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"It's more than just a gig."

10 year career in the experiential marketing industry.
 Knowledgeable in all phases and formats of consumer engagement.
In any role, my focus is to contribute in a way that reflects positively on myself, the team and the brands I represent.

2016 Recent Brands & Events


Feature Driver / Course Facilitator

At Mazda's annual dealer meeting, I served as a feature driver during the presentation's new product showcase. Later in the two-day event, I'd also be responsible for instructing attendees through Mazda's technical and hands-on training.

TruMoo Chocolate Milk

Brand Ambassador

Providing runners of the Rock n Roll Marathon, samples of the brand's nutrient rich products and sharing key benefits over competitive brands.

My Private Driver

Concierge / Driver

For CES, my responsibility entailed facilitating the logistical needs for the executive officers of China's largest cell phone company, China Unicomm.


Brand Ambassador

Bringing consumers to the services of the world's fastest growing company. My role, as a street team member, is centered around educating potential riders of the benefits and value of the brand over traditional options.

Mars Company

Costume Character / "Yellow" M & M

During the Sprint Nextel Cup race in Las Vegas, I performed as the "Yellow" M & Mfor all special engagements and pr spots for the top tier sponsor Mars Co.


Brand Ambassador

Our team of four brand ambassadors were responsible for inviting Latin Grammy guests to a marquee after-party being held by the internet-based entertainment provider Pandora.


Apr 2015Aug 2015
MorningStar Farms "Just what the world ordered tour"

Assistant Tour Manager

17-week mobile tour featuring a full line of vegetarian products. Our team of five road personnel operated, coordinated and maintained mobile kitchens at venues scoping loyalty and conquest opportunities. Event reporting, data capture, inventory, quality control, budgeting and staff training while adhering to specific health and safety food preparation codes Stepping back from my customary lead management role, I refined my support skills and learned valuable lessons that has made me a more rounded leader.

Jun 2014Jan 2015
Rite Aid "Wellness 65"

Tour Manager

Responsibilities covered a multitude of roles and responsibilities for Rite Aid brand pharmacy’s 7-month campaign. Focused on cultivating relationships within the 65 and older demographic, our program reached out to local retirement and senior social events to promote health and well-being by offering free health assessments, vaccinations and screenings.

Logistics, asset integration and maintenance, conceptual participation, event planning, budgeting, staff training, inventory management, venue acquisition, and vendor fulfillment were my primary responsibilities. By successfully completing extensive media training and demonstrating sensitivity to the client’s corporate culture, I provided a trusted alternative, in the absence of their corporate spokesperson’s presence, for radio,television, and social media opportunities.

Aug 2013Nov 2013
Rite Aid "RA 50"

Tour Manager

In celebration of Rite Aid’s 50th anniversary, I was responsible for facilitating health related acts of kindness throughout the country. My ability to effectively prioritize and delegate tasks proved essential in successfully executing 50 events in 50 days. By coordinating with local outreach programs and community leaders, we were  able to maximize the value of time sensitive public relation opportunities. Through these outlets, our efforts and attention to detail, raised Rite Aid’s profile and solidified their image as a partner in health and wellness.

Jan 2013Aug 2013
Metro PCS & USA Basketball

Tour Manager / Emcee

 9-month project celebrating the partnership of Metro PCS and the US men’s Olympic team. Our footprint involved constructing a 90 x 90 travelling basketball experience for consumers,, media, and fans throughout the country. Venues and strategies varied from visiting at risk youth facilities fulfilling community support roles to exclusive sponsorship relations engagements. Working in conjunction with the individual athlete, US Olympic , and professional basketball PR teams,  further developed my ability to balance personalities and resources in critical situations. In addition to managing assets, training staff and coordinating other logistics, I was also heavily involved in overseeing athlete appearances

Past Brands

Coca Cola, Verizon, AT&T, ADIDAS, Ford, Chevy, Sony, Duke's Mayonnaise, Microsoft, Mazda, LG, Progressive, Samsung, State Farm, Godiva, Taco Bell, Turner Broadcasting, John Deer, Ocean Spray, The CDC, Frank's Red Hot Sauce, Lowes, Wild Turkey, Makers Mark, Heineken, Curve, Ceasar's Entertainment, DirecTV and many more. 

Dynamic Profile

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