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Robert Arraez

Graduate Finance Masters and Strategic Management Masters

Extracurricular Activities

Mar 2013Present

Founding member and Co-Project leader

Futuro Kolorido

Futuro Kolorido is a social start-up where we aim to use recyclable materials such as pallets and tires to build furniture, toys and fences for local schools and sporting fields on Curacao. The aim of the project is to improve the social and schooling environment the youth find themselves in. My activities include managing of the active members, leading bi-weekly meetings, forming and developing partnerships and overseeing the bi-annual projects. 


Active Member

Enactus Tilburg University

As an active member of Enactus Tilburg University I lead one of their projects as well as take part in activities for charity such as collecting and donating food for local foodbanks in Tilburg.

Sep 2014Present

Active Member

BNR beurs investment group

As an active member of one the BNR investment groups I partake in stock analysis and firm evaluation for investment purposes. The goal is to earn the highest risk adjusted return at the end of the academic year. 



Master's degree (MSc) in Finance: CFA track

Tilburg University

The master's degree in finance at Tilburg University provided me with knowledge in contemporary finance theory and its application. The finance masters focused on company valuation, investment analysis, derivative and option pricing, investor behavior analysis and corporate finance.   Additionally I followed courses that would prepare me for the first CFA exam.


Master's degree (MSc) in Strategic Mangement

Tilburg University

The strategic management masters at Tilburg University provided me with practical management knowledge at the business and corporate levels. I specialized in the consultancy track where I worked in groups to tackle tasks a consultant would have. Additional courses also covered entrepreneurship and the basics of developing a business proposal


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Business and Administration

Tilburg University

International Business and Administration prepared me with knowledge in various fields including finance, accounting as well as management. Additionally this Bachelor program also focused on developing a cross cultural perspective in business. This was done through cross-cultural psychology courses as well courses focusing on transnational business activities.

Aug 2004May 2010

Voortgezet Onderwijs (VWO)

Radulphus College

About me

I am a recent graduate from Tilburg University. I am very hard working and ambitious as such I find myself always striving to take on bigger challenges and  trying to broaden my knowledge. I have been described as loyal, practical and analytic by my peers. I enjoy developing my intellectual side and find myself reading books on start-ups, psychology and even fantasy/fiction for fun. I also partake in activities to relax my mind by playing basketball or exercising in the gym. 


I am fluent in four languages; English, Dutch, Papiamentu and Spanish. It is typical to study English, Dutch and Spanish in addition to our native tongue Papiamentu in my home country of Curacao.
PowerPoint presentations were consistently  used throughout my years at Tilburg University to present progress and eventually results of team assignments.
Skills in strategy were primary developed during my Masters education in strategic management. This was achieved through various courses as well as case studies and simulations recreating corporate level decisions.
Marketing courses were taught during my Bachelor program. These included standard marketing knowledge such as identifying your target groups and the 5 P's of marketing. These courses also touched on the subjects of intercultural differences in marketing.
My research skills were primary developed through the Bachelor and 2 Master theses conducted during my studies. There were also supporting courses that focused on developing research skills for these theses. 
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft excel was commonly used during the Finance Masters program for accounting (reformulating financial statements) and evaluative purposes (stock and company valuations. 
Project Management
Project management skills were developed during my time as co-project leader of Futuro Kolorido. Day-to-day activities included managing contacts, resources and supporting members. Additionally my management skills were also developed through simulation games given in the Strategic Management Masters.
My leadership abilities were developed during team assignments as well as during my acitivities for Futuro Kolorido. Particularly I also feel that my leadership skills were partly developed by playing team sports such as Basketball where I played as a point guard (point guards call plays for their teams and usually serve as a proxy for their coach on field).