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Marketing expert with a strong advertising background, leading product and brand strategy.
Experienced in driving initiatives, people and projects in various industries such as high-tech, retail and more.
Specializing in consumer behavior analysis, generating customer journey  and  long-term customer engagement.
Leading  professional  teams  through the radically changing marketing environment in  a digital transformation era. 

Work experience

Apr 2021Current

CMO & Head Of Biz Dev builds families. We've set our vision to instill trust, transparency and create an informative process for intended parents on their journey twords parenthood.
With this vision in mind, we generated the largest online portfolio of fertility agencies, egg donors and surrogates for intended parents to be able to explore, while providing them with insights and concierge services along the way.
As a member of's management team, I am responsible for making this vision our reality, by developing our business in north-america, building our global team and setting our penetration and growth strategy.

Jun 20162021

Head of Digital &Marketing Communications

Colmobil- Hyundai

Leading the marketing team for the market leading car brand in Israel - Hyundai.
In this role I am responsible for providing C-Level Strategic advisory on marketing vision, industry methods, market analysis and performance measurement. 
Responsible for Digital and off line marketing strategy, brand management, marketing communication & Direct marketing.
Managing complex online marketing functions, including e-commerce, technology implementation as well as implementing industry best practices to deliver initiatives across multiple mediums and channels.

Key Achievements

  • Breaking an all time sales record - by selling 40,000 Hyundai vehicles in the Israeli market. 
  • Leading the marketing efforts in a cross unit transformation into a data-driven organization via CRO methods.
  • Creating long-term engagement programs to increase our clients conversion rates (lead to sale) .
  • Significantly decreased customer acquisition  cost.
  • Leading and delivering transformation in brand communication language  (Tone& Style) shifting positioning from "Value for money" to "desirability"  
Oct 2014March 2016

Marketing Communication Manger

Marketing manager for a disruptive startup in the used cars industry.

Joining the company at the founding stage, I was responsible for building brand identity, market analysis and penetration strategies, product marketing and marketing strategy execution. 

Managed the marketing budget and executed online and offline campaigns, led content marketing strategy, developed the customer journey and manged vendor relations .

Key Achievements

  • Generating 300% growth in demand
  • Positioning the brand as 2nd in the Israeli market 1 year post launch


Ronny S. Dgani - Full Stack Marketing

Founded and operated a marketing consulting agency providing marketing strategy, tailroed vendor discovery and execution management.

Specializing in building brand identity, managing of digital assets and brand content  for SMB clients and startups such as Carter, Luminox, IPM, Doomoro and DealPly.


Social Marketing Manager

Tel Aviv University

Orchestrating a project promoting a healthy and active lifestyle amongst kindergartners across various demographics for the "Efshari-Bari" international program.

Utilizing various social, online and offline channels to gather research data, generating applicative insights, producing a marketing strategy and hands-on leading execution.


Account Director

Adler Chomski & Warshavsky - Grey

Supervising  a team of 4 account executives in advertising strategy consulting for major worldwide enterprises.

Key Achievements

  • Launching brands in new markets - Gap Israel/P&G Lenor.
  • Positioning products as market leaders - P&G Fairy, Pantene and Rochas.
  • Generating a brand identity and guidelines - Microsoft - Be what's next.