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Dedicated HR professional with experience in partnering with business leaders to achieve corporate excellence and drive human resource initiatives. Creative thinker with expertise creatively balancing the needs of employees with the goals and mission of the organization through enhanced performance management.

Adept at providing vision and counsel in steering organizations through periods of accelerated growth and economic downturn. Committed to building a productive and engaged workforce. Promote an open door policy with ability to communicate and relate to all staff levels

Areas of Excellence

New Facility Openings                                                              Training & Development
Quality Control                                                                                     Strategic Planning
Inventory Control                                                                    Purchasing/Procurement
Customer Servics                                                                               Staff Development

Work experience


Dove office manager Seiyun city Yemen


managing an supervising Seiyun office for dove oil location(CPF) logistics , transportation and procurements for the essential needs for CPF staff and location.

gain good relation with local aouthirties an locals in nearby areas of CPF.

supply CPF with low educated staff from nearby villages.


( CSP ) Manager of Spacetel Telecommunication Company Mukalla Yemen

Spacetel telecommunication Company (KNOWN AS MTN) nowdays

managing and supervising spacetel telecommuncaton company branch office in Mukalla (CSP).


Manager of Al-Aggad Agency in Mukalla Yemen

Al-Aggad est.

controlling and supervising of Al-Aggad medical agency.

Agents for SABAFARMA medical and chemicals factory in Yemen.


Vice president of Haramout Medical Hospital Mukalla Yemen

Haramout Medical hospital

holding human resources of Hadramout hospital staff and holding the main and central treasury of the hospital.


A teacher

Ministry of Education Yemen

Teaching in one of Mukalla secondary schools in Hadramout



Bachelor of Arts

college of Arts Science and Education Mukalla

four academic years Aden Univercity


Date of birth                              : 20th Sep 1964

Language known                       : English and Arabic

Nationality                                 : Yemeni

Marital Status                            : married

Gender                                      : Male

Mailing address                        : Saudi Arabia Dammam Tubaishi street.

location preference                  : any place in KSA (the more farther the more better)

references                                 : will be pleased to furnish upon request.


Jan 2001Jan 2001

etiquette and protocole

MTN telecommunication group Yemen Sana'a by international etiquette & protocol academy institution.

etiquette and protocol consultan courses for dealing with customers and for good behavior and the manners of a good sellers

Computer Software and Technology

  • Proficient in Internet and Computer Applications
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook.
  • Experienced in office equipment and administrative operations