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Work experience


Sep 2010Present

Product Manager

I'm looking forward to working on open, interoperable social networks in my new role at Google.

Jun 2005Present

Volunteer Administrator

I helped launch the community site at Supernova 2005, with sponsorship from CommerceNet and other organizations. I am currently the primary legal and organizational contact for the microformats community.

4K Associates

Sep 1996Present


Founded and led a “Standards Strategy Consulting” practice that provided training and advice to major corporations (such as Sun Microsystems, Canon, McKinsey & Associates, and Apple Computer) and startups (Teledesic,, and Endeavors). We published an influential study that was the first to criticize Wireless Application Protocol (WAP 1.0) by championing open Web standards in its place. Wrote for IEEE Internet Computing from 1997-2000, as a columnist on the history of Internet protocol design.

Oct 2009Sep 2010

Hacker helps you find anyone you connect to, fast. It's the first service to work with multiple social network APIs to download, index, and search you personal ‘social graph.’ Instead of creating yet another address book, is a new product from Ångströ that adds real-time activity streams to your contacts to give you an instant read on what your connections are up to, right now.


Sep 2006Sep 2010


Ångströ helps deliver precisely the information you wanted -- just news about the right person, just alerts about the right company, even just photos of the your closest friends. We're experimenting with several new products around our text-analysis and relationship-analysis algorthms that bring "publish/subscribe" event notifications to a much broader market.

KnowNow, Inc.

Nov 1999May 2008


Founding CEO of a startup based on my graduate research. Raised angel funding, initial customers, developed patented technology, and Series A financing from Kleiner, Perkins and Palomar Ventures. Later, as CTO and Director helped develop KnowNow's position as a leader in the Real-Time Enterprise marketplace.


University of California, Irvine



Co-organized the Institute for Software Research (ISR) Workshops on Internet-Scale Event Notification (WISEN '98) and Internet-Scale Technology (TWIST '99).



BS (Hons)

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) in modern American literature, graph theory, and parallel programming.


Distributed Systems
Software Engineering