Health Studies

Coventry University

Politics and management of the UK NHS.


Public Policy and Managerial Studies

De Montfort University

Political science and civil service.



Seven of 55 copied from my LinkedIn page

Ravi modernized the learning experience approach at Bluewolf (an IBM company). He can quickly become an expert in new technologies and effectively leverage them for clients to add value. I think of Ravi as a thought leader in this area, and even brought him on some sales calls to share his expertise. He was "the closer" in one of those calls for sure, yet I'd bet he has played a role in winning business multiple times.
Melody - Director of Change Management and Learning at IBM, a senior colleague at IBM.

I had the pleasure of working with Ravi during his time at Bluewolf/IBM. Ravi is a consummate professional and always looking for the most appropriate way to approach a customer’s learning requirements to achieve the best outcomes for them. In many ways Ravi is a visionary and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
Richard Stone, I reported to him at IBM.

Ravi's passion for modernising learning through innovative methods and resources is truly amazing. Ravi developed learning solutions across IBM Bluewolf that enhanced learning for clients employees and provided genuine benefits for the their business.
Rasheed Ibrahim, reported to me at IBM.

Ravi and I have worked together in a couple of projects at Bluewolf / IBM. I was impressed with his methods for creating engaging and meaningful training and learning activities and materials for our clients. Ravi is passionate for what he does, he listens to opinions and views, helps make sense of challenging situations and brings his expertise to driving the best solutions forward. He was recurrently praised on our engagements by his professionalism and the outstanding quality of the work delivered.
Felipe Batista, Project Director, a colleague at IBM.

I would recommend working with Ravi as he was a superb team member. He always brought great ideas on how our course delivery could be improved, both on a micro level (course elements and execution) as well as a more macro level (eg how the process and technology could be improved). He brought great subject knowledge and an important understanding of the user. He was also a pleasure to work with personally, with a positive, can-do attitude and a great sense of humour.
Dafydd Dent, Curriculum Manager at Google, a senior colleague.

Ravi is a creative, proactive, knowledgeable professional that has deep experience in learning methodologies and tools. Working with him, I appreciated his ability to take a vague problem statement, add a lot of his own thought and expertise to come up with effective and compelling solutions. Ravi also understands business dynamics and he is very proactive in *proposing* new approaches to improve things. He has a strong work ethic and he is also a great person to work with. I sincerely miss working with him!
Francesco Bombassei, Senior Technical Program Manager, my manager at Google.

Ravi has fantastic expertise in learning technology, but what makes him really special is his ability and patience in explaining very complicated things in ways that anyone can understand. He is extremely committed to progressing his knowledge of learning technology and he helped to move the organisation forwards as a result.
Carolyn Gazzard, my manager at Royal Sun Alliance.