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Richard Butler Creagh is a professional property developer based in London, UK. He is a consultant and a major shareholder at Mainstream Commercial Finance Ltd., which has been in business since 2006. He is an active sportsman who is involved in such activities as marathon running, sailing, shooting, skiing and cycling and he also holds memberships in local automobile clubs. The Oxfordshire, UK resident is married and has two children.

Initial Interest in Property Developing and Financing

In 1985, Richard Butler Creagh took an interest in the London real estate market and began to research the process of buying, selling and managing properties. He investigated the financial process, he learned how to negotiate the best deals and he made important professional contacts in the industry. He then began to slowly learn the business hands-on by buying properties. During this entire process, he came to understand that one of the difficulties of buying property is finding the correct financing. He fought his way through the process and came up with alternative solutions that would suit his purposes. After closing each deal, he would remodel and refurbish the property to increase its value and then act as the property manager. Through the years, he succeeded in making good investments and building up a strong portfolio of profitable properties.

Expanding into Property Development Financial Solutions

Richard Butler Creagh has been a key shareholder and consultant at Mainstream Management Ltd. in the UK since he started with the company in January, 2003. The company engages in developing properties in and around London and also the Home Counties. His duties in the company involve handling new acquisitions, the resale of existing properties and building. Mainstream Management Ltd. provides specialty financing solutions for their clients who are looking to invest in property. The financing consists of short term loans that act as a bridge and mezzanine financial services that are needed in the property industry. Looking back to the years when he was buying his first properties, Richard Creagh remembered that the most difficult step in closing any deal was to arrange a suitable financial package. He took that as a lead to begin a new branch of the company that offers professional financing solutions to property developers and in 2006 he established Mainstream Commercial Finance Ltd. This finance company forms the connections between purchasers of properties and the appropriate lending institutions. The company works with all concerned parties to come up with a workable financial plan so the client can close the deal on the property. Mainstream Management Ltd. currently has many projects in the works, such as the one located at Highgate in London at 53 Fitzroy Park.

Outdoor Sports and Automobiles

A true lover of outdoor sports, Richard Butler Creagh has sailed his yacht from the UK to Barbados, has run the London Marathon and will soon be bicycling for charity in a 35k memorial ride for charity. Along with shooting events at the Henley on Thames, he also holds membership in the Henley 100 Club and the Royal Automobile Club in London.

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