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About me

I am a soon-to-be graduate with some experience and a keen desire to become a professional engineer. My interests are motorsport, hockey, cycling and photography.

Work experience

SJ Cheesman

Nov 2012Jan 2015

Engineering Student Work Experience

During the holidays away from university I worked a total of 40 weeks in the following areas:

  • Interpreting, redrawing and creating technical drawings
  • Programming and creating designs for CNC equipment
  • Management of projects and fabrication procedures
  • Feasibility studies for residential, commercial and industrial purposes
  • Preparation of reports and presentations for colleagues and/or clients


University of Adelaide

Feb 2012Dec 2015

Bachelor of Mechanical & Sustainable Energy Engineering

I am currently completing my degree at University of Adelaide with the intention to graduate at the end of 2015. During this time at university I resided at St. Anns College 

St Marks College

Jan 2007Dec 2011

South Australian Certificate of Education

I completed my high school at St marks where I achieved DUX in Yr. 12 Physics and achieved an ATAR score sufficient for engineering.



Drawings, small and large scale 3D modelling and basic CFD


Preparing reports, formal and informal presentations and delegation with clients

ANSYS CFD Modelling

Using ANSYS Workbench extensively at university to model and interpret results

Microsoft Office Products

Experience in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project and Outlook 

CNC Equipment

Programming and preparing designs for CNC mills, drills, welders and profile cutters


Engineering Without Borders (University of Adelaide)

I participated in running their High School Outreach program which focuses on educating students about engineering.

Participated in the WARMAN Design and Build Competition 

The WARMAN design and build competition involved working in a group of 4 to build a robot which is capable of autonomously navigate a prescribed track.

Volunteering at St. Anns College

During my 4 years of residency, I volunteered in a range of committees  and events which gave experience in dealing with budgets, organising logistics and time management.


Alex O'Shea

Project Engineer at SJ Cheesman 

Phone: 08 8632 1044

Personal Reference: Dr. Rosemary Brooks

Head of St. Anns College where I resided for 4 years during university.

Contact Details: Upon request

Words of wisdom

What we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems. Theres no law of physics preventing them.

                                                          - Michio Kaku