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Stuff I Like to Learn and Work With

Languages:  Javascript / Typescript, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS
Frameworks, Stacks and Libraries:  Angular, Laravel, Flask, Vue.js, Pandas, Dask
Databases: SQL, MongoDB
Deployment, Environments: Vagrant, Heroku, Docker
VCS and Other Tools: Git, Github, NPM, VS code, emacs
CMS: Wordpress


Feb 2020Now

Freelance Full Stack Developer and Instructor

Self Employed

1- Developed a (Vue.js  +Wordpress) web app to showcase a suite of products as hotspots on an image.
2- Rewrote parts (Mainly SQL queries) of a legacy PHP REST API to consume data from a database other than the one it was originally designed to interact with.
  -- Added functionality to an android app so it interacts correctly with the rewritten API.
3- Helped a PhD candidate implement some multi processing into a robot simulator
4- Helping an established researcher with migrating to Python to deal with big datasets using Pandas and Dask
5- Mentoring and teaching beginners in python programming
Skills used: Vue.js, Javascript / Typescript, CSS, SCSS, Wordpress as a backend, PHP, SQL, Python, Pandas, Dask

Aug 2020Oct 2020

Node.js Developer (Equity only job)

ating ApS

As one among the first developers of a seed startup, I have got to help designing the architecture and specs of the backend microservices that composed the app. I developed the basis of some of these services.
Skills used: Node.js, Nest.js, Javascript / Typescript

Nov 2019Jan 2020

Full Stack Developer


Helped build a food delivery app suite.

Skills used: Angular, Ionic, Python, Flask and MongoDB.
Achievements:  Rewrote repeating code as reusable components. Reduced delivery time by making the order notifications more noticeable to different order actors.

Remote job

Aug 2019Oct 2019

Contract Web Developer

IHT - Oran / Ktalyse Group France
Joined a team and worked on an ongoing project where an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is developed as many  cooperating apps.
Skills used: PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL and Bootstrap
Achievements: Learned the basics of Laravel and Codeigniter in a short time and made quick contributions
Jan 2019Jul 2019

Web / Mobile Developer

Innovio Group - Algiers

As the main and first developer of a new company, I have got to start many projects from start to finish including the company's website and a prototype of an android native mobile app.
Achievements: Developed custom Wordpress / Woocommerce plugins and tweaks while learning about the platform. Helped new recruits start working

Skills used: PHP, Wordpress, Javascript, Java, Android SDK, Postgresql, and Python

Jul 2015Sep 2015

Contract Mobile Developer

ISSAL - Oran

Developed a mobile application on Android intended for Djezzy, a big Algerian mobile network operator, including features such as secure communication with a server, storage and syncing of contacts and calendars, and processing received SMS.
Skills used: Java, Android SDK, PHP, MySQL

Feb 2014Mar 2017


UDev Community - Oran

•Coded for fun within a small team
•Social Media Manager: Feb 2014 - Apr 2016
•President: April 2016 - Dec 2016.
•Taught 4 workshops (HTML5, Android, Hour of Code©, Google Drive & Docs for collaborative work )
Skills used: Java, Android SDK, Event Management, Social Media Management, Emailing campaigns, Teaching



Master of Computer Science

Oran's Science and Technology University

Specialization: Education Technology
Important Modules:  Software engineering, Advanced Databases, Human-Machine Interaction, Interactive Environments for Human Learning, Multi Agent Systems, Logic for AI, Data Analysis, Operational Research.
End of studies project:
I made a tourism app to help people go around a certain circuit while learning a lot about it.
Skills used: Android, Litho


Bachelor of Computer Science

Oran's Science and Technology University

Important Modules: Algebra, Mathematical analysis, Algorithms and Computer Science Basics, Web Tech, Functional Programming, Data Structures, Databases, Language Theory, Probabilities and Stats, Operating Systems, Compilers, Networks. 
End of studies project:
I made a communication app to help students and teachers to communicate
Skills used: Android, Parse


Ruby on Rails: An Introduction by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera.


The certification can be verified here:


Arabic: Native proficiency
English: Full professional proficiency
French: Bilingual proficiency
German: Elementary proficiency

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