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Robert Tulek

Software engineer


I am a curious and warm person, an IT professional for whom It is important that both business needs and technology challenges are taken into consideration. 

Working in an agile team(s) as a troubleshooter, team leader, scrum master and operation product owner in the last few years I was steering the team toward highly set goals. My strengths in those roles were communication skills and drawing on team members individual strengths to benefit end results of the whole team. I enjoy mentoring and I am not shy in asking for advise when I need it myself.

As an operational product owner for the verification team one of my responsibilities was to perform a early study of a feature and then drive and coach the team toward creating a verification test scope with a proper test coverage that would ensure a good quality of a feature and a final product. I had to be self-driven to initiate the work and then coach a team to perform test analysis, document test cases and automate most of them in java. My daily task was to coach a team how to apply the test strategy in the continuous delivery environment.

I had an opportunity to be part of the onsite team that supported customer with the first field release of a software product on several occasions. Problems and tasks that arose during assignments were unpredictable. That experience thought me to embrace challenges for which I could not be prepared in advance.

I strongly believe that the visualization of any data gives attractive and important insight in how complex systems behave. That helps to identify the improvements and bottlenecks. It also presents data in a way to be understood more easily.

During my work in Ericsson mainly as a system tester and troubleshooter I was focused on finding significant faults early and made sure that the products were not released before the faults were corrected. I would say that finding anomalies in the behavior of a system is my natural knack.  

Core Competencies

  • Black box testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Team Leading (OPO/ScM)
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • System performance
  • Software Development / Engineering
  • Scripting

Work History


Operational Product Owner for Team Cenobytes (BI ISM)

Ericsson AB, Stockholm
  • The main assignment: Drive the Team to develop and maintain G2/L-VRAN automated test environment for the XFT:s to deploy TCs developed in JCat
  • Taken over the responsibility from the previous OPO for the G2 part
  • Driven the Team to develop TCs to test RCS functionality against OSS/ENM products (E2E test from the RCS perspective)
  • Driven the Team to develop L-VRAN test environment (continuous test environment glued with Jenkins)
  • Prioritized the backlog (CI issues vs legacy vs new features vs stakeholder's  escalations)
  • WoW: Daily morning meetings with backlog assembled in the "flexible sprints"

Operational Product Owner for Evo8300 Linux Verification Team

Ericsson AB, Stockholm
  • Performed early study of the requirements and estimated work size 
  • Made sure that the work for the next sprint is clear and priorities are understood
  • Coordinated the work with the function test, design and system test
  • Estimated when the work is planned to be finished, communicated delays and mitigated with the program management and technical coordinator
  • Supported testers with troubleshooting

Senior Software Engineer/Team Leader/Scrum Master for Evo8200 Verification Team

Ericsson AB, Stockholm
  • Driven verification team to automate and document test cases in JCAT/JUnit
  • Organized work and prioritized tasks
  • Communicated stopping and hot issues toward the design and System Dep.
  • Performed tests, troubleshooted the system, wrote and supported trouble reports
  • Initiated and supported task forces for the system characteristics improvements
  • was part of onsite customer support teams for the software deployment (Telstra/Swisscom)
    • system monitoring and analysis of logs, troubleshooting, coaching
    • received excellent feedback from the onsite PMs

Software Engineer /Software Engineer Senior

Ericsson Nikola Tesla (ETK), Zagreb
  • System Tester (Maintenance)
  • Technical Coordinator (Maintenance)
  • Node configuration & background traffic design
  • Co-author of the hands on IP troubleshooting course
    • recognized on the coorporate level, received award from the leadership team


Web developer (front end/back end), System Architect of a Smaller System, Team Leader

Part time jobs for small start-up and goverment IT organisation
  • Web design (UE), application developement (front-end & back-end), testing
  • Research of the web technologies and frameworks
  • Research of online token authentication solutions, certificates
  • Deployment of software on the production servers
  • Customer support



M.Sc.Eng. Department of Telecommunication and Informatics, (University of Zagreb)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Graduate work: Implementation of one of the simplex algorithms in C++

Education & Certifications

M.Sc.Eng. Telecommunication and Informatics, FER, Zagreb                                            2003

E-Learnig Tutoring Program (1 year), CARNet/UBC, Zagreb/Vancouver                           2006

Java basic, Stockholm                                                                                                                                2012

Agile & Scrum, Stockholm                                                                                                                         2012

Rapid software testing by James Bach, Stockholm                                                                    2013

Cloud infrastructure overview, Stockholm                                                                                     2017