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Work experience

Sep 2012Feb 2014

Sole pratictioner

Manager of a B&B in Siena (Italy)

Jan 2008Dec 2013


Citera Studio Associato

Founding member of the Citera landscape architecture firm with Vito Depalo. Dozens of projects and achievements carried out for private clients and municipalities.

Apr 2002Dec 2007

Sole pratictioner

Landscape architect

Mar 1992Sep 1998

Sole pratictioner

Kitchen gardener in my agricoltural estate in Tuscany (Italy)

Jan 1984Dec 1998

Sole pratictioner


Interior designer in my own showroom. Many commercial partners such as Memphis, Poltronova, Cappellini, Alchimia, Artemide, Ingo Maurer, Venini.


Nov 1997Present

Master’s degree in Architecture


Graduated with a first-class degree at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence (Italy) with thesis work Siena il parco delle mura’

About me

I was born in Andria (near Bari), and now I live and work in London. I obtained a degree in architecture and have created a career focusing on the design of gardens and landscapes.

I have always been passionate about healthy cooking and also enthusiastically support the “Slow Food” movement.

I strive to keep the culinary traditions of her family alive everyday.

My maternal grandparents owned a famous Osteria in Puglia in the 1920’s, and as a little girl I was lucky to learn the valuable traditions that my grandparents passed down to my mother.

The wealth of knowledge that I learned in my mother’s kitchen inspired me to share my family’s valuable secrets in the kitchen. Our cuisine is now recognized as one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world, the Mediterranean Diet.

My father taught me about the richness of the products found in the wild nature of the Murgia countryside; those treasures that awaited those who sought amongst the stones and through all of the seemingly dry fields that were in fact full of incredibly flavorful wild vegetables.

His garden was a source of knowledge and encouragement that has always inspired me to select purely raw materials for cooking, for a primarily Vegetarian kitchen.

Both of my parents taught me not to waste any food. They always used all of the edible parts of a plant or animal and recycled the leftovers in tasty and creative ways.

What I want to do

I would like to cook for the family at home. 

The ingredients for my recipes are organic and I make sourdough bread making it rise for a long time.

I like to select raw materials carefully.

At first, I would prefer a part-time work. 


knowledge of the mediterranean diet and italian cuisine
relationship with vendors to ensure resort had access to fresh foods and the best resources for cooking
understanding of dietary restrictions
Ability to follow instructions and details given by employer
food preparation and presentation
experience in dealing with organic ingredients
Languages: English
Languages: italian