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product management

nov 2018nov 2018

Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs
Oct 2015dec 2015

Work experience

Product Manager

April 2019Present
  • Leading product in an agile environment with a team of world-class engineers 
  • Championing a product vision across the company and building consensus on priorities to achieve results 
  • Articulating customer problems and the vision for upcoming roadmap initiatives
  • Work closely with UX and Engineering to drive solution development
  • Empathizing with customers and keeping a firm pulse on industry direction
  • Undertaking customer research by meeting and talking with customers in interviews and surveys 
  • Working with the Engineering, UX, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams to run beta programs for in-progress features and help coordinate feature launches.
  • Defining, analyzing and reporting on the metrics that determine the success of product initiatives.
  • Staying current and knowledgeable about the market landscape and products competitive to Unbounce.

Technical Support Manager

oct 2017March 2019
  • Oversee day to day operation of the Technical Support Team
  • Help build and maintain processes to triage and solve customer issues; report and track bugs; and manage customer incident communication.
  • Act as liaison between Product and Customer Support, providing insight on common customer issues and communicating upcoming product releases to the Support team 

Technical support coach

mar 2017oct 2017
  • Triage and solve escalated customer support tickets
  • Use defined process to track and report bugs
  • Provide additional support and insight for the General Support team through Slack and in person interactions
  • Build and maintain a strong foundational knowledge of the product in order to provide quality support on a large variety of customer issues. 

Service support coach

mar 2016mar 2017
  • Assist customers with general support issues via phone, live chat, and email. 
  • Build and maintain a strong general knowledge of the Unbounce product


Avicenna Natural Products
Feb 2015Oct 2015
  • Responsible for daily running of wholesale business supplying natural medical products to clinics and naturopaths.
  • Receiving, dispensing, processing and shipping orders
  • First and only point of contact for all customer service. Responsible for maintaining a good relationship with customers and solving any customer service issues that may have arisen.
  • Keeping inventory and ordering stock materials
  • Managing email lists through MailChimp
  • Keeping records with MS Excel

Interior finisher

Aquaproof Restorations & Centra restoration
nov 2007jan 2015
  • Lead a team of 3 - 5 people responsible for completion of drywall, taping, and painting on various construction job sites. 
  • Ordering and maintaining inventory of materials to ensure completion within budget and on time. 
  • Scheduling work to be completed within residential units, keeping aligned with work being done by other teams. 

Co-founder & Co-ordinator

SAFEFEST Music Festival
Jul 2013Aug 2013
  • Designed, constructed, wrote all copy for SafeFest online presence.
  • Wrote and distributed press releases using Microsoft Word and MailChimp
  • Created and implemented festival public relations campaign resulting in coverage by the Huffington Post, Georgia Straight, Exclaim! Magazine, and the Vancouver Sun.
  • An acting spokesperson for event press interviews
  • Organized festival logistics. Including booking venues, bands, organizing volunteers and setting up press opportunities.


Currently: Leisure Club
  • Working within a larger team to achieve planned goals in an efficient and organized manner.
  • Managing band finances
  • Building and developing ideas in a collaborative and creative environment while navigating different personalities and points of view.
  • Planning and implementing social media campaigns to promote various events and releases.
  • Giving interviews aimed at promoting content and various events.
  • Developing an online brand and fanbase that is consistent and aimed at audience engagement.


project management

Jira, ZenDesk, Trello, Confluence, Excel/Sheets 


Ruby On Rails, React


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby


SQL, SQLite3, PostgreSQL, Tableau, Mode Analytics