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Roman Batin

Coach, Entrepreneur, Project Manager


To obtain a position of Project Manager in rapidly growing company, where I can apply my 8 years of experience in manufacturing area and production setup, 6 language skills, my coaching, mentoring, managing skills and provide high level customer’s service to ensure customer’s satisfaction and company’s goals are met. To leverage my 3+ years coaching, training and public speaking experience in new industry to atract new customers and expand business with existing ones.


Successfully launched and implemented 3 projects:

Work History

Jun 2008Jun 2013

Program Manager


During my time with Flextronics I successfully launched and led 3 projects:


  • Implemented the most rapid and effective business start up on Flex factory in Ukraine (1 month from trial run and prototype approval to mass production and 350 TV sets per shift)
  • Utilized strategic planning methodologies and goal setting to direct and grow operations while increasing production output (from 350 to 500 TV sets per shift) improving resource utilization (both machinery and labor) and increasing profitability (+5% to product profit margins)
  • Drove operational efficiency and materials cost savings over $120K by switching to local materials suppliers
  • Achieved $4M in sales in one month in year 2012 which made 80% of factory revenue that month.


  • Coordinated successful PCBA business transfer from Hungary to Ukraine
  • Arranged 3 shifts operations on limited machinery recourses (bottle neck) and achieved 87% machinery and facility utilization
  • Effectively managed budgeting process and profit/loss records and continuously met project financial goals 2 quarters in a raw
  • Mentored staff by delivering personal development trainings, helping them in individual and professional goals setting, fostering creativity and self-motivation


  • Facilitated the successful transfer of Xerox cartridges new assembly and remanufacturing from Holland to Ukraine
  • Introduced and implemented materials consolidation centre in Hungary to enable consigned material business model and 20% cost savings on customs duty
  • Captured 85% customer’s satisfaction rate (against an 80% company average) 3 quarters in a raw
  • Followed up on targets, holding members accountable for achieved results
  • Established and sustained growing business results (+8% in productivity every quarter) in a declining economy in Ukraine in 2009

Dec 2005Jun 2008

Planning Manager

  • Developed and implemented Jabil Ukraine Planning Process and standard planning tools
  • Established, monitored and regularly analyzed main KPIs
  • Implemented Turn-Key project (switching from materials consigned model to direct business with customer Nokia)
  • Made sure Customer’s demand is met and 100% OTD is in place
  • Materials flow management and optimisation
  • Monitored staff performance, trained and mentored them to understand and follow processes;
  • Conducted daily and weekly meetings with my stuff
  • Assisted in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audits
  • Cooperation with Business Unit Manager and Operations Manager and participation in the development of the revenue forecast
  • Collaboration with Purchasing Department to identify supply gaps and adjust Production Plan accordingly
  • Fostered daily materials availability reviews to prevent and address materials shortages
Feb 2002Aug 2005

Translator/Interpreter (Highway reconstruction project)

High-Point Rendel
  • Translation of technical documentation, correspondence and legal documents
  • Simultaneous translation of weekly/monthly progress meetings and negotiations
  • Assistance to Senior Materials Engineer in term of suppliers selection and materials testing

Aug 2000Dec 2003

Car parts store co-founder

Private business
  • Opened firts EU and Janapnies' cars parts store in my town
  • Built relations with main car parts suppliers on local market
  • Established of consistent and reliable supply chain;
  • Introduced wholesale and retail trade of car parts in my town
  • Ensured business growth 400% within first year and 30% every next year


Aug 1998May 2002


Interregional Academy of Management, Ukraine
Sep 1993Jun 1998

Physic engineer

Uzhgorod State University, Ukraine