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Languages:  Javascript / Typescript, Python, HTML, CSS
Frameworks, Stacks and Libraries:   Vue.js, Nuxt.js, express.js
Databases: SQL, MongoDB
Deployment, Environments: Docker, CI/CD
VCS and Other Tools: Git, Github, NPM, VS code, Emacs
CMS: Contentful, Wordpress, Various internal CMSs


Senior Fullstack Developer

July 2023Current
BurdaForward GmbH - Hamburg / Munich

BurdaForward is one of the biggest digital publishers in Germany, leading brands such as FOCUS Online, CHIP, and The Weather Channel. While working here I got to:

  • Drive the development of new functionalities for the website, mobile app, internal CMS, and other internal tools, utilizing a full-stack approach and leveraging technologies such as ES6, Typescript, Vue.js, Vuetify, Node.js, REST, HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind CSS, CI/CD, and rush monorepo.
  • Challenge the status quo and initiate technical tasks and collaboration improvements, such as introducing end-to-end testing and exploring different rendering ideas.
  • Work on data migrations, ensuring seamless transitions and maintaining data integrity between legacy systems to new ones.
  • Maintain clear and concise documentation, facilitating knowledge transfer and ensuring seamless collaboration among team members.
  • Take ownership of code quality, conducting rigorous testing and debugging to deliver reliable and efficient software applications.
  • Contribute to a culture of continuous improvement, actively seeking opportunities to optimize technical and relational processes and enhance team productivity.

Frontend Developer

Oct 2021Mar 2023
Share Now GmbH - Hamburg

Share Now is a free floating and station based car sharing company active in 16 cities in 8 countries in Europe.

- For the Share Now website and mobile webviews, both being Single Page Applications:
      * Developing new
Vue.js / TypeScript components as well as maintaining existing ones.
      * Maintaining and developing the architecture, tooling and infrastructure behind these projects.
- Collaborating with different teams and stakeholders from DevOps to other developers passing by SEO managers and Analytics experts to make the website and other products more robust and complete.
- Clarifying the complexities of our systems through documentation and 1-on-1s with other developers.
- Collaborative decision-making on approaches of technical challenges using many methods such as A/B testing.
- Reviewing code and pair programming with other developers to keep a high standard of our code.

Skills Used: ES6, Typescript, Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt.js, Node.js, Fastify, REST, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, BEM, contentful, Jest / Cypress testing, CI/CD, redis, some Docker, some Kubernetes.

- Reduced downtime caused by programming errors to 0, for more than 6 months, by adding more testing and focusing on a strict process.
- Increa
sed lighthouse performance and SEO scores.
- Successfully helped hire and onboard other developers.

Freelance Full Stack Developer and Instructor

Feb 2020Sep 2021
Self Employed

1- Developed a Vue.js web app to showcase a suite of products as hotspots on an image.
2- Rewrote parts (Mainly SQL queries) of a legacy PHP REST API to consume data from a database other than the one it was originally designed to interact with.
  * Added functionality to an android app so it interacts correctly with the rewritten API.
3- Helped a PhD candidate implement some multiprocessing into a robot simulator.
4- Helped an established researcher with migrating to Python to deal with big datasets using Pandas and Dask
5- Mentoring and teaching 3 beginners in python programming, both onsite and online.
Skills used: Vue.js, Javascript / Typescript, CSS, SCSS, PHP, SQL, Python, Pandas, Dask

Node.js Developer (Equity only job)

Aug 2020Oct 2020
ating ApS

As one among the first developers of a seed startup, I have got to help designing the architecture and specs of the backend microservices that composed the app. I developed the basis of some of these services.
Skills used: Node.js, Nest.js, Javascript / TypeScript

Contract Full Stack Developer

Nov 2019Jan 2020
Wahrfood - Oran

Helped build a food delivery app suite.

Skills used: Angular, Ionic, Python, Flask and MongoDB.
- Rewrote repeating code as reusable components.
- Reduced delivery time by making the order notifications more noticeable to restaurants and delivery people

Contract Web Developer

Aug 2019Oct 2019
IHT - Oran / Ktalyse Group France
Joined a team and worked on an ongoing project where an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is developed as many  cooperating apps.
Skills used: PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL and Bootstrap
Achievements: Learned the basics of Laravel and Codeigniter in a short time and made quick contributions

Contract Web / Mobile Developer

Jan 2019Jul 2019
Innovio Group - Algiers

As the main and first developer of a new company, I have got to start many projects from start to finish including the company's website and a prototype of an android native mobile app.
Achievements: Developed custom Wordpress / Woocommerce plugins and tweaks while learning about the platform. Helped new recruits start working

Skills used: PHP, Wordpress, Javascript, Java, Android SDK, Postgresql, and Python

Contract Mobile Developer

Jul 2015Sep 2015
ISSAL - Oran

Developed a mobile application on Android intended for Djezzy, a big Algerian mobile network operator, including features such as secure communication with a server, storage and syncing of contacts and calendars, and processing received SMS.
Skills used: Java, Android SDK, PHP, MySQL


Feb 2014Mar 2017
UDev Community - Oran

- Coded for fun within a small team
- President: April 2016 - Dec 2016.
- Taught 4 workshops (HTML5, Android, Hour of Code©, Google Drive & Docs for collaborative work ) 
Skills used: Java, Android SDK, Event Management, Social Media Management, Emailing campaigns, Teaching

Some Personal Projects

Media-in-Vitro: A web extension that downloads html media files (anything that has an src attribute) after clicking on it. Its main use is to bypass the simple download blocking tricks done by some websites.

Leexy App (unmaintained): An Android app used to scan prepaid mobile vouchers and refill accounts automatically, built on top of google's mobile vision libraries.


Master of Computer Science

Oran's Science and Technology University

Specialization: Education Technology
Important Modules:  Software engineering, Advanced Databases, Human-Machine Interaction, Interactive Environments for Human Learning, Multi Agent Systems, Logic for AI, Data Analysis, Operational Research.


Arabic: Native proficiency, English: Full professional proficiency, French: Bilingual proficiency, German: Elementary proficiency

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