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To find an organization with whom I can be an asset by utilizing my personal and professional skills in order to meet personal and organizational objectives. 

Work experience


Mar 2013Oct 2016

Parts Sales Manager

Managing and overseeing a crew of employees; providing customer service; selling auto parts; operating cash registers and making sales; installing parts such as batteries and alternators onto customer vehicles; diagnosing problems within a vehicles ignition system, air conditioning system, electrical system, fuel system, steering/suspension, etc; taking customer phone calls and handling any customer comments and complaints; ordering auto parts from elsewhere in the country; using company software to assist customers and to search for specific parts and vehicle information; creating store displays; maintaining order and cleanliness in the store; maintaining employee adherence to the weekly schedule and handling any discrepancies; opening/closing store, setting alarms and locking entrances to maintain store security through the night; verifying customer returns; counting cashier drawers at the beginning of an employee's shift, as well as at the end of their shift, keeping track of any variances; sweeping money out of cashier drawers and ensuring that the money is properly prepared for transit to our store's assigned bank; maintaining store safe and petty cash; verifying that store alarms, fire extinguishers and fire exits are in proper operation; overseeing achievement of the company's mission.

JaxPro Maintenance Solutions

Jan 2012Jan 2015


General repairs to customer homes; fixing/replacing air conditioning units; cleaning gutters; replacing broken windows; pressure washing homes; surface cleaning concrete; operating and maintaining pressure washing equipment; mixing chemicals for home cleaning. Advising and making recommendations to homeowners and potential customers.


Mar 2012Mar 2013


Working a cash register; making sales; providing customer service; making sure our store was clean and organized; cooking food on the grill; washing dishes; counting cash drawers to make sure there are no variances between shifts.


Florida State College at Jacksonville

Jan 2014Present

Completed 49 credits towards Associate in Arts

3.40 GPA.

First Coast Highschool

Aug 2009Jun 2013

High School Diploma

3.67 GPA. Honors courses; advanced placement courses; dual-enrollment courses.


Automotive Skills

Skilled in vehicle mechanics, electrical systems, ignition systems, steering/suspension, cooling systems, fuel systems, etc. I have been working around cars for many years and have done ground-up restorations on many vehicles. I design air suspension systems for cars and know how to thread pipe; set up compressors; run air lines; set up relays and wiring. I fabricate vehicle frames to use with air suspension systems. I know how to cut and weld metal and I use these type of skills constantly in my personal and professional life. 


NJROTC (Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps):

Cadet Operations Officer 2012-2013: Third highest rank in my battalion. In charge of briefing cadets prior to events, writing up various reports pertaining to human resources and overseeing our mission achievements. 

Drill Team Captain 2011-2013: In charge of teaching 30+ individuals military regulation drill and taking my team to competitions. I led my team to first place at numerous drill meet events.

Platoon Commander 2011-2013: In charge of leading my class of 25+ cadets through drill, P.T, uniforms inspections, and day to day operations. Leading these large groups of people on a daily basis instilled great confidence in my ability to speak to and teach subordinates that I am responsible for.

Color Guard 2010-2013: I lead the squad responsible for rendering appropriate military honors prior to prestigious events and ceremonies. I have displayed colors for graduations, Jaguars football games, retirement ceremonies, military memorials, and numerous other events.


In my free time I enjoy restoring antique cars. I have done ground-up restorations on many different project cars. I love taking old cars that are withering away, and bringing them “back from the dead”, restoring them to their former glory. Tearing them apart, seeing how they work, and then putting them back together. I do a little bit of everything: paint and bodywork; running electrical; building/tuning engines; designing air suspension set-ups.  I love creating something that I can be proud of and display at different car shows/meets.