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Work History

Feb 2012Oct 2015

Owner // start-up


Tinkering away on the social network for geeks.

Jan 2015Jul 2015

Front-end developer


Designing interfaces and programming full-stack web solutions for both their marketing ends and products. Currently tinkering away on the new

May 2012Jul 2014


Thetahealing by Nancy

ThetaHealing is a site I made for a client. She offers seminars and consultations to people who want to unlock a sense of mental awareness and happiness. In this particular case I offered to host and maintain her website myself so she could invest all her time in the business and can avoid having to fiddle hours on very simple webrelated tasks.

Apr 2014Apr 2014

Marketing fitness club of the year voting

Healthclub Heijenoord

A short In 2014 they were in the running to become fitness club of the year. Members could vote via a special link and the club with the highest number of voters would win. They asked me to promote, instruct and help customers vote for the club. I helped the club gain votes by making it easier to cast a vote.

Aug 2013Jan 2014


HAN University of applied sciences

I graduated for my BA/BS degree at the University of Applied Siences in Arnhem; this is also where I earned my promotion to bachelor of the arts (HBO) for work in the flipped classroom and gamification. In a six-month period I executed user tests, focus groups and literature to learn more about gamification and how its motivational characteristics can work in a classroom setting. Rewarded with an 8/10 and excellent remarks on research and result extraction. 

Feb 2013Jul 2013


Topicus Nederland

Topicus is a large company in Deventer specialized in delivering ICT products to large corporations and companies in the Netherlands. I worked at Topcius for 6 months as an internship in their finance department. During my time there I worked on a new UI for the back-end of a mortgage system. From a fixed design optimized for 1024px displays I worked with a fellow student on designing the system around a changeable canvas.

Feb 2013May 2013



PlayStationOrb has an initial benefit over GeekOrb due to its domain name containing the word “playstation”. This helps Google with indexing the site and in turn increases the SERP rating in its respectful area of interest. The site adopted a completely responsive design in CSS3 and HTML5. Using Media Queries percentages to size the DOMs I was able to scale the site with a few break points where necessary. The domain is poised for a redirect to GeekOrb once the reboot launches

Feb 2008May 2012


Tandarts Ede

Tandarts Ede was my first client as a front-end developer and designer. The website launched in 2008 and was maintained until 2012 when it was replaced. Because the client was a dentist I wanted to reflect on products and textures found in a bathroom. Tandarts Ede used a blue color scheme with a lot of white space and gray hints. Most headlines were splashed in gradient to hint towards the flow of water on an otherwise solid background.


Sep 2009Jan 2014

B.A. in Arts

HAN University of Applied Sciences

B.A. in Arts. Graduated with a 8/10 score and pacesetting work in the flipped classroom initiative at the academy. Focus: HTML, Adobe, CSS, UI, graphic design principles, 3D modelling (sidestep).