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As a  truly confident,proactive and compromised person , he provides a secure commitment of conquer any required goal by taking responsibility,hard work and communication as core values, motivated by a solid passion for technology.

As a person whose job is recognizable, he has a native will to mentor others and a devotion of facing challenges along with a fervor desire of constant improvement.

Key Accomplishments

  • Rewrote different areas of a line of business application already made with Adobe Flash and helped the company client to continue providing services on its own customers as this legacy technology is not being supported anymore for the majority of browsers providing a better user experience and projection across existing and new customers.
  • Created alongside a team an application to manage a government land property tramit which provided simplicity and speed to an already existing complex process.
  • Built, designed and maintained software solutions for testing business applications, which were responsible to provice quality from simple to complex scenarios at different levels in an automated fashion, reducing dramatically regression testing time and provide instant feedback on broken functionality.
  • Leadership of two groups of interns recently graduated to achieve Microsoft certifications as Web Developers and with this helping the company to also achieve a Microsoft partnership for having employees certified.



Master's Degree in Information Technologies

Centro Universitario de Ciencias Economico Administrativas

Master degree that focuses in develop, create design and architect software for the business needs.


Computer Science Degree

Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierias

Studied core knowledge of computer science. Developed, learned and training of the tools and preparation to solve industry problems with digital solutions.


UNOSQUARE                                                                                                                                      2012-Actual

  • Software Developer
    • Perfect Forms
      • Creation of a web application alongside a team that lets users create and design its own forms in an interactive fashion. We required to be able to migrate a Flash application to web technologies as the current browsers wont be supporting the technology in favor of HTML5. With that said, we created a crisp and UI friendly application which allowed customers  to keep using this service and provide them with better support and experience using the product.
    • Foundation Medicine Medical Reporting
      • Creation and maintenance of features of a web application in charge of showing relevant data to physicians about genetic information of patients that suffer Cancer. Collaborated in developing UI components and hook up server calls to retrieve data from internals’ company data sources to be displayed in a curated fashion alongside a printable report of it.
    • Coverys
      • Developed multiple areas from back to front of a .NET web based application to let the company client manipulate data of Sharepoint documents related to insurance of its own customers, helping them out in avoid the maintenance of different excel sheet documents , manipulation , versioning and storage,reducing their licensing costs and the time taking updating these files.
  • Team Lead 
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer Certification Program 
      • Took leadership of two generations of a group of interns to achieve the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer(MCSD) in Web Development. Created a learning plan, provided web resources and mentoring to recently graduated engineers to achieve this certification in which 80% percent of them accomplished the goal. This helped the company to train interns on real world experience, collocating them with potential customers and get the company reach a Microsoft Partner Network Membership.
  • Software Developer in Test
    • Foundation Medicine GeneKit
      • Built an automation testing framework from the scratch, which increased the quality,productivity and time savings of each release, using the tool Test Complete and JScript as a language to architect the different components of the framework.
      • Created automated integration tests that used a data driven testing approach in order to test multiple types of scenarios and a wide testing coverage, helping the team to spot issues on every milestone.

    • Foundation Medicine ICE
      • Created an automation front-end framework with Protractor to test common scenarios on an Angular application reducing time invested on regression tests on every feature update.
      • Created integration tests along with MongoDB in order to test key scenarios of the user account management module of the application.
      • Developed custom reports that generated readable test execution results by using Jasmine Reporters and NodeJS which helped in understand visually to all stakeholders which issues are affecting the application ans also have evidence to document the process on each delivery.
      • Generated tasks to execute Protractor tests via custom commands by using Grunt.These tasks ran with multiple parameters in order to test them in different kinds of environments and browsers which provided a wide test coverage.

    • IPG
      • Developing ,architecture and maintenance of an automation testing framework based on Page Objects Model using C# to test the correct functionality of the customer's Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tool and its own customized application designated for each hospital. This tool helped the customer to spot issues on each feature released and on the interaction of both of these applications.

    TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES                                                                                                         2010-2012

    • Software Developer
      • USAA UDA Clearinghouse
        • Enhanced the process of creation and delivery of daily, monthly and weekly marketing reports based on Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic 6 Macros and performing execution optimization of existing time taking processes of retrieve multiple sources of data in reports.
        • Reinforced productivity and tracking of efforts by building applications that registered executions being performed ,time effort to accomplish a task and feedback, using Microsoft Access Forms and Visual Basic 6 providing a better management ,tracking and transparency of the current work being delivered.

    UNIVERSIDAD DE GUADALAJARA                                                                                                      2009-2010

    • Software Designer
      • Social Service Application
        • Designed and created software modeling using Unified Modeling Language(UML) to provide clarity among stakeholders on the requirements of an application oriented to manage scholar social service on every center of the Universidad de Guadalajara institution.

    SISLOGIC                                                                                                                                                 2009-2010

    • Software Developer
      • IGECEM
        • Member of a team of 4 developers that built a desktop application solution to manage and support the municipal management process in which its main focus was interact with geographical data and capture relevant information regarding a land property. Inside the application the user was able to locate its property, capture its coordinates ,delimit the border of it using graphical tools. This helped the customer to enhance their capturing process and to have a better tracking of the properties that many of their users capture every day.

    Professional Training


    Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer Web Applications

    Microsoft Corporation

    This  certification validates a developer’s ability to build complete software solutions that span technology and platform boundaries. It validates a developer’s ability to design, build and deploy web applications and services using a variety of Microsoft technologies.


    Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer


    By achieving this certification,it acreditates the experience using the Java programming language, the understanding of the basic syntax and structure of the Java programming language and the ability to create Java technology applications that run on server and desktop systems using J2SE 6.0.