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Ryan Szemplinski

Software Developer


Highly enthusiastic and adaptable individual seeking an interesting and challenging role in software development.


Aug 2012May 2016

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science Systems

Taylor University

Course Highlights:
Software Studio, Software Engineering, Intro to Computer Systems, Multi-Tier Web Applications, Intro to Web Design

Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Software Developer


EduSource is an outsourced software development firm that mentors computer science majors with real life projects.

3X Logic - Worked within a domain-driven design infrastructure to deliver a RESTful API for a Single Sign On service.

  •  Exposed domain logic via .NET webAPI REST services.
  •  Secured untested code base under test using "legacy code" testing techniques.
  •  Implemented sliding security token negotiation protocol for                       multiple user interfaces.

NSL (Near Space Launch) - Built a back-end service using PHP to manage all content coming to and from satellites.

CorporateCapio - Consolidated similar database tables, ported the data, and refactored all related PHP code.


Teacher Assistant

Taylor University

Instruct students under the guidance and direction of the professors.
Graded student assignments.
Provided support for students during group sessions.


Experienced in object-oriented programming, developing, testing, and debugging code.

Have a deep interest in learning new technologies.

Successful working in both team and self-directed settings.

Good problem solving capacity.

Good at understanding and learning new technologies.

Understand programming roles.